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Trzaska heads to the parking garage and picks up his cell phone dialing Thirteen.

"He has a family history of arthritis, doesn't he," Trzaska asks when she answers.

"Yeah, he does," Thirteen says from the other end of the phone. "What does…"

"Stop the interferon. Do another heavy metal screen, only this time test for gold," Trzaska says straddling his bike.

"You don't still think that he…" Thirteen starts.

"And don't let him go to the bathroom," Trzaska says and then hangs up the phone just before starting up his bike and speeding off through the garage.

"Why would you care if he…hello," Thirteen hangs up realizing Trzaska hung up on her. She leans over to Chase who is standing next to her and whispers to him.

Meanwhile, Trzaska is speeding towards home on his motorcycle.

Back at PPTH Chase prints out test results. He passes them to Foreman, who looks surprised.

Trzaska finally arrives at his apartment and rushes into his bedroom startling Amelia. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," he says getting on all fours and reaching under his bed. Ryoko looks at Trzaska from the bed and grumbles at Trzaska for having woken her up.

"Are you okay," Amelia asks rubbing her eyes.

"Fine," Trzaska says groaning and pulling a small wooden box from under the bed. "You?"

"WAS sleeping just fine," Amelia says. "How's your patient?"

"About to be a lot better," Trzaska says. He quickly opens the box and paws through the numerous small bottles inside. Pocketing the desired bottle, Trzaska stands up and kisses Amelia's forehead. "Go back to sleep." Amelia smiles and shakes her head as Trzaska leaves in the same hurried fashion he arrived in.

Back at the hospital, outside Lzzy's room, Mark is arguing with Thirteen, who won't let him go to the bathroom. Lzzy is passed out and doesn't hear anything.

"Fine, then I'll go to one on another floor," Mark says.

"Actually, they're not working there either," Thirteen says.

"Every bathroom in the whole hospital is out of order," Mark asks.

"Well, there, um, the water…" Thirteen stammers trying to come up with a good lie.

Arejay walks by eating some french fries and looks between Mark and Thirteen who are at a standoff. "What's going on?"

"I'm going to the bathroom," Mark says and pushes his way past Thirteen.

"What was that about," Arejay asks pushing another french fry in his mouth and walking into Lzzy's room.

Meanwhile Trzaska arrives back at the hospital looking for Mark. He steps out of the elevator on the ICU floor. He sees Thirteen and Chase standing in the hall. "Where is he," Trzaska asks.

"He had to go to the bathroom," Thirteen sighs.

"I told you not to let him," Trzaska says now limping faster towards the bathroom.

"What was I supposed to do? Tie him up," Thirteen asks.

"Why not," Trzaska asks. He tosses his cane to Chase and works on opening the bottle while limping into the bathroom.

As they arrive in the bathroom a toilet flushes. Mark opens the door of the stall he was using. He finds Trzaska standing in front of him. "What are you doing," Mark asks. Trzaska grabs his hand. "Why is your hand wet?"

"Sorry, must be nervous. I have some bad news," Trzaska says still holding Mark's hand.

"What," Mark asks looking very uncomfortable.

"The damage to your fiancé's lungs is permanent," Trzaska says. "Kidney damage is reversible and with the right therapy she should regain full neurological function. Other than the fact that she's not going to be running any marathons, she's going to be fine."

"But that's good news, isn't it," Mark asks.

"I'm not finished," Trzaska says. He's still holding Mark's hand and firmly backs him up against one of the stalls. He gives Mark a stern gaze as he talks. "When I was a kid, my dad was stationed at an army base in Egypt. We were in the middle of nowhere and there was absolutely nothing for a kid to do except look for a mummy's tomb."

"You didn't want me to go to the bathroom because you wanted to tell me my fiancé is going to be fine and that you used to live in Egypt," Mark asks.

"I didn't have a problem with you going to the bathroom," Trzaska says. "I just didn't want you to wash your hands." Mark gets a confused look on his face. "I never actually did find a mummy, but I did learn a fair amount about the ancient Egyptians. For example, they discovered that stannous chloride is not only great for toughening ruby glass, but if it's mixed with gold, it turns bright purple." He turns over Mark's hand, which is turning purple. "Now, either your fingers are actually worth their weight in gold, or you've been sprinkling your fiancé's cereal with gold sodium thiomalate." Mark's eyes go wide. "It's an arthritis remedy. It's rarely used here in the US, but it's still popular in Mexico. I've gotta give you props. I've never heard of anyone using gold before. It's almost…poetic."

