"Today, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. As I did, a car that was passing by stopped, made a U-turn, and then came back so the people inside could laugh at me. When they were done taunting me, they made another U-turn and continued by in their original direction. FML."

There were times when Dylan had tripped over nothing and fell down. He's that talented. He usually stood up and continued walking like it never happened. Mostly it was at his house, sometimes it was out in public. Sometimes it happened when Dylan was the store where he works at, he would fall down. His coworkers would stare at him. How else would this kid survive by himself?

Anyway, Dylan was walking down the sidewalk after school, when he had tripped over a fairly large crack in the sidewalk that was slightly uneven. He fell down, noticing a car on the other side of the street, full of people. They did a U-turn and pulled up beside him. The people in the car started to laugh at him and Dylan stood up. The blond boy rubbed his elbow.

Owe. Dylan thought and watched as the people in the car continued to laugh at him. Dylan just stood there and looked at the ground. He watched as the driver drove on, made another U-turn and then started to head back to wherever they needed to go.

The blond started his walk to his house and unlocked the door. He walked in, closed the door, and dropped his backpack on the floor. He proceeded to fall down on his couch. With him only alone in his house, things are quiet. Way to quiet. The quiet seemed to be luring Dylan to sleep and the next thing he knew his cell phone went off.

Turn it down you say

Well, all I got to say to you is time and time again I say,

'No, no, no, no, no, no, no'

Tell me not to play

Well, all I got to say to you when you tell me not to play

Dylan was so startled that he rolled off the couch, and looked at his backpack, which is by the door. The teen decided to try to use the 'Force' to summon his backpack to him. He sighed when it didn't work.

"No use in trying to use that." Dylan said sarcastically and went to his backpack. He started to search for his phone and found it. He pressed the button to call back and listened to to the ringing, then it went to voice mail. "What did you die in three seconds?" Dylan hung up and ended up getting a side full of door.

"Sorry." Freddie said and his friend moved away from the door.

Dylan rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"You're in a mood." Freddie noted and went in the house.

"Yeah. I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. Some people decided to make a U-turn, pulled up beside me, and started laughing at me." Dylan said and started to laugh realizing that it did sound pretty funny. "It hurt so bad." The blond wasn't sure why he was still laughing, but he was sure it freaked out his friend.

"Um... okay." Freddie said confused and stepped around his laughing friend, then he pictured what Dylan had told him, finding the picture hilarious.

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