The car rode directly ahead of the road for another twenty minutes before Aiden drove it onto a clear path that appeared on the left side of the road. He drove up the path until the car was met with a black metallic gate.

He then reached his hand out to open up a glove compartment in front of me. I stayed still in my seat and watched as his hand rummaged through the compartment before finally producing something that looked like a small black remote with only one silver button. He pressed the lone button, and the metallic gates suddenly opened on command.

He drove on up the path, and I remained staring at the hauntingly dark trees through the window. Though I remained impassive, I could feel fear crawling onto my skin and leaving a trail of goose bumps in its wake.

Where exactly was he taking me? We were in the middle of a huge forest, driving to who-knows-what was situated amidst the darkness. I had feared that Aiden was going to harm me, knowing that I could not get any help in this part of the forest. But as much as I thought of that, something seemed to whisper into my ear that he wouldn't hurt me at all, and it was so overpowering that I simply could not stop myself from believing it.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed Aiden had stopped driving and had gotten out of the car until he appeared at my window, causing me to jump in shock. He opened the door for me, telling me, "We're here."

I carefully stepped out of the car, into the darkness of the forest. But for some reason, there were lamp posts here. Who would have lamp posts in the middle of a forest?

I turned, looking at everything around me. But I suddenly stopped when I saw the house before me.

It was a two-storey house that was like one of those fancy modern houses, painted an ash grey with a black slanted roof. There was a small row of tall glass windows on the second floor that reflected the bright moonlight clearly. There was even a front yard full of potted plants and even a small pond. Beside the house was a garage.

I remained frozen, gaping at the sight of the house. It definitely looked like one of those houses from The Glades, only smaller, and more stylish.

Suddenly, I felt his hand grasp mine, and I immediately snapped out of my stupor just as he led me to the doors. I followed willingly, not sure of what to expect.

Aiden stopped in front of the dark brown pinewood door and got a key out of his pocket. He slid the key into the slot and jiggled and rattled it for a few seconds before it finally opened. He led me inside and finally let go of my hand to turn and shut and lock the door.

I looked around the room we were in and could immediately tell that it was the living room. Its décor too was very modern. Its walls were made of mahogany wood panels, all looking very polished. There were potted ferns suspended in the air, hung by cords from the ceiling, in each corner of the room. A dark red armchair, a black couch and a glass coffee table was in the middle of the room. On the floor was a big maroon-colored shag carpet. And right in the front of the room, built onto the wall, was a seventy inch plasma television with high-quality speakers and an impressive DVD system sitting on a small table below it.

"Woah…" I breathed, unable to believe that I was near so many nice and luxurious items. This seemed like an extremely perfect abode for an extremely rich person. I wonder how much the house was worth. I could only guess probably a few millions.

Suddenly, I felt hands gripping my shoulders and I was suddenly spun around in a flash to face Aiden, who looked at me in frustration.

"Tell me," he whispered urgently. "Do you still not know who you truly are?"

I trembled slightly from being this close to him, and I shook my head quickly. He grunted in frustration and let go of me to run a hand through his hair. He paced aimlessly around, muttering to himself words that I could not understand.

Instinctively, I began to slowly walk backwards, trying to keep a good distance away from him. But then, the back of my legs then made contact with the side of the couch, and I froze just as he started to talk again.

"How can you not see it, Spring?" he questioned me in a mix of frustration and desperation. "Your strength. The gold blood. Your fast healing. Your love and compassion for flowers and nature. The feelings of knowing me before. It's all right in front of you."

I gripped the armrests of the couch to prevent myself from falling, because I felt my knees going weak. I was confused and fearful as to how he knew about all of that. In a strained voice, I whispered almost pleadingly, "I really don't know what you're talking about, Aiden."

He shut his eyes then. He shut his eyes so tightly and I could immediately see how disappointed and pained he looked. I noticed his fists trembling gently, as though he was trying to sustain anger within him.

I know that he was scaring me now, but it made my heart feel heavy at the sight of him so desperate and sad. Quietly, I took one step forward, and then another, and another until I was finally just a few inches away from him.

Aiden sensed that I was close now, because he opened his eyes. I was then entranced by what I saw in his pitch black orbs.

A lot of hopefulness.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my frenzied heart. When I felt calm, I gently whispered, "Help me know the truth."

Suddenly, I witnessed as his hopeful onyx eyes were then filled with determination, and a tiny hint of fear.