"That's ridiculous," Mark says.

"Heavy metal tox screen for gold was off the chart," Chase says staring at Mark.

"Why would I…" Mark asks.

"Because you were trying to kill her, I'd love to know the why behind that why," Trzaska says. "But you're not going to tell me, are you?"

"You're wrong. I love Lzzy," Mark says.

"I never said you didn't love her," Trzaska says.

Trzaska, Thirteen, and Chase leave the bathroom and call security. Foreman and Taub meet the rest of the group outside the bathroom and they all walk down the hall together.

"Why would somebody do that," Thirteen asks. "Sit by somebody's bedside day and night, helping them, comforting them, and at the same time killing them?"

"Maybe she was having an affair," Foreman suggests.

Chase looks preposterously at Foreman. "Maybe he was having an affair."

"Or maybe he just gets his kicks from slowly sucking the life out of a woman and watching her suffer," Trzaska says.

"She must have done something to him," Foreman says.

"Yeah, she had it coming," Trzaska retorts.

"I didn't say she deserved it," Foreman iterates.

"The only thing she did wrong was get engaged to a sociopath," Chase says.

"Or maybe he just got tired of being with her, Trzaska theorizes. "Didn't want to admit to family and friends that the engagement wasn't as perfect as everyone thought it was. Or maybe it was for the money. Who knows."

"Shouldn't one of us stay with him," Taub suggests. "If he tries to run…"

"Yeah, Chase, go back there," Trzaska says. Everyone looks at him funny as to why he picked Chase. "Well, it would be weird if we were all in the men's room, especially Thirteen." Trzasks limps over to the elevator and gets on pushing the button for the floor Lzzy's on.

A short while later Mark is led away in handcuffs as Cuddy and Thirteen watch.

Trzaska is standing outside Lzzy's room watching her sleep. Her brother Arejay is sitting by her bed holding her hand. Trzaska is lost in thought as he sees them and thinks about his own sister's illness. Trzaska sees Foreman's reflection next to his in the window. "Nice job," Foreman says. "We started chelation therapy with dimercaprol."

"Awesome," Trzaska says.

"Her kidney function hasn't improved," Foreman states.

"It will," Trzaska says.

"She's gonna need a lung transplant," Foreman says.

"She'll get it," Trzaska says confidently. "And she'll go on rocking the house." Trzaska mimes handing the reins back to Foreman. "Was fun while it lasted," he says smiling at Foreman. Foreman grins back at Trzaska and walks away. Trzaska continues to look through the window.

A week later Trzaska opens the door to Lzzy's room. Her entire band is there laughing and enjoying things. They're all wearing Santa hats except Lzzy who is holding hers in her lap. "Hey look who it is," Arejay jumps up from the chair he was sitting in and runs over to Trzaska pulling him into a tight hug and kissing him on the cheek. The Santa hat he's wearing falling in Trzaska's face. "Thank you," he says seriously. "I always had faith."

"Faith," Trzaska mutters under his breath. "Just wanted to see how those new lungs were treating you," he says looking over at Lzzy.

"Pretty good," she says. "Don't think I'm up for singing just yet but I'll get there."

"Hey Lzzy, we're gonna go get some food in the cafeteria," Arejay says. Each of the band members shakes Trzaska's hand on their way out, leaving Trzaska and Lzzy alone. Lzzy fidgets in her bed.

"So you're doing good," Trzaska asks.

"Give me a month or so and I'll express my gratitude properly," Lzzy teases winking at him. "But for now I just want to say thank you."

"And how are you doing…emotionally," Trzaska asks sitting on the bed next to Lzzy.

"Okay I guess," Lzzy says. "Just trying to figure out what exactly happened. What did I do? Where did I go wrong?"

"You didn't do anything wrong," Trzaska says. "Sometimes it's just…love bites."

