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Stevie's POV

Gravity 5 has a gig in Florida! Being that we live far away we are taking a plane there. Nelson even invited Grace (his major crush) to come along, which worked out great for us because Grace got us her dad's private jet to take to Miami! It's going to be Gravity five plus Grace and the driver of the plane. It's our first major gig and we are all really excited. I grab my suitcase and small carry-on bag and head out the door to the private lot at the airport. When I get there I see Nelson, Grace, Kevin and Zander have arrived already, now we are just waiting for Kacey.

"Hey." I greet them handing the pilot my luggage.

"Hey." Zander says coming up to me and leaning his head on my shoulder, "I'm so tired." He complains in my ear.

"Suck it up, I'm the one who's tired." I complain back, "Kacey kept me up all night asking me what outfits she should bring."

"Speaking of..." Zander says pointing at Kacey who's walking our way with four over packed suitcases.

"Hey guys, ready to go?" she questions handing the pilot her bags.

"Got enough stuff there?" I joke pointing at her stuff.

"Well I just didn't know what to bring so I have different outfits for a lot of different things."

"I can see that." Replies Kevin leaning against the plane.

"Alright all passengers please step aboard." orders the pilot.

We all file in the plane and take our seats. Zander and I sit next to each other; Nelson and Kevin sit together to leaving Kacey and Grace to sit together.

"You guys pumped for our gig?" says Nelson referring to everyone.

"Yeah!" we all reply at once.

"All right everyone prepare for takeoff." We hear the aviator says over the intercom. We all buckle our seat belts and relax into our seats. I've never really been a fan of flying, especially the takeoff. So as the plane starts moving I grab Zander's hand without even thinking about it, he knows about my fear of flying.

"Don't worry Stevie." he reassures me stroking my palm with his thumb, "We are going to be fine."

I nod in response. I try to think of other things so I glance at Nelson and Kevin both of them talking about when the new edition of Furious Pigeons will come out. When I look at Kacey and Grace I overhear them talking about the latest line of some fancy designer brand. I turn back to Zander, who I realize is still holding my hand. He smiles at me and I can't help but internally blush. I have tried to train myself not to show my blushing, but it doesn't always work.

"I just wanna get to our hotel so I can sleep." I complain, struggling to keep my eyes open.

"Just go to bed now."

"Now, how?" I ask confused.

"You can sleep right here." He says, pointing to his shoulder and arm. I shrug and lean onto him and snuggle him close to me. I place my head on his arm and close my eyes.

The next thing I know a loud alarm is going off and the pilot is talking into the intercom in a very terrified voice.

"Zander what's happening?" I ask, filling with worry.

"Passengers prepare for landing in the water please put on your safety vests."

I panic. The next thing I know is I'm hyperventilating seeing flashes of orange safety vests being put on by all of my friends.

"Stevie!" I hear Zander yell. He puts on my vest for me and pulls the string so it inflates. The plane is swirling and crashing around in crazy turbulence motions. The door swings open and we all grab our bags and slide down the inflatable slide on to sand? Why are we on sand? Oh my god we crashed into the water. We grab all the bags we can and swim to the small island in the distance. When we get there I have both of my bags, and everyone else has all of theirs except Kacey who was complaining that her bag of belts and accessories was left behind. When we I finally realize what just happened, I can't help it and I break down and cry. I guess Zander was wrong, this definitely is something to worry about.

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