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Seven weeks later…

Shadow checked his phone for the third time that morning, the twenty-second time that week, the hundredth and twenty-first time during those seven weeks. Sure, Sonic had been known to sleep in and to avoid others to just run and clear his head, but this was ridiculous! Shadow had decided to leave another voicemail earlier but found that the voicemail inbox was full. The elder was getting worried.

"Excuse me?" Shadow looked up from his computer- he was typing up the report for Tails's disappearance; he'd closed it, leaving it a cold case- and saw Vanilla in the doorway. "Shadow?" He got up and walked around his desk.

"Vanilla? What's wrong?"

"You help find people, right? You put away bad people?" Shadow's hand formed into a fist. It seemed to him as if Vanilla was talking to him like she talked to Cream. That and he was just plain irritable.

"Yes, I do." She sniffled. "Is someone missing?" Again?

She sat down in one of the chairs before his desk. "You remember little Creamy?" She looked up from her lap, tears rolling down her cheeks. "She's gone." Shadow's brows crinkled. "Her little piggy bank is gone too! All of her money was saved from every good grade, every birthday, every cookie sold…"

"How much money was in this piggy?"

"About a thousand, nine hundred, fifty-four dollars and some cents. All of her savings!" She sniffled, near tear again. Shadow was, to say the least, surprised. He hadn't known a piggy bank could hold so much money.

"Well, let's-"

"Excuse me, Agent Shadow." Trisha stood in the doorway with an irate, pink hedgehog. "I tried to tell her you had a visitor already but she wouldn't wait. Sorry." Shadow nodded and Trisha left the pink hedgie with Shadow.

"Where's my Sonickku at!" Shadow glared at her.

"Behind that preposition." Amy wielded her hammer.

"Answer me correctly, you freak!"


"I know you did something to him! The way you look at him like he's a piece of meat! You're in love with him! I bet he was screaming because you forced yourself on him… You're lucky he still spends time with you!" Shadow's fist twitched tighter. He knew Sonic would hate for their secret to come out like this but it was bound to come out sooner or later. Shadow calmed greatly when it came to this; Amy would never have what he had: the great Blue Blur himself.

"And at what time was he screaming?"

When he threw a party for you! You were so rude to him!"

"You were watching?"

"No. I just know when my Sonickku is in trouble." Amy smirked and crossed her arms, unaware of the doosie she was about to be thrown.

"If you can sense whatever your "Sonickku" is doing, what were we doing the night of the party?"

"Fighting, of course. What else?"

"Have you ever heard of the term first sex? I would suppose not, you're so… romantic, I'll assume you are saving yourself for Sonic." Amy blushed (as did Vanilla, long forgotten between the two arguing hedgehogs); why did Shadow bring up this topic!

"Well, I, um…"

"I thought so. But to clear your mind of its concern, Sonic and I were not fighting. No, just to give you peace of mind, we were fucking." She coughed; her saliva had went down the wrong pipe when she gasped. "Yes. Fucking, Rose. Not fighting, not talking, fucking. I took your Sonickku's virginity~" Amy's face was bright red, and, after a few whimpers, she ran out the room, sobbing.

"Goodness!" Vanilla fanned herself with her hand. "Never have I seen such brutal things said…" She started chuckling, then giggling, the laughing , cackling. Shadow stared, frightened for the most part. Another part of him wanted to laugh, to smile, too.

Vanilla calmed down, eventually, and grinned. " She needed to be put in her place. I was tired of that obsessive chatter and behavior anyway; she'll mend and get into a real relationship, don't you worry." She stood, collected yet still smiling. "I know you'll find my Creamy, just don't get hurt along the way." She left, leaving Shadow dumbfounded and smiling.

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