"Love bites," Lzzy repeats and nods her head. "But so do I," she says and playfully snaps her teeth at Trzaska. "Hey that sounds like a good song title."

"I think you're right," he says smiling. His smile fades a little. "Lzzy, some people are just screwed up, some you can't help."

"You know that from personal experience," Lzzy asks. Trzaska just nods. "I'm sorry. Girlfriend?"

Trzaska nods again. "A long time ago. Suicide."

Lzzy is silent for a moment. "Well at least I have a lot to write about now," she says smiling. "Speaking of which, any chance of hearing one of your songs?"

Trzaska thinks for a moment. "Hold that thought," he says leaving. After a few moments he returns, wheeling a keyboard in Lzzy's room. He pulls it up to the foot of her bed and takes the footrest off. Sitting down Trzaska places his fingers and starts to play. (Think of the piano from Evanescence's Hello.)

Lzzy sits up in bed as Trzaska plays and listens intently. Her expression clear that the music is moving her. Lzzy is quiet for a moment as Trzaska stops playing. "Can I tell you a secret," she asks.

Trzaska turns around and looks at her. "Sure," he says.

"Come closer, I don't want anyone else to hear," Lzzy says wagging her finger towards her.

Trzaska bends toward Lzzy as she requests. Lzzy slowly leans in and kisses his lips gently. After a moment their lips part. "I loved it. And thank you for saving my life," she says.

"You're welcome," Trzaska says.

"Keep an eye out for an invitation for a more complete thank you," Lzzy says.

"Yes ma'am," Trzaska says as he slowly gets up and leaves. He runs into Arejay and the rest of the band in the hall.

"Hey man, seriously thank you," Arejay says.

"My pleasure," Trzaska says. "Your sister…she's something special…take care of her."

Arejay nods and looks past Trzaska through the window at Lzzy. "You have a sister," Arejay asks.

"Yeah, one just as precious," Trzaska replies.

"They are something special aren't they," Arejay says. "Anyway…" he claps Trzaska on the shoulder. "…we've got a big thank you planned. Don't mention it to your colleagues, this is just for you. And bring your sister along too."

"No I couldn't…" Trzaska starts.

"Listen, I'm not taking no for an answer," Arejay says. "We've all talked it over and even Lzzy agrees. We've already started working on it. Just keep your ear to the ground."

The band all walk past Trzaska joking and laughing as they disappear into Lzzy's room. Trzaska smiles and limps down the hall.

One month later, Trzaska is backstage at the McCarter Theatre Center at a makeup concert for the one Lzzy was sick at. He's standing behind a wheelchair that Amelia is sitting in. She has an oxygen tank hooked up to the wheelchair that she has to use from time to time.

Halestorm just finished playing 'Familiar Taste of Poison'. "Thank you," Lzzy says to the crowd as a piano is wheeled out on stage. She takes a seat and sets her microphone into the stand on the piano. "We really love you New Jersey and we're glad you came out to see us. It means so much to us for you all to be here." The crowd cheers in response. "I'm gonna play a new song for you. I just wrote this song a few weeks ago. For those of you who don't know I was very sick last month. The truth is I almost died." The crowd reacts negatively to this statement. "But I'm here and I'm okay, and it's thanks to this one guy that I'm alive. And I wrote this for him. He saved my life, and I wanted to tell him how important that is to me. This one's called 'Break In'."

Put your lighter in the air and lead me back home
When it's all said and done and follow where the air goes
I hear you night after night calling out my name
And I'm finding myself running to meet you
I didn't want to escape
From the bricks that I laid down

You are the only one
The only one to tease me
That trusts me and believes me
You are the only one
The only one that knows me
And in the dark you show me
It's perfectly reckless
Damn you leave me defenseless
So break in
Break in

You let me fall apart without letting go
Then you pick up the pieces and you make me whole
I didn't want to escape
From the bricks that I laid down

Lzzy looks over at the side of the stage where Trzaska is standing and smiles at him.

