Title: Bad Behavior in a Hotel Room
Rating: NC-17 with femSlash
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Summery: Natasha Romanoff has a nice surprise for her "boyfriend".

Natasha Romanoff flicked her tongue and the girl purred like a kitten. With a twist of her finger, the buxom grad student danced like a marionette across the bed sheets of Natasha's motel room bed. Soon she had the girl begging, pleading for a quick release, which Natasha was happy to provide her. Another few tugs on the girl's nipples and that was enough to give her exactly what she was moaning for.

The girl, a very voluptuousness college student Natasha found in a bar, spent a five whole minutes of breathless panting in the dim light of the cheap motel's cheap lamps, "Oh, man. Oh wow, you are...wow." The girl moaned, "I mean that was the most-"

"Shut up." Natasha grabbed the girl's hair and pulled her roughly across the bed, "It's my turn, get to work." She shoved the girl's into place at the foot of the bed and wrapped her thighs around her shoulders. The girl was obedient and started flicking her tongue the way Natasha had just taught her.

Natasha felt chatty. She knew that wasn't a great habit for a woman in the intelligence business but she was confident the girl wasn't some sort of double agent or false flag or something. Natasha let her head drop against the pillow and began whispering to the grad student between her knees. "I don't normally like girls."

For some reason, the sound of Natasha's voice seemed to excite the girl. She could feel goose pimples forming across the grad student's supple body. So Natasha dropped her voice an octave, just to tease her. "You like hearing that? That you're special?" The girl shuddered and Natasha squeezed her thighs harder, lightly choking the girl with her legs, "Get this straight, little malyshka, you're a gift."

The girl stopped what she was doing and looked at Natasha with confusion, "A gift?"

Natasha nodded, "You're a gift for my boyfriend, for his birthday."

The girl seemed to panic and her voice sounded shaky. "Your boyfriend? You never said anything about-"

"You're about to be in a threesome. If you don't like it, there's the door. If you do, stop talking and keep licking."

The girl stared up at Natasha for a long, breathless minute and then returned to her work. She started moving her tongue more urgently than before. "I know what you're thinking, what kind of woman grabs random girls from bars for her boyfriend. The truth is, our relationship is complicated." Natasha whispered, "We aren't the most...loving couple."

The girl started to use her fingers too and Natasha enjoyed the hell out of it. She released a little moan before speaking again, "Clint and I don't express our feelings the same way normal people do." She continued, "It's not very healthy. Then again, I suppose we don't have
a healthy line of work." Natasha released a long sigh, partially out of regret and partially because every nerve ending in her body was on fire with pleasure. "We do things like this, with people like you, so we don't have to talk about how we feel about things."

The grad student looked up at her again with a curious expression on her face, "Why not?"

Natasha didn't have an answer. She opened her mouth to say something, share something, but she heard the lock twist in the door.

Clint Barton walked into the hotel room with a shocked look on his face, blinking at the two women with total astonishment. Natasha smiled at him, she could only imagine how this must have looked to him.

"Good evening, Clint. I was just entertaining my friend...what was your name?"

"Darcy." The grad student whispered.

"Darcy. This is my friend Darcy and she's very excited to meet you."

The End