"Vote": Chapter Two.

Author's Note: Here's part two, hope you like it! It's mostly from Wally's point of view. Same warnings as for the first part. And, of course, I still don't own Young Justice, to my chagrin.

{Gotham City,

November 14, 2:45 a.m. EDT}

"Dude, no way…" Wally breathed out, his eyes almost bugging out of his head. He turned to stare at his friend who was watching him, arms crossed and the typical smirk on his face.

"Yes way," he replied. "Stop gaping. You should have guessed by now," he said laughing. "Haven't you seen the Batmobile and my R-Cycle? And all the 'crap' in my utility belt that has saved your ass countless times?" They were standing on the roof of an apartment building, looking across the street at Dick's home.

"Yeah but still. The Wayne Manor. You're a freakin' billionaire! That's just… wow. What's it like? Bet you have every single video game that's ever come out, right? Plus all the ones that are ever going to come out? And a flat screen TV? Is the Batcave in there too? Oh, oh! Do you have bats? Like, living in the rafters? Bet you have little bats as pets, right? That's adorable. Do you have servants or something? How many people are you, living in that thing! Is Bruce Wayne your dad? Oh-my-god is Bruce Wayne… he is, isn't he? Batman?" He snapped his attention back to his friend, to see him cackling softly to himself.

"Wally slow down, you're speaking at superspeed," he chuckled.

"And you're—Oh." Suddenly he stopped, staring hard at his masked friend with wide eyes as it all clicked. Suddenly he remembered why he knew the name Richard Grayson. It was when he was… eleven? Or twelve? Something like that. It had been all over the news; the horrific accident from Haley's circus. And the little nine-year-old that was taken in to be Bruce Wayne's ward. He could still see the image in his head of the small brunette, lost and alone in the world. Oh my God… poor Robin. Poor Dick.

Robin saw the horrified look cross Wally's face and he looked down at the ground, shuffling his feet slightly. He grabbed Wally's arm, leading them back towards the edge of the roof. He sat down, dangling his feet over the side, and Wally plopped down next to him.

"The… circus? Is it true?" Wally asked softly, tentatively. He had always assumed Batman was his dad due to their similarities, but now that was obviously not the case. He didn't know if this was a touchy subject or not. Robin sighed.

"Yeah, it's true. But there's a lot more to the story that the press doesn't know," he started. "I was an acrobat, a trapeze artist along with my mom and dad. Our family was nicknamed 'The Flying Graysons' because of our trapeze talent, and because we never used a net." Wally could see that, the way Robin moved sometimes it was possible to believe he really was flying. "There was this guy, Tony Zucco. A Gotham psychopath. He had some quarrel with my parents and… well at our next performance the wires holding the trapeze just happened to be loose." Robin sighed, fiddling with his utility belt. He didn't look at Wally sitting next to him, afraid to meet his eyes. He didn't want to hear anymore empty words of pity; he'd had enough of that. Zucco was gone, it was over. He learned long ago that to dwell on the past was a weakness he could not afford.

"They fell. They fell, and I couldn't stop them," he said, unable to keep the bitterness out of his voice. Quickly he passed on: "Bruce was impressed with my agility- I'm the only one in the world now who can do the quadruple somersault. The other two were my parents. He didn't want me to grow up with only revenge in my mind like… like he did. So he took me on as his apprentice, and I became Robin." He finished, his voice emotionless. But Wally knew better than to believe his tone of voice. Whenever he sounded like that, it meant he was hiding his emotions.

Robin looked up to where the moon hung in the sky, bright and round, on its tapestry of stars. Suddenly two arms were circling him, holding him tight. He stiffened, looking over his shoulder at Wally who was pulling him into his lap. The red-head smiled sweetly at him, his emerald eyes reflecting the pain that Dick was trying to hide. He suddenly felt that pressure behind his eyes again, and turned away from Wally. He relaxed, leaning against his friend as those warm arms held him close.

"What happened to him? To Zucco?" Wally whispered into his ear. Dick shivered, feeling his hot breath on his skin.

"B-Batman and I brought him to justice," he answered quietly, not trusting his voice to elaborate.

