AN : This is a story that would take place if To Kill A Mockingbird happened in modern times. Also, the kids have now grown up and are now in high school. I wasn't 100% sure of the age difference between Jem and Scout, so I just made it what seemed appropriate for this particular fic. This is my first story, ever, so reviews are much welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

It was Jean-Louise Finch's first day of high school. She was quite nervous, and really did not know what to expect. Sure, she knew all about what Jem had told her, but that barely counted. It wouldn't have been the first time Jem had lied to her. So, she was just going to have to see for herself.

Dill had just left the day previous, and she was actually okay with it. It was always the same thing with them. They had a short fling during the summer, but throughout the year forgot about most previous feelings they had during the break, and then basicially had to start all over when summer began. She was happy to be a free woman.

Especially since last year, in grade 8, a lot of girls all had boyfriends and she didn't. This year, things were going to change though. They were going to change a huge amount, actually.

Over the summer something had changed. Scout didn't want to be tied down to just Dill. She always came to a conclusion. She was too much of a boy. So, today she was going to start doing something that she didn't even think she had in her. She was going to act like a girl. Starting with the way she dressed. She was going to trade in her old ripped jeans, for a nice pale blue dress. It even had a beautiful white ribbon around the middle. After what seemed like hours of playing with her hair, she decided it would just be best to leave it out, and flip it over her left shoulder. After giving herself a quick look-over in the mirror, she sighed and figured it was as good as it was going to get.

As she walked downstairs she saw the jaws of both Jem, and her father Atticus, drop.

"Wooooah! What HAPPENED?" Jem asked laughing.

"I just...uhm...I wanted to be girlier..." Scout responded kind of quietly.

"Ha! Well mission accomplished! You look RIDICULOUS," Jem was still laughing at her. But, after Atticus shot him a look, he shut up for a while.

"I think you look lovely, Miss Jean-Louise," Calpurnia, the housemaid inputted as she came to bring Scout some juice.

"I agree, with Cal, Scout. You look very nice this morning," Atticus added.

"Thanks," Scout mumbled.

"Well, you two had better get going! Don't want to miss the first day!" Atticus announced.

"What's the point, dad? Nothing exciting is going to happen," Jem compalined.

"The point is, Jeremy, that it's your senior year! Just this year, and you're done! Besides maybe this year you'll meet a nice girl and -"

"Dad! They've been the same girls all of my life. That's not going to happen."

"Well you never know! Besides, I'm sure your sister is egar to go," Atticus responded, nodding at Scout who shyly looked away.

"Fine, fine, whatever. C'mon, Scout. Let's go." Jem said, throwing his bookbag carelessly over his shoulder, motioning for Scout to exit ahead of him.

"Have a good day!" Attuicus called as they left.

The walk to school was quiet, until Jem finally deicded to say what was on his mind and break the silence.

"So. Do you wanna tell me what's really going on?" he demanded.

"Huh?" Scout was confused.

"This new image you're trying to pull of!" Jem exclaimed. "What's up with it?"

Scout couldn't tell him what was really going on. Jem wouldn't understand the concept of wanting to be in a relationship. He had never had a girlfriend, and he never even wanted one. There was no way she could tell him without him laughing in her face.

"I just...wanted to try out something new," She shrugged.

"Yeah. I'm sure that's it. You know, when you want to tell me what's REALLY going on, I'll listen." He replied dryly.

By this point of the conversation, they were basically already at school, but they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw who was waiting for them outside of the school.

"Hey guys!" Dill greeted them.

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