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Chapter 5: The past and new Enemies

In Mao's new room entrance

"Damn that Almaz! Denying me what's rightfully mine! I mean, I am the dean's son, so I should be the one to rule the school, not him! I would have won if it wasn't for his, so called, friends. Damn them, they should be bowing before me. I'm the dean's son they should follow me. Dammit dad! Why did you make him the Overlord? I thought you would be happy that I was going to beat the hero that killed you? Do you still hate me for me telling him your weakness and him killing you? Is that why you made him the Overlord? To hurt me even more or to test me. It doesn't matter I will kill him that human."

Mao goes into his room to think of new ways to try to attack and kill Almaz. As soon as Mao entered his room he sensed some one was already in his room.

"Who's there? Show yourself at once or face my wrath! "

From the shadows came out a women of the shadows she looked to be quite young. She had yellow eyes and long black hair but when it reached her neck it turned green.

"Who are you? What the hell are you doing in my room? Get out or I will make you!"

The women just stood there without saying anything pissing off Mao. "Well if you're not going to say anything, then I will make you by killing you!" Mao rushed at her with his sword but she disappeared and appeared right behind him shooting him with lighting. Slamming him to the wall she only walked to him and placed him in a chair with him barely awake. She then spoke to him in a cold voice.

"It seems you're not that powerful as I expected Mao."

Mao was shocked that she knew his name and wondered how she knew it and why she was here. From the impact of that attack, he could tell that she could kill him if she wanted to, since he was not at full power since his battle with Almaz. He might stand chance if he was at full power but not right now.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Mao asked

"My name is Shara. I am known as the Queen of Thunder but I am also able to use Lightning. I have come with an offer Mao, son of the late overlord."

"How do you know who's son I am?"

"Like I said, I have come with an offer. I was coming here to kill the current Overlord to claim this land for myself but I saw you fighting the human Overlord for some time now."

"Wait, you were watching me fight for a while? Then why not say something or try to help."

"Like I said, I want to claim this land for myself so I was waiting for you to kill that human so then I would kill you for this land after you were weakened. But you have proven you are weak, so that's why I come with this offer: we work together and we kill the human Overlord then we split this Netherworld 50/50. You don't have a choice in this, you've seen what he is like and his friends will help him I might lose if they work together so I need your help. After this I will be closer to my goal. So what do you say Overlord Mao? Well, do you accept Dean?" Shara asked

Mao smiled at the thought of him being the dean and also thought he could betray her at the end.

"I accept your offer Queen of Thunder." Mao said, and then, they shook hands his body was healed with a healing spell.

"We will attack soon and we will win."

Mao just laughed

"Your death will come soon Almaz."

Back with Raspberyl and group

"Miss Beryl, I am telling you the truth I don't want to hurt him I still like him." said Sapphire holding her chest where her heart is.

"Well we might believe you but right now we have tell you the story how we got feelings for him." said Raspberyl.

"Our lady shall go first." said Kyoko and Asuka.

"Thank you girls!" She cleared her throat and spoke.

Raspberyl's flash back: 1 year after Almaz became overlord

"Well that's it for the blood donation today Almaz." said Raspberyl as she and Almaz were walking out of the nurse's office. Raspberyl walked out with a smile while Almaz walked out looking a little pale because of the amount of blood he gave. (A/N Almaz is wearing his Disgaea 3 out fit for now until later.)

Alamz fell on the ground from the lack of blood in his system. Raspberyl went to his side worried about her friend and also the new dean of the school.

"Are you all right Almaz?" asked Raspberly with concern in her voice.

Almaz just got back up and smiled at her.

"Yeah I'm fine, thanks for the concern Lady Beryl. Well, we need to get going we do have to pick up trash next right." He asked.

"Right. Well then, let's get started then Almaz. We'll begin by picking up trash for three days straight, Ok?"

Almaz only nodded. For some odd reason, since he was made the Overlord, he feels like he has more energy then before but he only ignores it and gets to work. During the trash pick up he couldn't help but notice that he was taking small glances at Raspberyl noticing her lovely red hair and the cute skull she has on her outfit and how her tail suited her well as well as well as her beautiful red eyes. He just loved how they fitted her. He blushed and quickly turned away and continued working.

Raspberyl was picking up trash and felt someone was watching her she turned to see Almaz turned back. Her head she thought he was watching her and that made her blush. She had to admit, Almaz had grown to be a good Overlord in only a year, but he was also a good hero. Stopping Mao from doing some thing horrible and killing a super hero. Almaz was the perfect in his own way, he was good looking with his beautiful blue eyes and his black as night hair. He might have been a wimp in the beginning but not anymore.

She went back to working and started picking up more trash. Three days went by fast, she expected Almaz to complain and get tired but he didn't. She was impressed by him. When they were throwing away the last of the trash, she called Almaz over to finish up. He went to her and threw the last of the trash away but Almaz tripped on his Red scarf and fell on top her

"Ahhhhhhhh!" they both yelled before they both fell.

When Raspberyl opened her eyes, she saw that Almaz was on top of her and there face were a mere inches away from each other. They looked at each other for a moment before Almaz quickly got off her and was blushing and bowing to her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Lady Beryl! Please don't hurt me!" Almaz was begging

Raspberyl got up and couldn't help but blush at what just happen between them.

"It's ok Almaz, accidents happen all the time, besides are you ok?" asked Raspberly

Almaz stopped bowing and looked at her and said.

"I'm ok Lady Beryl, but are you ok? I mean I was the one who fell on you, Are you alright, that's all that matters to me right now."

"I'm all right Almaz. So it looks we are done for today. Let's go back to our rooms."

"Lady Beryl, please wait."

Raspberyl turned around to face Almaz who was standing up now.

"Yes Almaz? Something up?"

