I personally love the Flash and I thought it would be cute to write a story on Kid Flash- Wally West telling the Flash, his mentor and uncle that he is in love with Jinx, an ex-criminal. Please tell me what you think! I love reviews! They keep me wanting to write!

"Wally, you have to tell him," Jinx said.

"No, I don't," Kid Flash said to his girlfriend as he shoved another handful of cheerios into his mouth.

"Ugh, you are so frustrating! And would it kill you to use a bowl?"

"Eye aste da bool?" Kid Flash asked with a mouthful of cereal.

"You're an idiot!" Jinx got up and walked out of the room, leaving her boyfriend to finish off the box of cheerios. They have been dating for a little over six months now and Kid Flash still hasn't told Flash about their relationship. Normally Jinx didn't care about such things, most the guys she dated didn't even have a family. But Kid did and it bothered her that he didn't want to share her with his family.

She knew, of course, both the pros and cons of telling the Flash about their relationship. Flash most likely wouldn't be too happy with the fact that she used to be a criminal. She even went to a school that taught you how to be good villain. But once he sees how much he loves jinx he might just be able to forget all that and except her. Or he would demand that they break up and that Kid Flash comes back to work with him again. The truth was; Kid Flash wasn't exactly sure which one it would be, so he figured it would be better just to keep it a secret.

Kid Flash was dead against telling the Flash about Jinx, but Jinx just kept pressing and pressing. It wasn't long before Kid Flash found himself calling up his old mentor. His heart sped , blood rushed to his face, making his cheeks hot, and his mind raced. He was still trying to think of things to say when his mentor answered.


Kid Flash was forced to answer, "Hello? Flash?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Flash automatically assumed that something had gone wrong. Kid Flash only called him when something had gone terribly wrong.

"Nothing, I just need to talk to you about something," Kid Flash sounded unsure about himself, "Can you me at Titans East tower in like an hour,"

" I'll be there," That was all that was said before the other end went silent.

Flash was a little nervous about his meeting with Kid Flash. His ex-sidekick and nephew only called him when things weren't going so great for him and on the phone he seemed distracted, like he didn't want to talk to him. A million things ran through Flashed mind, each thought worse than the other. Flash used every self-control he had to wait for an hour, instead of just running over their as fast as he could. He just wanted to make sure his nephew was alright.

Time went slow for speedsters, because they are so fast. So an hour in speedster time was like five hours in normal pace. Time went very slowly for Flash, all he wanted to do was race for his nephew. Time went slow for Kid Flash, but not slow enough. He dreaded having the talk with his uncle. He was scared things would go bad, very bad. They certainly had the potential to.

But eventually an hour has rolled by and Flash was at Titans East tower's door right on the dot. Flash wouldn't calm down until he saw that his nephew was perfectly fine. As Kid Flash opened the door he was surprised to be engulfed in a huge by his mentor. Flash and Kid Flash always had a good relationship, it was better than Robin's and Batman's and it was a million times better then Green Arrow's and Speedy's.

"Okay," Kid Flash said has Flash took a seat in the livening room. Kid Flash had convinced Jinx to stay hidden till he knew the Flash was okay with them being together, " I want you to listen to me and not interrupt. Let me tell my entire side of the story. Okay?"

Flash just nodded.

"Okay, so while the Teen Titans were out fighting The Brotherhood of Evil, they asked Titans East to fill in for them. But Titans East got called back to their home and Speedy asked me to watch over the city while they were gone." Kid Flash paused for a moment, "So as I was making a nightly round to make sure everything was in line, I discovered a robbery. So I stopped to bust it and their leader was a girl, and she was really pretty."

The Flash sat up straighter knowing perfectly well where this was going.

Kid Flash noticed and continued, but he found himself speaking faster, trying to get all the words out before Flash could blow-up on him, "So we started talking, at first she didn't like me, you know? So she turned me in to the Brotherhood of Evil, but then she let me go."

Flash felt his eyebrows rise to his hairline.

"And then she joined the Titans and helped us defeat The Brotherhood of Evil and she a good guy now, and we've been dating for six months. " Kid Flash finished and took at deep calming breath, now was the moment of truth.

It was silent. Flash didn't say anything for five minutes…ten minutes…fifteen minutes…twenty minutes. He just watched Kid Flash try to think of something to say. He wasn't sure if he wanted his nephew to date the girl. He wanted to demand that he break up with her. But he also knew that Kid Flash wouldn't listen. He was stubborn like that.

"You know, you can say something now," Kids Flash said, trying to get him to say something.

Flash didn't say anything.

"You can say anything."

More silence.

"Please, say something, please!"

All that could be heard was Flash's breathing.

"Maybe you should met her," Kid Flash's face lite up with that idea and ran out of the room in a blink of an eye. He came back moments later with a pretty girl.

"Flash, this is Jinx, my girlfriend," Kid Flash gave a ta-da motion with his hands.

The Flash still didn't like the idea of his nephew dating a girl that use to be a criminal. Yet he saw the way Kid's eyes filled with light at the mention of her name. He watched as he tighle held her hand and put a protective arm around her waist. He saw how much courage he had to tell the truth about her past. Flash realized that he really loved this girl, and it didn't matter if her past was a little messed up. Most heroes' past were. So Flash saw how much Kid Flash loved this girl, so he did what any good mentor would have done.

He stuck out his hand for her to shake and said, "Nice you meet you Jinx."