Title: "Vote"

Rating: T for language, suggestive themes and… making out? (And 'cause I'm paranoid)

Warning: Gay slash, language, and a bit of Robin angst. But a bit of Robin angst is always good, right?

Summary: Robin sets up a poll, and the results surprise everyone. What no one can guess is just how right a couple million fangirls/boys can be. Slash: Kid Flash/Robin – Wally/Dick. (Pre-Invasion)

Author's Note: This is my first fanfic ever, and I'm quite excited to finally do something like this. Robin/KF have always been my favorite slash pairing on Young Justice (actually favorite pairing anywhere XD), so when I came up with this idea I just had to write it down. By the way, this is set sometime in Season 1 after Zatanna has joined the team. Also another thing, I call Robin "Robin" instead of "Dick" because no one knows his identity yet, not even Wally. It's important for the story.

Please read and review, I'd like to know what you think, whether it be good or bad. Thanks. This is a two-shot. Enjoy

{Mount Justice,

November 13, 06:31 a.m. EDT}

"Hey guys, come check this out!" the thirteen-year-old's voice rang out in the hallway of Mt. Justice. The soft patter of his feet could be heard as he raced towards the living room, cackling softly to himself. Five hours and twenty-five minutes of sleep after an incredibly exhausting mission later, and the Boy Wonder was as good as new. The rest of the team? Not quite there.

Robin flipped gracefully over the back of the couch, landing easily on the cushion without so much as a sound. Unfortunately, his entrance had disturbed a large bowl of popcorn that had also resided on that same cushion a few seconds ago.

"Dude!" Wally cried out, a murderous expression on his face. No one, I repeat, no one, messed with Wally's food. Robin laughed, unfazed.

"Seriously? Popcorn for breakfast?" he said, smirking, and received a face full of popcorn thrown at him with superspeed. "What are you doing up anyway?" he asked, picking popcorn out of his black hair.

"I was hungry," Wally answered promptly, leaning back lazily against a pillow and tossing a handful into his mouth.

"This better be good, Robin," a rough voice sounded from behind them as Artemis came over with Kaldur, Connor and Zatanna. M'gann floated in sleepily behind them.

"Oh it is, trust me," Robin laughed, pulling out his laptop from some hidden place. Wally sighed. Even in his civvies, Robin could tuck all sorts of things on him out of sight, from laptops to tasers. They all crowded around the black-haired teen, watching expectantly. Wally scooted across the couch to sit next to him.

"I set up a poll a few days ago," Robin started, his fingers flying over the keyboard almost too fast for even Wally to see. "I've sent it through all sorts of browsers, and posted it virtually everywhere. So we can successfully conclude that almost everyone who has access to the internet has seen it, and hopefully, added their vote." He paused, glancing over his shoulder to make sure he had everyone's attention. "And so that means that—"

"That the results irrefutably represent the human population's opinions that have access to the internet," Wally finished for him. The rest of the team turned to stare at him. The red-head flushed and threw his hands up as if to ward off their surprised gazes.

"Wow, Baywatch is actually right for once," Artemis said laughing. Wally growled at her.

"Hey, I'm a science geek, I know these things! Experiments and stuff..." he shrugged.

"What was the poll about, Robin?" M'gann asked, genuinely interested. Wally shot her a grateful look for sparing him Artemis' comeback, even though she was unaware of it.

"Pairings," Robin answered smugly, watching their reactions behind his shaded eyes.

"What! Pairings? What do you mean?" Wally exclaimed, staring at his friend.

"About us, Young Justice. Who goes with who, you know?" Robin said, trying to stifle his laughter. Wally was staring at him like he had grown another head, Artemis huffed, not quite hiding her eagerness, M'gann squealed softly, shooting a look at Connor while Zatanna leaned over impatiently, Kaldur looked unimpressed, and Connor just looked confused.

"Well, show us already!" they called out. Robin paused for dramatic effect, and then pulled up the window.

