I ship these two almost as hard as I ship Flinx... even if they don't ever meet in canon. Enjoy!

"Is it even possible to have a boner when you're hanging upsi-"

"Tt, you talk too much, girl."

She hadn't let him even get unsuited before she had ran over to the Manor and surprised him. She knew him better than a lot of people did, and she knew his schedules like the back of her own hand. He'd come home and brood over whatever mission he'd just been on before he even considered getting any wound care. It was just how he was; she saw the same traits in his dad and in Nightwing.

She doubted neither of them hung from a pipe in their ceiling to brood. Not that she minded.

If Irey was going to be completely honest she could have compared the scene to Spider Man, but she doubted the teen would like that much nor really get the reference. He didn't really read comics, anyway, now did he?

His hands knotted in her hair, the motion almost a little too rough but that was almost always the case with Damian. She could feel his breath on her chin and, even with her eyes shut and that dumb mask obscuring the emotion - what emotion? - on his face, she could tell exactly what cycle his face was going through.

Especially when she caught his lower lip between her teeth and tugged. The hands in her hair tightened and he pulled, her chin closer to the ceiling now, his teeth against her throat.

Well, he certainly read a lot of something, because she knew he didn't get that on his own.

"This wouldn't be so damned hard if you would grow a few inches."

"That's what she said— eek!" He nipped at her throat, a motion telling that her joke wasn't appreciated, causing her to gasp. She reached up and yanked at his hair. For once, she was silent, allowing him to assault her neck and jaw, hands woven in his short locks.

"Master Wayne, I only brought enough wound care for one person. I was not aware you were obtaining your injuries from some place else."

The gasp wasn't caused by Damian this time, and Alfred made a poor attempt at hiding his smug smile at the girl's blush.