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the whole story is Peeta's POV

Chapter 1

I'm standing in the library with my best (and only) friend, Gale. "Look, Peeta. You're never going to see her again." I ignore him and stare at the bookshelf. "After we graduate, she will be gone until, like, the tenth reunion. By then she will be oh so very pregnant.

"And she'll have this huge pregnant cow grin on her face. She won't remember who you are."

I turn to him and whisper, "I sit behind her in nearly every class."

He says a little too loudly, "Behind her." The librarian shushes him. He says quieter, "Behind her. And she never sees you. If you don't do this, you're going to regret it."

I look back to that time at the library and wonder if I'm making the right decision. "And now, your valedictorian," the principal pauses, "Peeta Mellark!" There are a few claps, I'm assuming only coming from my parents.

Shit, here it goes. I stand up and walk to the podium. I clear my throat. "Today, we look forward. We look forward to our new lives and what we will become.

"But, I would also like to look back at our four years here at Panem High School. Look back not with anger, but with no regrets. Regrets for what we wanted to do, but didn't. What we wanted to say, but couldn't." I gulp and take in a breath. "One thing I know that I will regret if I never say is," here're the big moment! "I love you, Katniss Everdeen."

Heads turn to whisper, but I continue. "I say it with no regrets." I shake off my embarrassment and continue. "Now we can all say what we wanted to say but couldn't. We can be afraid to admit, 'I'm a stuck-up bitch, because deep down, I am worthless.'" That was directed at Glimmer. She really is a bitch. To everybody.

The crowd keeps at a dull roar as I go on. "And, we could all vow that when we graduate, we're not going to hang around our old high school like some creepy loser who can't get an adult girlfriend." I slightly stare at the group of men in military uniforms sitting on the bleachers. Cato, Marvel, and Thresh. They graduated like four years ago but still hang around for their girlfriends. Cato's with Katniss, Marvel and Thresh with her two friends, Madge and Rue.

Now I look towards Gale sitting in the audience. He's smiling at me to encourage me to come on.

After the rest of graduation, I meet out with Gale near the parking lot. "Dude! That was amazing! You should have seen the look on Glimmer's face!" Just then the principal walks up. Gale excuses himself.

"Well, Peeta Mellark. That was, uh, quite a speech there."

"Thank you, principal Coin."

"Not something I'd expect from you."

"Well, I just had to tell her."

"What made you think to do it that way?"

"Well, Gale said-" she cuts me off.

"Gale Hawthorne?" I nod. "I wouldn't take heterosexual advice from Gale Hawthorne."

"But, he's right. I needed to do something." Coin still looks confused. "She needs a memory of me." I pause. She's still not following me. "Have you ever been in love?"

She looks off into the sky for a few moments. Then her gaze is cut off by her crossing her arms to cover her chest. I decide not to ask. She pats my shoulder and walks off. That was one of the weirdest encounters I have ever had with an adult, other than almost walking in on my parents having sex.

Just then I see her. Her dark brown hair is in a side braid, as always. Madge and Rue stand behind her on either side. They're giggling. "Uh," I try to say. I don't get anything else out.

Katniss crosses her arms and taps her foot. "You embarrassed me back there."

"Uh," I say again.

"I'll have to let you live, it was so sweet." I hear more giggles from behind her, but now all I see is Katniss.

I clear my throat. "Good. I like to live."

She smiles. "It's like a million degrees out here. Like boiling." She starts to shed off her graduation gown to reveal a short, dark green sleeveless dress. Holy shit she's so beautiful. "I'm so hot." She plays around with her hair and fixes her dress.

Gale comes back and pats me on the back. "Man, I'm so proud of you-oh hey, hey. Hi there." He spots Katniss in front of me. "I, uh, didn't realize, I'm going to go. See you later, Peeta." Gale hesitates then runs off towards the parking lot.

Katniss's mischievous smile fades. "I'm gonna go now." She turns away.

"Wait!" I call after her. "There is gonna be a graduation party at my house. Music, drinks, all sorts of party stuff."

"Sounds fun."

"It will be, and dammit," I run my hands through my hair. "What I'm trying to say is that you're invited. Officially."

"Okay, thanks." She turns on her heels.

"1200 Bakers Way." I yell after her.

"Perhaps we could stop by." She runs off with her friends. I smile and silently congratulate myself.

Before I can think again, I'm brought to the ground by a large body. "Alright, you are gonna get it now." Damn. Cato. I failed to think of him. "You're going to die now."

"Uh," I try and move, but being trained in the military for four years can give you an advantage in a fight like this. I'm not too bad at self-defense, but when it comes to Cato, Marvel, and Thresh, I have no chance.

Cato is stopped by principal Coin. "You know, I cannot allow you to kill him on school property."

Cato lifts me by my shirt and brushes off the front of it. "Yes, ma'am." He smiles mischievously. "I just slipped."

"Sure. You best be on your way." With that she walks off.

I'm left standing alone with Gale. "On the bright side, Katniss Everdeen talked to you."

"Hey!" Gale comes running in and sits up on the counter in the kitchen. I eye him down attempting to tell him not to do that otherwise my mother will be pissed. "You nervous?"

"Why would I be nervous?" I ask.

"I can smell it. Fear."

"I don't smell like fear!" I sniff my shirt. It smells like sweat. I slip it off and start to shake it off. "Puberty has done nothing but screw people."

"What are you doing?"

"Airing out my shirt!"


"I don't want to smell like shit!"

Gale is laughing as I run around the island with my shirt in the air. My parents walk in and smile. "This party seems to be going pretty well!" My dad smirks. I throw my shirt back on.

"Good morning Mrs. M."

"Gale, I told you to call me Mrs. Mellark. Now get off of there!" She glares at him. He puts his hands up in defense. She gets her coat from the back of a chair. She smiles at my dad. "I will be in the car." He nods.

When she's gone, my dad brings us closer to him. "There is wine and champagne in the bottom drawer of the island. Don't let people have too much." We both nod. He brings us closer. "Listen to me. This is your last summer before you're off to college. You need to enjoy yourself.

"Gale, Peeta, I know there are a lot of teen things that you haven't had the chance to do."

"What are you talking about, dad?" I am so lost in this conversation. Where is he going?

"You know boys, sometimes you just have to say, 'what the fuck' and live a little. Come here." We lean a little closer. "There are condoms in my bedside table. They are not toys. Got that?"

We nod. He pats our backs and leaves. Gale's eyes are narrowed. "What do you think he meant?"

I gulp. "I think my dad wants us to have sex."

"With each other?" Gale asks.

I wipe my face with my hand. "No."

"Right." He is quick to answer.

how was that? I remember A LOT from the movie, so you will get more than just the jist of it.

In the movie, the guy peeta is portraying, Denis, says more in the graduation speech. he also says that his friend (the guy Gale is portraying), Rich, is gay. I didn't want to make Gale gay. gale isn't gay.

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