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"Why dd he do it?" Rin thought as she sat in her bed that night and Len was outside "Was I not good enough? Is it because I don't know how to speak my mind? Or that my body's not good enough? Not mature enough?" She kept slamming her fists into her be. Her phone rang on the table right next to her bed. It was Len. She hesitated before picking it up. The picture on her phone was of Len smiling during their third date. Rin scowled at the picture and threw the phone against the wall. She then went over to the window, opened it, and yelled at Len. "Go home! I don't want to talk to you right now!"

"But I can explain what you saw!" Len responded.

"Just go home!" Rin slammed her window shut and laid back down in her bed. Len took the phone away from his head, and looked at Rin's picture that he had on it.

"Why?" He whispered "I had you. You were my everything. And now... you're gone." A tear ran down Len's face "Go home Len... There's nothing more you can do... Love. It's crazy, isn't it?"

The next morning, Rin's doorbell rang but she was reluctant to answer, because she thought it was Len. But it was Miku. She was the one who wanted to talk to Rin about what she saw.

"Rin?" Miku asked from behind the door "I really need to talk to you..."

"What do you want!" Rin yelled as the door flung open "There's nothing to talk about with you!"

"Just hear me out. Please." Miku pleaded "What happened last night... I didn't mean for it. I was... so depressed about Kaito that... I didn't know what I was doing. I needed someone that I cared about to make me feel important in the world. Rin... I'm so sorry about it."

"Why my Len, though? Miku... I thought we were friends..."

"We still are! Rin, I care about him as much as I do you and Kaito. Please... Don't let the love you and Len have be ruined because of how selfish I was. Len had nothing to do with it. It was all my idea. Just... Give him another chance." Rin gave her a hard stare for a while, then grabbed her arm, pulled her close, and gave her a hug. Miku was startled at first, but then lowered her arms around the smaller girl and hugged back.

"I trust you, Miku." Rin whispered "You're known Len longer than I have and you two are probably the best of friends. I understand now, and I forgive both you and Len."

"Rin... Thank you..." Miku said through her whimpering voice.

Kaito and Len had their appointment that day too. Len needed to explain to Kaito what he saw. He was going to tell him exactly what Miku said the night before, only as conformation, but Kaito was ready with a question that could break their friendship. He sat on his front porch, waiting for Len as he walked up.

"Hi Len." Kaito said "I guess you're here to talk to me about last night."

"Yeah... I am." Len didn't know what to tell him. he had to choose his words carefully. He wanted to keep Kaito as a friend and open his heart to Miku, but in this situation, it was hard to do that without sacrificing one option. "Kaito... What you saw... It was my idea." Kaito looked at him, shocked "She was... just so distraught about losing you to Luka that she needed someone close to her. Someone to show her that she mattered!"

"That's... that's not what Miku told me." Kaito thought over what Len said for a moment, then turned to him and put his hand on Len's shoulder. "Len: You're willing to lie to me, and risk our friendship, so that Miku can be with me?"

"You... you knew I was lying?"

"You didn't sound sincere with your answer, and I've known you long enough to know when you're lying." Kaito took his hand off Len "Do you love Miku?"

"What?" Len said in shock.

"I said-"

"I know what you said but... why?"

"I just need to know."

"Of course I've had feelings for Miku, but Rin is my girl. Even if we stay apart, she's still my one and I'll never find another one like her." Kaito nodded and went over to his car.

"Get in. You need to tell Rin that. For me, I have to see Miku."

Miku went home after the visit with Rin, and Kaito went there to see her. He calmly walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell.

"I got it!" He heard Miku yell from inside. She opened the door, and then her mouth dropped. "Ka-Kaito? Wha-What're you doing here?"

"I came here to see you." Kaito said "I've just been... a fool these past months. No, these past years. I was blind. No girl can give me the comfort and love you can..." Kaito began to blush, and it was the first time Miku saw him blush. "Miku: I-I love you." Miku was left speechless. She fell to her knees and wept tears of joy. Kaito quickly helped her up and hugged her.

"Yo-you don't know..." Miku started "How much that means to me. I love you too." Miku cried into Kaito's chest as he put his hand on her head.

"It's all gonna be okay..."

At Rin's, Len poured his emotions out for her. All his love and devotion was shown in the speech he made for her.

"Len... You hurt me. Really. You did." Rin said afterward "Miku came to me earlier and told me what had happened, that it was all her idea and not yours. That you were a good enough of a friend to give her the kiss she wanted with someone she cared about. I forgive you, Len."

"Oh Rin!" Len yelled in excitement "Thank you!"

"But not entirely."

"'Not entirely'? What's that mean?"

"You have to do something for me first. You have to give me a kiss." Without another word, Len grabbed Rin's arms and kissed her. She had missed him so much and Len felt it in the kiss, because she put so much passion into it. After that she thought "It's all gonna be okay..."