"I hope you still want to order thai, because I'm absolutely starving and it's all I could think about the entire train ride, so if you forgot about it and already ate, I swear that I'll-"



"Get out!"

"I did see-"


But Rachel doesn't leave. First of all, the door was unlocked, the way it always is on the last Friday of the month, when Rachel comes up to New Haven (the second Fridays are when Quinn takes the trip down to New York). Secondly, Rachel's terribly curious about what's going on, because she can still see what's on Quinn's laptop. Or, she can until Quinn slams it shut.

Even closed, though, Rachel has the image burned into her mind. It's easy to remember what she's seen because the two women on the screen very closely resemble the two women who currently occupy Quinn's dorm room.

Quinn looks like she wants to get up and physically remove Rachel from her personal space, but she can't. She can't because, even though there's a sheet covering her legs, it's apparently that she isn't wearing any pants.

"Did you... forget I was coming?" Rachel pauses. "Perhaps that isn't the correct turn of phrase. Did you forget it was the end of the month?"

Quinn's hands are over her face. "No," is the muffled reply. "I didn't forget. I just lost track of time."

"Oh." Rachel nods.

"Can you... just please..."

"Is this something you do every time I come into town?"

"Rachel," Quinn pleads, peeking out from between her fingers. "I don't want to talk about it."

"It's perfectly natural, Quinn." Rachel leans back against the door.

"It's embarrassing."

"Would you be as embarrassed if I told you I've done the same thing?"

"Hearing about you looking at porn isn't really making me feel better." Though, Quinn's tone doesn't sound quite as panicked, anymore.

Rachel's fingers twist the lock into place before she pushes herself forward and takes a few steps toward Quinn's bed. She's always been grateful that Quinn has a single, but before now, that was because they could be up late watching movies without bothering anyone else.

This is different. Very different.

"Not even if I tell you I've looked at it and thought about you?"

Quinn's hands fall from her face and she just stares at Rachel. "You're just trying to make me feel better."

"Honestly, Quinn, I can think of much better ways to do that than telling dirty white lies."

"You can?"

Rachel nods and, by now, she's crossed the room and she's standing at the foot of Quinn's bed. A purple plaid duffel bag hits the floor and the sound makes Quinn jump, but her eyes never leave Rachel's.

There's a very clear juxtaposition between the delicate way Rachel picks up the MacBook and sets it on the nightstand and the fact that she practically rips off her own cardigan and flings it behind her shoulder. Quinn's eyes are wide and her mouth looks like she wants to form words, but there isn't any conversation.

The last couple weeks of scene study method have been about being in the moment, and dammit, Rachel's deep in this one.

"Quinn," she says, sitting in the spot where she originally saw two women engaged in what looked to be a very rousing session of oral sex. "I want to be very clear about this. I think about you. Doing things with me. Things like what you were watching."

"You don't have to-"

"I want to."

"Y-you want to? Right now?"

Rachel laughs. "I'm not suggesting we jump right into cunnilingus-"

Quinn's apparently regained at least enough of her bearings to roll her eyes. "Seriously-" She's stopped short my Rachel's finger pressed firmly against her lips.

"I've been single for the better part of a year and you... you're watching adult videos on the internet."

"That doesn't mean we have to-"

"What if we both want to?"

"So, you... want to?"

Rachel isn't even sure how or when she ended up on top of Quinn, straddling her legs. The sheet is still between them, but given that Quinn isn't wearing anything below the belt other than what look to be green and white panties and Rachel has on a knee length skirt, there really isn't that much of a barrier, at all.

The way Quinn's eyes roll back, just a little, attests to that.

They've been hanging out since they both left Lima, twice a month. Dinner and movies and gossip. Making out never really came up, though. Given the way Quinn's kissing back, though, it doesn't seem to be a foreign concept, especially when her tongue drags over Rachel's bottom lip and one of them groans, though Rachel can't really tell who it came from.

And then there are hands. Hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer. Rachel's own hands are tugging at Quinn's YALE t-shirt, then grabbing her shoulders, because she's trying to pace herself and going straight for second seems a little fast, even for this unexpected scenario. Though, the way Quinn's hips roll up off the bed make second seem like tangible territory, but now Rachel can't even focus on the order of the bases, because she's rocking down against Quinn, who's just kissing her harder and making these incredible sounds into her mouth that make Rachel nearly lose whatever control she has left.

But then Quinn's pulling away and saying something and it takes a moment for Rachel to even process what's being said to her.


Quinn's still a little breathless when she repeats herself. "I said I thought you were absolutely starving. Do you want to order food first? We... can pick this up... after. If you want to." Her eyes aren't focusing on Rachel's and it's clear she's worried that maybe this isn't going to carry past the current moment.

"You stopped making out to see if I want to have dinner?"

"I just want to make sure you're okay."

The concern on Quinn's face is genuine and Rachel can't stop herself from kissing her, again. "I suppose you buying me dinner first is probably appropriate protocol before an intense make-out session."

"My buying you dinner? Is that how this is going to go?"

"You were the one looking at porn."

The smack from the pillow is almost enough to knock Rachel off the bed, but Quinn's other arm is still wrapped around her and keeps her securely in place. "Take it back."

"No. I actually want to see it."

"I'm not showing it to you."

"I'm not above locking myself in the bathroom with your computer."

"I thought you were hungry."

"Sacrifices can be made."

"I need the computer to order from Thai Garden."

Rachel sighs. "Fine. But you're showing me later. Either with the video or without."

"We haven't even had a date, yet! I thought you were a big romantic."

"Life in New York is quickly turning me into a realist."

"A horny realist."

"Watch your mouth."

"I'd rather put it to good use." Quinn's eyebrow raises at the look on Rachel's face. "Eating dinner, perv."

"You're the one who left the door unlocked while you were..."

"And you were right on time." There's a smirk that suggests that maybe, just maybe, Quinn isn't kidding, but Rachel won't know if it was an accident or a slight manipulation until she finally drags it out of Quinn sometime during their twenty-third date and even then, she still can't believe that Quinn Fabray would stoop to such a risky level of seduction.

Whatever the case, it was definitely worth it.