The ebony's eyes flew across the screen to see what the first choice was. With more than seventy percent of the votes it was…. Kid Flash/Robin. He stiffened, his eyes locked on the screen. Maybe he was reading it wrong, his mind playing tricks on him. He blinked once, twice, but the result stayed the same. Kid Flash. Wally West. His best bud, and the guy for whom he had been harboring a secret crush on for the last few years. A crush that he had almost successfully managed to push away, mostly thanks to Zatanna. Wally West, the straightest guy in the history of straight guys. And now their names were there, together, black on white… together. He was suddenly hyper-aware of the very same red-head sitting next to him, leaned towards him as he too examined the screen, barely ten inches away.

Wally's first reaction was to mentally pat himself on the back. His name was there, in the top result! It was not often that the Flash or his sidekick got so much recognition. Batman, Superman… those were the ones people knew the best. Then it hit him. The name next to his was Robin. 'Holymotherofgodwhatthehell' his mind whirred, his accelerated brain shooting from thought to thought faster than the speed of sound. Robin? The name bounced around his skull, pushing the other thoughts away, till he couldn't even think straight. He sucked in a breath, looking carefully at his friend sitting next to him. Robin's face was blank, his jaw set and not betraying any kind of emotion. Wally really wished he wasn't wearing those damn sunglasses so he could see his eyes. He was sure that even Robin wouldn't be able to hide every emotion if his eyes were bare. He narrowed his eyes. Was that a… a blush? A soft blush dusting the Boy Wonder's cheeks?

"Robin, you're- you're blushing!" Wally burst out, breaking into laugh, completely unaware of the inner turmoil the boy was desperately trying to hide.

"Shut up, Kid Flash, I'm not," he snapped, his voice coming out oddly… emotionless. He blinked, seeing Wally's twinkling green eyes fall at his tone. Robin never called him 'Kid Flash' when they were out of costume. He eyed Wally; apparently the red-head was completely unfazed by the words on the screen. And why should he? It was just a poll, a stupid bunch of fans who apparently thought they were cute together or something. It was just a poll, and it didn't mean anything. Robin pushed his thoughts away, and then punched Wally lightly in the arm to make it up to him. The speedster grinned, glad that Robin wasn't really angry. The awkward tension disappeared from the room, but not from Robin's mind. Thankfully, being him, that was easy enough to hide.

"That was… a bit unexpected, but adorable to say the least," Artemis chuckled from behind them. The two jumped; they had completely forgotten that the team was there too.

"Robin and Kid Flash? But I thought it was always a boy and a—" Connor started, his face a mask of confusion. M'gann slapped a hand across his mouth before he could say anything else, blushing slightly. Her eyes glowed green for an instant, then a look a realization dawned on the clone's face. Apparently M'gann had explained it to him telepathically. The rest of the team was glad of that, it was kind of an awkward subject and they all preferred not having to explain it to him.

"C'mon Rob; show us the rest of the poll! We've been staring at this for ages," Zatanna said, shooting Wally an unreadable look. The said red-head clenched his jaw. He was the only one that called Robin 'Rob'. Zatanna had barely been on the team for a month, and now she was calling him that? Not cool. Robin smiled at her sheepishly, and then scrolled down to read the rest of the results.

They didn't surprise him all too much; Superboy/Miss Martian (M'gann blushed happily and grabbed Connor's hand), Kid Flash/Artemis (Artemis snorted and Wally winked at her) and so on and so forth. Zatanna scowled angrily upon seeing that Zatanna/Robin was quite far down the list. At Superboy/Robin, the latter threw his hands in the air exclaiming: "Why does everyone think I'm gay!"

"Is there something wrong with that?" Connor asked tentatively.

"No… unless you're a homophobe," Wally told him before Robin could say anything. "And I sincerely doubt any of us are… I mean we hang out with a clone, an alien and a fishboy (no offence guys), so we can't really be prejudiced," he added laughing. Robin blinked, a tingle of relief growing in the pit of his stomach. Sure, Wally was obviously the straightest guy in this history of straight guys, but at least he wasn't a homophobe.

The next few minutes were spent laughing at each other and questioning their fan's sanity. Robin stole a glance at Wally. He was joking and flirting just like always. The ebony sighed softly to himself.

