Korra remembered only that she attempted to meditate inside that darned metal box after Tarlokk showed his true colors by attacking and kidnapping her a la bloodbending. Funny how something like this would happen when she tries to connect with her spiritual side. Even though the rocks situated under her head was a bit uncomfortable, she couldn't find the need to care at the moment. The air was cool and from what she could feel, the stone floor under her was cold as well, indicating that the area was cool also.

I should open my eyes right now, but I feel too tired, Korra thought tiredly.

"Surely you mean a skunk-bear?"

"Or a gopher-bear?" Korra could hear conversation directly next to her, but the sounds were slightly muffled. Forcing her sleep-ridden mind to focus, she sat up and spotted a window next to her. Looking through it carefully, she could see the interior of a house which held a bald monk, who looked to be maybe 12 or 13, a boy and a girl who appeared to be wearing traditional water tribe clothing, and a girl with traditional earth kingdom clothing.

"Okay, I feel like this place is stuck in the past or something," Korra whispered to herself. Slowly backing away from the window and back outside, she could recognize now the sloped roofs of the houses and the stone ground. The whole neighborhood looked like one of those historical landscape exhibits within Republic City. Only problem was that she couldn't find any signs or posts stating the place was an exhibit. Well she might as well ask them. With sneaking through the window clearly out of the question, she quickly got up to circle the house.

"We don't care about the rules and we're not asking permission! We're finding Appa on our own and you should just stay out of our way!" came a very heated shout from the inside of the door. On cue, a lady with a robe was forced out of the door, who seemed to be walking away quickly and depressed.

"Nice neighborhood this is," Korra described sarcastically. Almost unconsciously, Korra brushed off imaginary dust from her shirt and the coat that was wrapped around her waist. Examining the large house momentarily, she confidently knocked on the door.

"I told you we're not interested-oh," Aang started. "Sorry, I thought you were Joo-Dee," Aang apoligized.

"No problem," Korra said assuredly. "I'm just wondering what this place was called?" Aang's face held a raised eyebrow. Korra realized how dumb her statement sounded.

"I'm uh, a tourist and I forgot to ask for the name of the city?" The bald monk looked to be eyeing her suspiciously before apparently buying her story.

"Come on in," Aang invited with a small underhand wave of his arm. "This is Ba Sing Se."

If Korra was drinking anything, she would have immediately spit it out in surprise.

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