I was sitting at the vanity table looking at my reflection in the mirror, dark blue eyes similar to the ocean started back at me filled with sadness. I ran my favorite pink and white brush thru my newly died brown hair a small smile upon my plump pink lips. I slowly placed the brush down once I heard the bedroom door open "Your up" I said knowing my husband would be up since the sun just went down. Wearing a thin silky black robe that cost more than an average person's check in two weeks. My husband sped to me I could see his reflection in the mirror. His blue eyes looked down at my hair. His blonde hair was fixed to perfection, pretty much his whole fit muscular body was perfect. Wearing his black pants and a black muscle shirt made him look even more muscular than normal. "Well yes I'm up Katherine" his voice was cold and distance then what it use to be when we first got married.

I stood up slowly and had to look up at him since I was only five foot one standing next to a six foot four man. Him calling me by my full name I knew he was not happy "What is it Eric" I said firmly with my Southern Belle accent; crossing my arms as I rose a brow. His huge hand came toward my face and he lifted a strand of my newly dyed hair with one finger "It's brown" he said not making any emotion which started to make me worry since Eric was like a bomb at times. Rolling my blue eyes as my body started to move to the door "Yes….I wanted to do something different, I'm surprised you noticed" I mumbled the last sentence. I stopped walking when I could hear a growl behind me "I liked it blonde" he said louder than normal. Taking a deep breath to try and calm my nerves "Why…because it matched…her hair" the words came out with venom. I was jealous of this other woman that was stealing my husband away.

Eric sped to me and lifted my chin gently "No…my wife…that was the color of your hair when I married you. I'm so sorry that I stick to my time period and love a woman who is natural" his eyes were hard and cold but his words soft. Raising a brow as I moved my; face away from his touch "Do you work today" I asked trying to change the subject. Eric shook his head slowly "I don't have to go in Kat" him calling me by my nickname gave me hope that we could last. I touched his chest "It feels like I only see you when you wake up…then you vanish from me until the next night" looking at our bedroom where Eric used to sleep at but stopped a year ago when he met Her.

Eric quickly picked me up bridal style which made me gasp; he placed me on the bed gently "My wife….you know you mean a lot to me…without you I would go crazy" he purred trying to soften me up. A moan escaped my lips when he started to kiss her neck "Eric…we never talk" I got out in-between moans. Eric looked at my face as he started to take the black silky robe off he smirked when he seen I had nothing underneath. "We can talk after we make….love" he said the last word as he started to kiss my firm breast. "No…Eric I don't want to" I lied since my body was aching for Eric's touch. Eric's fangs clicked out and my heart rate shot up from fear he would bite me. He gaze his fangs over my tone stomach "W-we had a deal" I hurried and got out. Eric held me down to where I was unable to move his eyes were narrowed "Yes we did have a deal…so do your fucking part" he looked up at me showing the monster that he could become. "My Wife" he said firmly that made my heart rate speed up. Instead of staying scared I was getting pissed that he would hold our deal that he was not allowed to feed from me as long as I had sex with him when ever he wanted it. At first the deal was great especially when we were first married sex was happening everywhere for us. Never once has I ever complained since I do loved sex with the Viking vampire. But now I was feeling Eric and I never speak unless he was buying me love with expensive gifts to make up for the time he was away or he would screw me until I completely forgot why I was mad.

I didn't want to start a bigger battle since he could easily hurt me. I did not speak more on the deal we had since my body did crave Eric. He started to kiss my lower stomach lightly as his large hands rubbed my thighs. Eric was slowly opening my legs wider as I was getting wetter just from him teasing me. "Eric" I moaned as he inserted his large manhood inside of me. The feeling of him filling me up completely is beyond words the pleasure ran thru my body as he started to thrust slowly. Our lips met just like it did every time we made love. "I love you Kat" he whispered as he sped up the thrusting, in this moment I was completely submissive to him. Which is rare since I'm never submissive at all "I love you to my love" I whispered back before he kissed my lips with passion. I lifted my hip higher for he could go in deeper and hit my sweet spot, the pleasure building up more in my lower abdomen was becoming stronger.

His cold large hands cupped my breast and massaged one of them as he licked the nipple lightly I went to flip us to where I would be on top but he pinned my arms down above my head and shook his head. "No my wife" he purred sweetly as he pounded in me harder making me moan out louder as our pelvic areas smacked together. I was reaching the edge when he started to go in a inhuman speed, I came quickly moaning his name "Eric" my breathing was deep as he kept pounding. Eric easily turned me to my back to where I was now in the doggie style position before he started pound into me once more. "Kat" he groaned out in pleasure as I squeezed my sex around his manhood tightly. I felt his hands start to rub my rear and I gasp once I felt a sting from the slap he gave me. "Katharina" he moaned my name but not saying it the American way as Katherine. Once Eric had released himself inside of me he laid down on the side of me just stroking my back gently.

"I best be off" Eric said as he kissed my cheek, he sped up and started to put his black pants back on. I rolled over on my back to look at him "Where are you going" I asked wanting to cuddle. "Business" he said not looking at me as he put on his muscle shirt. Raising a brow "I thought you were off" I said trying to keep my cool since I knew he would be hungry even more after just having sex. Eric looked at me with his blue eyes "I'm going see Bill real quick" I knew those two hated each other so their was a lie somewhere in it. "He lives by Sookie…your going see her" I said firmly as I grabbed my large white shirt and pulled it over my head. Eric's face was near mine his fangs out "She lives in my house I bought I have to make sure she is ok..I have to check on the house" he growled I knew he did not like me asking questions about where he was going.

Shaking my head I pushed his shoulders but Eric did not budge one bit "You sure it's just the house your checking…and not the area in-between her legs" I hissed at him with narrow eyes. Eric gripped my chin roughly he held it tight "I have not fucked Sookie…but believe me I have thought about it many times….When I do fuck her I'll make sure I'll send you a tape" he spat at me which made my heart dropped I held the tears in my eyes. "I'm your wife" I whispered shocked by what he just told me. Eric released my chin and pushed me on the bed to where I was on my back. "Yes so as my wife shut your eyes and endure" he then kissed my cheek before he sped off to the woman that was stealing his heart from me.

Once I knew Eric was out our house I allowed the tears to fall freely from my eyes, the time passed as I cried into the pillow. Once I felt like my tear ducts could not produce anymore tears I sat up and looked around the room, my life was what women dreamed of. To have everything you ever wanted and even more in material things but all I wanted was my husband back. I started to walk to the kitchen I noticed their was a newspaper on the glass coffee table. Once I picked up the paper I noticed it was from my small home town in Louisiana, Clinton Louisiana. On the front page was a picture of a face I knew so well, John. I touched his face with my finger "Chow…tell my husband I plan to go see my best friend Ricky for the day." Chow nodded then sped off.

I looked at the John again and looked at the house he was standing behind and it made me smile, it was the same house he grew up in just remodeled. "I missed you" I whispered as I remembered all the fond memories we spent together. As my eyes left John I noticed his brother Alcide was standing next to him smiling, it was clear both brother's were pleased with their work. Thoughts started to go thru my head was I going to my ex lover just to piss Eric off in my mind. Since I would never let him know or was I doing this because deep down my heart still belonged to John.

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