{Mount Justice,

November 13, 10:45 p.m. EDT}

Later that evening Wally and Robin decided to play video games in Robin's room. Seeing as he wouldn't have patrol with Batman the next morning, Robin agreed. Playing video games with Wally was usually a lengthy affair. They plopped down on the couch and Robin set up the game.

"Hey… uh, Rob?" Wally said, staring blankly at the screen. "We're cool, right?" he asked, glancing swiftly at his friend, then away again. Robin blinked, eyeing the redhead. Huh. Maybe Mr. West was better at hiding his emotions than he first thought. Wally looked slightly flustered. Hope flared up in the younger boy's chest for a moment, but he quickly repressed it.

"'Course, why wouldn't we be?" he answered with a smile, extending his arm for a brofist. Wally quickly responded, relief on his face.

Three hours later, Wally threw the remote on the ground angrily.

"Dude, you have so been cheating this whole time!"

"Way to be a sore loser," Robin smirked. "What makes you say that?"

"First of all, I was using superspeed and you still beat me, second of all I'm pretty darn sure that your character can't make those kinds of moves, and third of all you're Robin," he replied, emphasizing the words. He huffed in a mock pout.

"Yes I'm Robin, that's my name," he replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses. "What does that—" He faltered. No, Robin was not his name. Robin was the façade he put on, the character he pretended to be, the person that he would never be. Robin was a hero, a face on a poster, an idol. He was not… him. Every night he would come home and hang up his costume, gel his hair back and take the mask off. Then he became Dick Grayson, the spoiled rich kid and Bruce Wayne's ward. That was his real name. The name he despised. Because that sniveling, weak Dick Grayson was not Robin, the Boy Wonder. They were different people. And as much as Dick wanted to stay Robin forever, he knew that was not possible. But unlike Wally, he could not just switch personas without a second thought. Kid Flash and Wally West were essentially the same person. They had nothing to hide. Robin wanted to tell him who he was, but he couldn't. And it wasn't just that Batman had forbidden it, it was something else. He was sure that Wally would despise Dick as much as Robin despised him. But he wanted to tell him, because he was his best bro, and best bros didn't keep secrets from each other. Oh, how complicated life could be.

"Rob? You're kinda spacing out on me here, and it's kinda creepy…" Wally said, snapping his fingers in the boy's face. Robin blinked. What had they been talking about again?

"Oh yeah, right. Sorry, just thinking," he said, shrugging and laughing it off. "Wanna quit for the night?" he asked, looking at his watch. It was already one o'clock.

"One more match? I swear I'll beat you this time," Wally practically begged. Robin suddenly couldn't stand another minute sitting there next to him, it was too much pressure.

"Sorry Walls, I'm gonna go take a shower and then head off to bed."

"A shower? Really? Fine… I'll just play against the computer for one more round," he grumbled, looking quizzically at his friend. His mouth then gaped in a huge yawn, as he turned his attention back to the screen.

"Yeah… sure. You better not still be here when I get out," Robin said, disappearing silently into the bathroom.

He stripped quickly, turning on the shower till it was hot. He let the water cascade down his back, losing himself in the pleasingly burning sensation. He stood there for a long moment, un-masked eyes closed, putting every thought out of his head. How long he stood there he had no idea, but by the time he came out his fingers were wrinkled and he felt rather water-logged. Way to waste the water, Grayson, he scolded himself. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, glancing up to meet his reflection in the mirror. He sighed, looking at the dark blue eyes that glared back at him. His pale chest had a collection of fading bruises over it, memory of their last mission. He shook his hair out of his eyes, sending water drops spinning across the room. He stuck his tongue out at the boy in the mirror. Who was the boy? Not Dick Grayson; Dick Grayson did not take showers in Mount Justice with a speedster, an Atlantean, a Martian, a clone, a magician, and an archer. But was he Robin? When he was out of a mission, just hanging with his friends? Then Kid Flash became Wally, Aqualad became Kaldur, Miss M became M'gann, and Superboy became Connor. Zatanna was Zatanna, and Artemis was Artemis; they had no other identity to hide. But Robin stayed Robin. Yet he wasn't Robin. But he wasn't Richard either.