You are the only one
The only one to tease me
That trusts me and believes me
You are the only one
The only one that knows me
And in the dark you show me
It's perfectly reckless
Damn you leave me defenseless
So break in

And take everything I have
Until there is nothing left
Until it's just your voice in my head
And when the lights come on
You see me as I am
You're still inside me

You are the only one
The only one to tease me
That trusts me and believes me
You are the only one
The only one that knows me
And in the dark you show me
It's perfectly reckless
Damn you leave me defenseless
So break in
Break in

Put your lighter in the air and lead me back home

"Thank you Adam," Lzzy says and is joined by the rest of her band who bows to the crowd and winks in the direction Trzaska is standing. "Let's keep this party going," Lzzy shouts. Halestorm plays two more songs ending with 'I Get Off'. They come off stage and each give Trzaska a strong hug. "Is this Amelia," Lzzy asks standing next to Trzaska. He nods and Lzzy kneels down next to Amelia and holds her hands in hers. "Thank you for sharing your brother with me. I'm alive because of him."

Amelia tears up a little and smiles at Lzzy. "He's pretty great isn't he?"

"One of a kind," Lzzy says. Trzaska is distracted by Arejay who's going on about some crazy shots they should take in celebration. Seeing that Amelia's actually very sad, Lzzy wheels Amelia further down the hall towards the back without Trzaska noticing. "What's wrong hun," Lzzy asks kneeling back down in front of Amelia.

"I don't think I have much time left," Amelia says wiping her face with her sleeve. Lzzy frowns at Amelia and looks back at Trzaska. "I'm sorry." Amelia fumbles for her oxygen mask and turns the valve on trying to catch her breath.

"Let me help," Lzzy says helping Amelia put the oxygen mask on her face. "You know my brother's pretty awesome too. He's really good company."

"I…have…no doubt…" Amelia says smiling.

"Do you…mind…if he keeps you company…while I borrow your brother one more time," Lzzy asks a little embarrassed.

Amelia's hand reaches for Lzzy's. "Please…do…" she smiles weakly. Lzzy can feel how weak Amelia's grip is.

Trzaska, Arejay, and the others head over to where Lzzy and Amelia are. "Everything okay," Trzaska asks not seeing Amelia yet.

"Just having some girl talk," Lzzy responds. "Amelia said she was feeling a little winded, but she's fine now.

Trzaska darts forward to Amelia's side but she puts her hand on his and looks into his eyes. "I'm fine…let's have some fun…" Trzaska smiles back at her.

Arejay gets behind Amelia taking control of her wheelchair. "How often do you pop wheelies in this thing," he asks Amelia jokingly. She laughs and Arejay wheels her down the hall. "Let's go find some ice cream."

"So how was the concert, Lzzy asks Trzaska who's leaning against a wall watching Amelia and laughing at Arejay. "What? Oh the concert. It was great. YOU sounded great."

"Not really, but I'll take it as a compliment anyway," Lzzy says smiling. "I'll be back to one hundred percent soon enough. I hope you liked your song."

"I did," Trzaska admits looking at Lzzy. "Thank you."

"It's nothing," Lzzy says. "The least I can do for you saving my life. And," she wraps her arms around Trzaska's neck. "I have one final surprise for you. I'm leaving Jersey tomorrow and I want to go out with a bang." She leans in and kisses Trzaska gently. "What do you say?"

"I don't…" Trzaska starts.

"It's not just a fancy," Lzzy defends. "I feel connected to you. You are the only one in that hospital that really cared for me. So naturally I developed feelings for you. I want to share those with you. Even if it's just once."

"I barely spent any time with you," Trzaska says.

"Yes but you were there at the most important times," Lzzy replies. "I refuse to believe that was just dumb luck."

"But…Amel…" Trzaska starts.

"She's in good hands for a few hours. Trust me," Lzzy says. She leans in and kisses Trzasks gently again. "So?" Trzaska kisses back and nods. "Good." Lzzy leads Trzaska down the hall, holding hands with him. "So the real question now is, do you like the heels on or off?" She laughs and puts her arm around Trzaska's back. He does the same to her and Lzzy leans her head on Trzaska's shoulder. They stop in front of a room with Halestorm's name on it and Lzzy leans against the door. She grabs the collar of Trzaska's jacket in each hand and pulls him in for another kiss, this one more passionate. Lzzy turns the handle and backs up through the door pulling Trzaska with her while lip locked. For the next thirty minutes, soft moans can be heard from the through the door and faintly travel down the hall.

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