"I feel sorry for what I did and I want to make it up to you."

"You don't have to do anything Almaz, were friends.

"It's just not that, I also want to thank you for staying by my side when every one else left me. Don't worry; I plan to thank Kyoko and Asuka as well. So let me take you to dinner tonight. What do you say?" he asked.

Raspberyl was stuck, she couldn't refuse him that would be rude. She did not want to be rude to her friend.

"Well ok Almaz, I accept your offer and will join you for dinner." She said with a smile. "Make sure to pick me up at 7:30." she said and walked to her and the girl's room.

Almaz could have sworn he saw her blush. But he let go then he raised his fist in the air in victory. Wait, he has to get ready for the dinner and has to make everything perfect for tonight.

He rushes to make the reservations for tonight.

Well Raspberyl went back the room where Kyoko and Asuka are waiting for her inside. Cleaning the room for their lady's return

Raspberyl walked into their room but not before knocking and being allowed to enter.

"Welcome back my lady!" she heard Kyoko and Asuka said to her.

"Hello girls." She said to them.

Kyoko and Asuka noticed that their lady was acting strange and one of them asked.

"My lady, are you ok?" asked Kyoko with concern.

"I'm fine, I just need to get ready for dinner tonight with Almaz." Raspberyl said

"My lady, you are having dinner tonight with the hero? That's so wonderful." said Asuka

"My, this great news indeed! The hero is taking you out which is one of major 48 skills of affections. I think this one is called a date." Kyoko while she was smiling behind her mask.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, it's not date you girls!" said Raspberly waving her hands in front of her face denying the fact that it might be a date and the fact that she was blushing.

"Its just dinner with a friend, girls."

"As you say, My Lady." they both said with smile.

"Well I need to find something to wear for tonight."

7:30pm came fast and Almaz had arrived on time to pick her up. As they were walking, they arrived at the restaurant. Raspberyl could only stare at the place they were going to eat at. It was one of best place to eat at the Evil Academy.

"Almaz how did you get reservations here?" she asked in awe.

"Well it took a lot of time and the owner knows me as well, he said he set it up just for today." He smiled.

But in the back of his mind he remembered what he had to do. He had to beg for the owner on his knees as well to let him get a table tonight even though he is the Overlord he had to do a favor and get rid of some slimes in the back.

"Well let us go in Raspberyl." Almaz said taking her hand and walking in the restaurant.

Raspberyl was in like a dream she had been called by her name not Lady Beryl or Miss Beryl. And Almaz had taken her hand they were holding hands. This was also one of 48 skills of affection.

They were taken to their table was. Almaz pulled her chair out for her and she was amazed by his behavior. She took a seat and they enjoyed a relaxing dinner were they talked about their past and what their dreams were.

"Almaz can I ask you something personal?" Raspberyl asked the super hero who was eating with perfect posture. He only nodded.

"Now that you are the dean, what are your dreams for the school and yourself?" she asked.

"Well Raspberyl, for the school, I plan to make it better then it was, like joining other Overlords in treaties so we can help each other in times in need."

"Well that's a pretty big dream for the school. Do you really think you can do it?"

"Well not right away, but with everyone's help, I can and will do it." Almaz said with a smile.

Raspberyl only smiled at his dream for the school but then realized he didn't answer her other question she asked.

"Wait but what is your dream Almaz for you?"

"Well to be honest, I don't really have one, well not any more anyway."

"What do you mean Almaz?"

"Well I thought that I would marry the Princess when I came here. That was my dream and only reason for coming to the Netherworld. But, well you see how that worked out. I don't know why, but I still have some feelings for her, but I don't know what to do. Well the only dream I have now would probably be to live and tell my mother that I'm alright and alive. She must be worried about me since I have always been kinda weak. She was getting worried since I cried over the easiest thing."

Almaz smiled sadly at the thought of never seeing his mother again.

Raspberyl realized he was upset.

"Almaz I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad feelings and memory's." she said with worry.

"Don't worry about it Raspberyl, its ok. Beside I do have another dream."

"Really? Do you mind me asking what it is?" Raspberly asked with a look of curiosity.

"Not at all." Almaz said . "My other dream is to have a family and get married."

"Wait, you want to have a family?" She said with a little red on her face. "You think you will find some one here in the Netherworld for you?" she asked.

But Almaz could have sworn she sound kinda of jealous.

"Well there has to be some one in the Netherworld that won't judge me for being human and the Overlord of this school. Also I might find someone willing to get with a weakling like my self. Awww, I made my self sad and called my self a weakling." He was a little sad now.

"Don't worry Almaz, I'm sure you will find someone. Besides, your not weak. How could some weakling become the Overlord?"

"Thank you Raspberyl and I will find somebody and accomplish my dream just as you accomplish your dream of becoming the greatest bad ass of all time."

After dinner Almaz took her back home.

"Thank you for a wonderful night Almaz." Raspberyl said with a smile.

"It's the least I could for all you have done for me and the help you have given me. Well I will see you tomorrow Raspberyl." Raspberyl was about to knock on her room's door until she heard Almaz tell her to wait.

"That's right! I almost forgot, Raspberyl please wait."

"Yes Almaz, what is it?"

She saw him crouch done and gave her a hug but that's not what shocked her, it's what he did next. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. She just blushed red and was speechless. Almaz got back up and said goodbye to Raspberyl. Then he walked back to his room. Raspberyl just stood there and put her hand on her cheek were Almaz had kissed her. She couldn't help but smile and felt something warm in her chest were her heart is.

'Can I really have these feelings for him?' she thought to herself before going to her room and going to bed with a smile and hoped to dream about a certain Hero/Overlord. When Kyoko and Asuka got home from the volunteer work they saw their lady asleep with smile and wondered why she was happy.

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