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Korra tried her best to keep her breaths under control as she ascended the spiraling walkway. What was only minutes of stumbling up the tower might as well have constituted hours for her. The headache simply would not go away and it was just hurting so much!

She felt like screaming!

But that would probably just make her head hurt even more.

She dragged her free hand down her face as her other one leant on the walls for support. She was thankful that these doors only had a slit to see through, which means she wouldn't be getting stares by any of the inmates. But that also meant it'd be harder to find General Iroh, not being able to identify the inmates as she passed the cells.

"I did not think this through," Korra sighed, sliding down the wall to rest her legs. Her head was hung low in disappointment.

"I should have stayed put like Zuko said. How do I even find Iroh with the cells all looking the same!" Korra put her face in her hands, struggling to think of anything, anything that could help her figure this out.

Then she heard the sound of keys jingling.

A guard was coming. That wasn't good! Where was she to hide? She jumped up from her seated position quickly, looking every which way for a hiding place.

The guard turned the corner up the ramp, spinning the key ring on his finger and whistling a merry tune. He stopped abruptly when he heard the shuffling of feet. It sounded like it was straight ahead. Did someone escape? But that was impossible. These doors were escape proof. Jogging ahead anyway, he looked to his left and right, attempting to find anything out of place.

The officer frowned, using his key to open the nearest door to him. He looked around the cell, his eyes coming to rest on the prisoner within. Some guy with a beard.

"Hm," the guard grunted, leaving the room and locking the door behind him. He continued his patrol, not noticing the water tribe woman hanging off the side of the walkway railing.

Zuko dived to his left. A monstrous horizontal pillar of flame narrowly missed burning his arm. The heat singed the fabric of his right sleeve.

He's really trying to kill me this time. Zuko didn't let himself dwell on that dark thought as he returned fire, blasting missiles of fire at his megalomaniacal father.

"What honor is there," Zuko began, running to the side and pivoting midair to dodge a blast aimed at his feet. "What honor is there in murdering family in cold blood!" Zuko jumped forward snapping a kick to unleash a stream of fire. Ozai chopped forward with a knife-hand strike, parting the flames with ease. He retaliated by stepping forward and sidekicking, a stream of fire combusting forward. The prince couldn't dodge the speedy attack in time and was hit in the chest, the force of it knocking him off of his feet.

Ozai exhaled angrily. Fire flared from his nostrils as he began to stalk forward.

With great difficulty, Korra managed to climb back up the railing, almost collapsing once she was back on solid ground. As she regained her bearings, she noticed that she was fatiguing quite easily. The stunt she just pulled shouldn't have exhausted her so much. Using the rail as support, she pulled herself back to her feet.

"How do I find him with all these cells?" She asked aloud, her voice rising in frustration.

"Shouldn't be hard if you're locked in one, too."

Korra jumped at the voice, turning her head sharply.

"Who are you?" the female Avatar demanded. She backed up, quickly entering a fighting stance. Korra was able to get a good look at her.

"You're the one working with the fire nation princess!" She recognized her as one of the girls from the drill machine, back when she first dropped into the past. Korra noticed she seemed to look bored as always.

"I know why you're here," Mai retorted calmly.

"Yeah, well-"

"Where's Zuko?" the paler girl interrupted. Mai's eyes narrowed, and the sleeves of her robe shifted by just the tiniest fraction.

"Why should I tell you? You're not here to help," Korra grunted. "The princess sent you to capture me, huh?"

"You don't answer my questions, I don't answer yours." Mai's leading foot shifted by just a bit, but the reflexes wired into Korra's body told her to react. Quickly stomping her foot onto the ground, the floor rumbled slightly, before a pillar erupted right from under Mai's feet. The attack was ineffectual, however, as Mai seemed to use the pillar as a launching platform, dismounting into a sprint towards the Avatar. Korra didn't even see Mai's arms move to betray the blades suddenly flying towards her. Korra thrust both her fists upward to force a thin wall of flame to shield her, stopping the blades in their tracks. Not stopping there, Korra jumped and snapped one kick after another, two balls of fire careening towards the stiletto wielding girl.

Mai didn't slow down at all as she dodged to either side and avoiding the fire.

"You're much slower than last time," Mai declared, sounding impartial.

"Don't remind me," Korra grumbled, running away from Mai to keep distance. An idea hit her and she figured she'd make a barricade out of the prison tower's overhang. As she began the movement for it, a headache assaulted her, the intensity forcing her to drop to her knees.

"You guys," Mai sighed. "Running all over the world, like you expect to make a difference."

Korra struggled to her feet and attempted to punch fire, but the seemingly teleporting stilettos flew towards her arms, pinning the fabric of her armbands to the wall behind her.

Sorry, General Iroh. Korra sighed, hanging her head. She messed up big time. She definitely wasn't looking forward to running into the fire princess if she was here.

She hoped Zuko was faring well. The last she heard as she snuck out of the palace was a lot of angry yelling and combusting oxygen. If Zuko's in trouble too, she didn't know what to do.