"I guess you leave me no other choice," Aiden muttered under his breath, his eyes never leaving mine.

I was then really tempted to back away from him again, shivering at how intent his eyes looked. But now, my feet stayed frozen to the ground, completely immobilized. This gave him an advantage and he took a step closer to me, until we were nearly pressed against each other.

I gulped. "What are you going to do?" I asked in a voice that was barely a whisper. I so desperately didn't want to be afraid of him, instead wanting him to tell me what I should know and to help me feel safe. But I couldn't fight off my fear for long.

Just then, without warning, Aiden simply said, "This."

And he reached both his hands out to cup my face gently and pulled me in to press his lips against mine.

I squeaked, unable to believe what was happening right now. Here I was, in Aiden Cole's living room in his secluded house in the forest, and I was kissing him.

I looked at him with wide eyes as he moulded his lips onto my frozen ones. I saw the desperation on his face, as if he was afraid that I'll disappear. I studied how shut his eyes were in longing as his soft and silky hands held my face oh so gently.

Suddenly, I felt my own hands starting to move and travel up to his chest. For a split second, I thought about pushing him away from me. But I decided quickly that I would not do that. Instead, I gripped his shoulders and held him to me as I started to finally kiss him back.

And then, his voice appeared in my mind, whispering only one word.


And so, I shut my eyes, trying hard to remember.

The blonde looked at her sisters with a solemn smile on her lips. She then simply said, "It is time, dear sisters."

It was dark at first. Totally pitch black. But luckily, everything began to clear up slowly.

The first thing I saw was myself. I was looking at myself, and then I realized that I was actually just looking at my reflection in a tall mirror.

In the reflection, I saw that I was in a huge bedroom. And when I say 'huge', I wasn't joking. It was humongous. Probably about three or four times the size of my own room. The tall walls were painted a deep and dark red. The floor, I could see, was made of black marble tiles, but a black fur rug covered most of its entirety.

From the corner of my eye, I could see a ebony fireplace just a few feet away from the full-length mirror that was nailed onto the wall. Nearby the hearth was a door, which I did not know led to where. Near the door were two closets; one made of dark brown oak wood while the other of cherry-stained rosewood. And then, looking to my other side, there was an intricately-designed study table with a velvet armchair.

But I was taken aback by what was behind me. There was a large canopy bed, with translucent red curtains draping at the sides. The bed was covered in shiny silk crimson sheets and adorned with many silk pillows black, deep red and even dark gold. The bed, I had to admit, looked comfy and... seductive.

The room was gorgeous. It was too beautiful to be true. But yet, this did not feel like a dream. It felt more like a memory.

I looked back at my reflection, studying the way I looked. My long russet hair was let loose, the waves falling to my waist and a crown of bright and colourful flowers sat atop my head. My amber eyes were the same, though it looked a little darker. I was dressed in a long flowing one-shoulder dress, the color of an exquisite emerald green, with a few leather cords around the waist. It fitted me perfectly, bringing out my curves and showing off a bit of cleavage.

Somehow, I looked more beautiful than how I really am. But then, I didn't look human.

Suddenly, in the reflection, someone else appeared from behind me. It was a man who looked older than me by a few years. His hair was short and messy and as black as an ocean at midnight and his eyes were a fathomless. He was incredibly handsome, with a perfectly-chiselled face. He was tall, with a lean and muscular body, and he was dressed in black clothing.

He gazed at my reflection, and I looked at him. A dark aura wafted around him, the type I would feel afraid of if I felt it. But the way he smiled at me made me forget about my fears. I found myself smiling back at him then.

This man, I know him.


But that was not the name my reflection spoke through her lips.

Instead, she whispered, "Hades."

His smile turned bigger. He moved closer to wrap his arms around my waist. I held his forearms and turned my head to him. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine so soft and gently.

When he pulled back, he sighed, "Persephone..."

My eyes immediately flew open the same time Aiden's did. He pulled his head away and his lips left mine, but he kept gentle hold on me.

"Spring?" he murmured worriedly. "Are you alright?"

His hands held the sides of my face gently, his thumbs running down my cheeks and brushing away something wet. I realized then that I had been crying, and that my eyes were still full of tears.

I gripped his wrists desperately, for some reason wanting to make sure that he was real, and not just a trick that my mind was playing on me. I couldn't speak at first as I continued to gaze into his eyes.

"Spring?" he whispered again. "Say something," he almost begged.

I could feel my voice returning, and I then whispered one name.