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"Main system- Uploading...uploading...uploading...loading completed. Activating combat mode." Superheated energy rushed from the nozzles of the Armored Core, launching it forward with outstanding speed. With over 14,000 pounds of thrust in each nozzle, the machine had more than enough power to become airborne. As it neared the heavily armored steel garage doors, it swung its arm forward with such power that it dented the entire structure and knocked the door of its hinges. The pink energy blasted from the nozzles as the AC ripped into the air, vortices steaming from its hands and feet. In a second or two, the AC had reached over 700 feet effortlessly.

"Let him leave. He's no use to us anyway." A calm female voice said.

"Oh dear, you seemed to have read my mind. However, there is but one thing that isn't a failure about him." Said a sarcastic male.

The rouge AC took the chance to cut in. "Whatever is or isn't a failure about me is irrelevant. I'm cutting the transmission." The AC cut the transmission without another word, sending static through the channel. It's black, red, and white armored body shinned bright in the setting sun of the cold desert as it cruised through the air. It's speed surpassed even that of Exusia.

Half a year later...

It's been half a year since the brutal destruction of Exusia and the uprising of the powerful Resistance. With the appearance of the special weapons, the Resistance proved to be a force of recognition. Destruction after destruction, the special weapons fell to the more superior force. Everything changed when an all black AC appeared. Ever since, the Resistance encountered the powerful AC, their forces have dropped to below catastrophic amounts. Even the Resistance ace pilot could not stand up to the power of the AC.

Armored Core Nebula, a black armored machine with such advanced technology that it has been rumored to hold the ability of teleportation. Outclassing even Exusia and the special weapons, it has single handedly brought the Resistance and its ace to their knees...

"Command, I'm picking up reading's of a fast moving AC!"

"Time to arrival?"

"One minute and 15 seconds sir."

"Get Jupiter on the case. Put the base on alert."

Sirens rang out as the object in the sky closed in. It had taken no longer than 45 seconds for Jupiter to intercept the target. A purple heavy weight bipedal AC with Gatling guns stood on the front line with multiple snipers in the distance for support. On time, the target arrived.

"Command, target in sight. No IFF tone or radio contact. Permission to- what in the-" He watched as the target landed in the distance. It was nothing but a drone, a small decoy with a jet engine attached to it. "The target is nothing more than a drone. I'm's unarmed."

Standing behind the nearest hanger was a black, red, and white AC. It stalked the target, scanning it to see it's weakness. "Perfect." The AC waited for Jupiter to take a step before it blasted out at the target, moving at astonishing speeds.

"What!" Jupiter had no time to react as the AC smashed into him, tackling him down to the ground. In a flash, a blade slid out of the AC's arm.

"Destruction confirmed." The AC rammed its arm into the cockpit of Jupiter, slicing clean into the pilot inside with no problem whatsoever. The enemy went up in flames, allowing the AC to grab it's Gatling guns and begin firing on the enemy snipers. Bullets sprayed at the snipers in large numbers, forcing them to take the defensive role.

"That was a perfect killed Jupiter in just one hit! Contact this AC. Tell all units to hold their fire."

It had taken a few seconds for the orders to be received. In just half a minute, the control tower contacted the AC. "This is the captain speaking. You are trespassing in Corporation territory. Who are you?"

The black armored AC lowered its weapons, standing with its arms and weapons hanging at its sides. "My name is Antares." Its voice was deep and monotone, almost as if it were computer generated.

"Antares? What business do you have with the Corporation?" Asked the captain.

The AC stared at the control tower, slowly letting the tension rise. "Nothing important to you." In an instant, bullets ripped through the tower effortlessly, piecing and tearing the operators inside to shreds. At that moment, the Sniper AC's sprang into action, unloading on Antares. The rounds were quick, but Antares had proven to be more swift than any of the snipers rounds. Blasting to the side, the AC began unloading rounds into the snipers. The air filled with loud explosions and booms, able to be heard for miles. It had not taken long for Antares to clear the base of all enemy units.

The time had come to search the hangers for usable weapons. Gatling guns proved to be an annoyance to him. In the hanger was a variety of weapons, both heavy and light. "Rifles are the best choice. Not too heavy but not too light." Gripping the all silver rifles in his hand, he aimed to the right with one, then gripped another and aimed to the left. A perfect combination for him. He relinquished the weapons from his hands by placing them on the shoulder hangers. It continued to search through the variety or weapons, trying each out and deciding if they were reasonable for his style. Then came the handgun section.

"Ah. Something new." He gripped the handguns, both of which imitated the look of a 44. Magnum Desert Eagle. These would do the job just fine. Placing them on weapon holds on his sides, he had accomplished his mission flawlessly. Turning to leave, the AC boosted forward with great speed, lifting into the air of the hot desert morning.