He scowled at his reflection, grabbing his sunglasses from where they rested by the sink. Stupid damn secret identities. He stamped out of the bathroom, heading for his dresser to get his boxers. A loud snore from behind him made him spin around, automatically shoving the sunglasses up his nose in a fluid motion.

"Wally? What the hell?" he exclaimed upon recognizing the owner of the snore. He threw on some boxers and then padded over softly to the sleeping speedster. His head had rolled back on the couch, his mouth half open, and was snoring loudly. His hand was draped over the side of the couch, still holding on loosely to the remote. Even drooling all over his couch, Robin still found him attractive. He turned off the TV, and then attempted to wake him up.

"I told you you had better not be here when I get out," Robin told him, but his words fell on deaf ears. He reached down and shook his shoulder, but Wally only shifted irritably and continued on in his sleep. At Robin's insistence, the red head lazily slapped his hand away, snuggling deeper into the cushions. Robin sighed, debating what to do. Coming to a conclusion, he grabbed a spare blanket from his dresser and laid it carefully over Wally's shoulders. He looked so content, sleeping like that on Robin's couch, that he had not the heart to force him awake and kick him out of the room.

In his bed now, Robin settled under the covers, pulling them up to his chin. He glanced across the room where Wally's snores were coming from. You better not regret this, he thought to himself, as he carefully pulled his sunglasses off and set them on his bedside table, turning off the lamp at the same time. He let out a soft sigh, closed his eyes, and drifted off.

Wally woke with a start, not quite sure what had woken him up. He half sat up, looking around in confusion. Where was he? This was definitively not his room. It was pitch black, except for a sliver of moonlight that fell across the bed from between the half closed curtains. Wait, bed? He looked down, realizing that he was lying on a couch. Then last night came back to him, and he shook his head at his own stupidity. He was in Robin's room, obviously. And for some reason, he was still here. The speedster looked up again, narrowing his eyes as he picked out the outline of a boy lying tangled in his covers. It was the only thing he could really see, seeing as Robin was lying bathed in moonlight, his face etched in silver. Wait, hold that thought: His face?

Wally's heart beat faster, as he silently got up from the couch, his feet not making a sound on the carpeted floor as he crept closer. Yes, his face. Robin was sprawled on the bed, his breathing shallow and regular indicating he was asleep, and he didn't have a mask on. No mask, no sunglasses. Just his dark eyelashes lying against his pale cheek. Wally stared at him for a long long time, not daring himself to move. His face looked so different. Without a smirk curling his lips or a concentrated frown pinching his eyebrows, without the black mask bringing out the sharpness of his cheekbones, he looked so boyish. Everyone seemed to forget sometimes that he was, after all, only thirteen.

Wally had an odd urge to reach out and touch his cheek, to feel the soft, unmarked skin under his fingers. He wanted to see Robin's eyes flutter open, seeing them catch the moonlight. He wondered what color they would be. He imagined them a dark brown, almost black, that could be sinister, mysterious, yet also twinkle with mischief and laughter. Just like Robin.

His fingers twitched, but he knew that would be pushing it. Wally didn't doubt that Robin would wake up quickly if he tried to touch him, he was Robin after all. Besides, the shallow breathing indicated a light sleeper. His eyes drifted over the calm face one more time, knowing it would probably be the last time he ever got to see it, until Robin trusted him enough to show him. Then he turned away, and took a step back to the couch. He froze. There had been something wrong about that last picture of Robin's face. He thought… he thought he had seen the little flash of a reflective surface under those black eyelashes. A little sliver of… an open eye.

Slowly Wally turned around, his breath hitching in his throat when he met two bright eyes looking up at him from the pillow, surrounded by a halo of black hair. He stared. Eyes. In that face. Robin's face. Robin's eyes. They looked bright silver in the moonlight, but as he gawked further, they hinted at blue.

They stared at each other for a moment, frozen in time. Then Wally panicked.

"Rob, I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to… I just couldn't help… I'll just f-forget I saw… I shouldn't have… I'm sorry—" Robin held a hand up, effectively cutting the flow of words. He smiled softly, and it made Wally fidget. It was a real, genuine smile. Not a smirk, or a sarcastic laugh, but just a plain, simple, sweet smile. Or maybe it looked all the sweeter because Wally could see how it made the skin around his eyes crinkle slightly, or because of the faintest hint of a dimple on his cheek.

