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Stevie's POV

"Nelson!" I whimper, grabbing onto his arm in the pouring rain. It was raining so much that I could barely see. This is the most scared I have ever been in my whole life.

"Stevie." he said pulling me closer, "We have to find our way back to the others!"

"No kidding Sherlock, but I can't even see!" I announce, "And don't you think it makes a little more sense to find shelter first?"

"Yeah you're probably right." He agrees and I grab his hand as we find a place to use as shelter

We have been walking for about fifteen minutes when we heard a voice.

"Nelson do you hear that?" I ask

"Over here!" we hear someone yell, so naturally we followed it.

But it wasn't who we were expecting…

Back with everyone else

Zanders POV

"Okay seriously where are they?" I asked pacing

"Zander you need to calm down, they are most likely fine." Said Kacey trying to tame her now frizzy hair

"Most Likely?" I ask, "How am I supposed to settle with most likely?"

"I don't know Zander but you just need to calm yourself down." Kevin said Intervening

"Anyways, why don't we just rest here and we can find them in the morning, I need my beauty sleep." Said Kacey

"Seriously Kacey?" asks Grace finally speaking up, "I don't know why you've been acting like this lately if It's just being here or what, but we need to find them because it's not safe out there!"

Just then I heard the highest pitched scream coming from the distance

"That's Nelson!" Grace and Kevin say at the same time

Another loud scream emerged from the distance

"HELP!" the person screamed