~ooO Neutral: Pomona Sprout Ooo~

When Pomona heard Hermione Granger was organizing a campaign to have every adult witch and wizard to try drawing the Sword in the Stone she had been amused. A Gryffindor crusading for change… how typical. When the older witch read the news that Hermione Granger herself had drawn the Sword she had been surprised. Why not Harry Potter? When she heard Hermione Granger's Fates-Matched consort was Salazar Slytherin, and that she had accepted him, the Head of Hufflepuff had been shocked. How could she!?

And then her conscience spoke.

Severus Snape was a Slytherin. Severus had been a Slytherin and he turned out to be the best one to be Headmaster during Voldemort's Reign. He had been the only one capable of controlling the Carrows, keeping the students safe.

That thought made Pomona stop, step back, think, and logically consider the situation.

Hermione Granger was not the sort to jump into anything without weighing the pros and cons. She would not blindly agree to anything. She was not interested in ruling or controlling the masses. She had always been a level-headed girl, a practical sensible witch. The matronly witch frowned as something else came to her mind. The Founder was content advising his wife. He was not pushing for an active role, more power. Neville would have mentioned it to Pomona. And in fact Neville had been very supportive of both Hermione and Salazar Slytherin. Said he was very sharp and capable.

Pomona hadn't had the chance to speak to the Founder herself – she had just returned from a specimen gathering expedition in the Amazon – and it would help to have more first-hand facts, get a personal impression of the wizard, before making a final decision. Besides, Hermione had always done her bet to be fair and impartial in helping her fellow students and in fulfilling her Prefect duties. Harry Potter had trusted her to guard his back, to fight by his side, and she had never let him down. She probably had information and facts that influenced her down this path. Pomona did not have that information so she would have to trust her old student, watch and wait.

If Salazar Slytherin proved unworthy of Hermione's loyalty Pomona would step forward and speak up.


AN: One more reaction and then an outtake set in the future.