"Hey, it's okay," he said, sitting up against the pillows. They eyed each other again, because Wally couldn't stop staring. They were so… so bright, and shining, and round, and perfect. He couldn't believe he ever thought that Robin would have dark eyes because those sparkling orbs were just beautiful. He flushed slightly, but it was true. They were beautiful. He had never seen eyes like that before. Then Robin looked away self-consciously, his hands tightening on the sheet still covering his bare torso.

"You can… uh… stop staring now…" he said nervously. Wally blinked, snapping out of it.

"Oh right… I'm sorry," he murmured sheepishly. But he didn't look away. Instead, he sat down carefully on the edge of Robin's bed and opened his mouth so speak.

"Robin, I swear, I didn't mean to, I know you would have told me and now I feel horrible because I completely broke your trust, but I don't know, I just wanted to see…" he trailed off, captivated as those eyes turned to look at him again.

"Don't call me that," he said softly, so softly Wally almost didn't hear him.

"What?" he replied, eloquent as ever.

"It's Richard. Richard… Grayson." He stuck out his hand in mock formality. Wally just stared- an action he had been doing all too often lately. Did Robin just tell me his real name?

"R-Richard?" he repeated, dumbfounded. Robin watched him for a second then burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

"Y-your face… Wally…" he gasped out finally. The speedster frowned at him, wondering if his friend had gone mental. Richard Grayson… The name sounded vaguely familiar. He racked his brains. Robin is Gotham's hero, right? So it would only make sense that Mr. Grayson lives there too. But Gotham was half way across the country from Central City. How would I know him, unless he's somehow famous? Wally mused. Richard Grayson…

"Dude… you didn't have to tell me, just 'cause I saw your face," he said, finally getting his vocal chords in working order again. Robin—Richard shrugged, casting Wally a sidelong glance.

"I wanted to. You've more than proven to me that I can trust you, Wally. We're best bros. I felt so bad keeping something this important hidden from you for so long. I was just… I don't know. Dick Grayson isn't the same guy as Robin, and I was afraid you wouldn't…" he blurted out before he could stop. He mentally slapped himself. Wasn't he supposed to be trained by Batman? Trained to not just blurt out everything he was thinking?

"Dick?" Wally frowned, before realization dawned on his face. "O-oh I see." He started grinning, probably to make some kind of perverted joke, when the rest of his friend's sentence sunk in. "Rob, I mean, Dick," he corrected himself, tasting the word on his tongue to get used to it. "Dick, I've known you since we were little kids. We know practically everything about each other, well, now I know everything," he grinned, laying a hand on his friend's bare shoulder. Dick fought down the blush that rose to his cheeks.

"I know you, bro. You haven't got anything to be ashamed of. I wouldn't love you like this if you did," he said earnestly, meeting Dick's eyes. Then he blushed, taking his hand of the ebony's shoulders. "I mean, love you like a brother, like a best bro…" he amended. Dick bit his lip, looking down at his hands that lay crossed in his lap.

"Thanks Wally…" he murmured quietly, a sudden pressure behind his eyes. He leaned forward and gave his friend a quick hug, savoring the second their bodies were pressed together. Then he pulled away, staring absently out the window. They sat in silence on the bed, but it was a companionable silence.

"I-I don't think either of us want to go to bed again now, right?" Wally said after a moment. Dick met his eyes and let out his trademark smirk. Robin was back.

"Nope, not at all. Come on, I know where we can go," he said briskly, bounding out of the bed. He opened his closet, pulling out his Robin suit.

"Dick?" Wally asked, standing up.

"Gotta show you my house right? Come, we're going to Gotham." He slipped into the tight-fitting Kevlar suit with surprising speed, considering it looked like it had about a million different parts and he wasn't even a speedster. He snapped the mask on his face, covering up those sparkling eyes. Wally watched him in fascination, before realizing that he was still in his civvies from last night. Seven and a half seconds later, Kid Flash and Robin ran laughing into the Mount Justice Zeta tube, heading for Gotham at two-thirty in the morning.

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