~ooO Against : Pansy Parkinson Ooo~

Pansy couldn't believe it. The uppity mudblood bitch was the Magical Queen? Impossible! She must have confounded the stupid sword! Like Potty confounded the Goblet of Fire during the Triwizards Championship (To this day the truth about the circumstances of Harry's participation had not been made public).

The pug-faced Slytherin alumna huffed and scowled as she watched Granger accept vows from many Houses. Everyone wanted to get in her good graces. It was positively disgusting, watching that display (Pansy pointedly ignored the fact that being the recipient of such adulation was Pansy's hearts desire). Father had paid several fees for each Parkinson witch and wizard to draw the sword ahead of the rabble. Only none of them had succeeded. None of the worthy purebloods, or even a bloody half-blood! It was infuriating to see a mudblood receiving what was rightfully due to a pureblood!

Pansy wondered if Granger had somehow hexed the stone, broken the Enchantment… she didn't put it past the Gryffindor witch. Pansy remembered what Granger had done to Dolores Umbridge. She shivered. For so many more worthy witches and wizards to try and fail? Merlins Enchantment must have been broken! Pansy made a mental note to mention the possibility to her father. Perhaps there was some way of challenging Granger's rule and restoring the rightful government with the deserving purebloods in charge.