"I'm… I'm here for you, Dick," Wally said, his voice trembling in compassion. And for once the ebony didn't push him away, saying 'I'm fine' like he would do with anyone else. Because this was Wally. Wally who understood him, who accepted him, who hugged him tight because that was the only way to comfort him. Because he was sitting in Wally's lap, under the moon, and he felt safe. So he turned around and wrapped his arms around the speedster's neck, and let the silent tears fall from under his mask.

Wally felt the warm tears staining his costume despite not hearing a single sob, and his eyes widened slightly. Instead of feeling surprised that Robin (the toughest guy he knew) was breaking down in his lap, he felt honored that Dick trusted him enough to let his carefully controlled emotions free for a moment, to share this pain with his best friend. He could only imagine what it was like to live in such an isolated world. Sure, Wally and his parents didn't have the best relationship, but he had Uncle Barry and Aunt Iris, he had his friends at school, he had the team. Who did Dick have? Batman didn't strike him as the most sympathetic guy, Dick had already told him he didn't have much of a social life at his school, and he didn't have anyone he could trust. Up until now, that is.

Dick took a shuddering breath, and pulled away, his ears red. Wally reached up suddenly and pealed the mask from Robin's face, despite the boy's squeak of surprise. He ran his thumb over the smooth skin, wiping away the tears and ignoring the increasing heat in his cheeks. Dick's bright blue eyes met his, shining all the more now with the recent tears. They looked ashamed.

Wally bit his lip, and pulled Dick closer to him again. He wanted to show him in every gesture that he didn't judge him for this behavior, that there was no ideal he had to uphold. He could just be himself, be Dick. And what was he, if not a best bro, to not give him all the comfort and love and understanding that he needed?

"It's raining," mumbled Dick as Wally rubbed his back in slow circles, trying to calm him. Wally looked up, and true enough; a couple drops of water splashed down around them. Wally felt Dick shift in his arms, and suddenly Robin's cape was stretched over their heads, with Dick's arm encircling the speedster's shoulders. He smiled slightly at Wally's look. Neither of them wanted to leave this moment.

Then suddenly it hit Wally how close they were. So close, so close. So close he could feel Dick's breath on his shoulder. So close, that their bodies were practically molded together to hide from the rain under Robin's cape. And the moon beat down on their huddled forms, and they were alone on the rooftop, and Wally reached forward before his brain caught up to his actions, and he tilted Dick's chin towards him, and then their lips were pressed together with deadly precision.

Now, three seconds doesn't seem like a long time. But to a speedster caught in the moment, three seconds can be a very long time. He kissed Dick for three long seconds.

One. The moment their lips touched, a shudder went down Wally's spine, making his fingers and toes vibrate subtly. As cheesy as it sounded, it was electrifying. There was no other way to describe it. His lips weren't thick and plump like a girl's; instead they were thinner with sharper angles, surprisingly soft, but much more exciting than he thought possible. His skin smelt like some kind of expensive cologne, which wasn't all that surprising, with an underlying scent of peach. Or at least, that's what it smelt like. He felt the boy stiffen under him, his body freezing in shock and a little gasp of surprise escaping his lips, just to be swallowed by Wally's mouth.

Two. Wally's hands flashed up to Dick's hair, tangling themselves into his soft strands. Since when was Dick's hair this soft? Hair shouldn't be this soft, this perfect. Behind his closed eyes, he could see that wonderful-messy look that Robin always had, which just looked so perfect on him. He pulled the boy closer, a bit more harshly that he wanted, but he didn't seem to be in control of his actions anymore. All he could think was how the ebony's lips felt on his own, the way it made his body tingle in a way he had never experienced before in all the times he had kissed girls. This should feel so wrong, but it didn't. Not in the least.

Three. Wally ran his lips swiftly, teasingly across the other's tightly closed ones. They tasted of something sweet and delicious that he couldn't quite place, but boy did that make him almost lose it. Dick tried to say something, probably Wally's name, but it came out as a muffle. Then, Wally swore, he felt Dick's lips press back for a millisecond before two hands gripped his shoulders and shoved him back, roughly. Robin was way stronger than anyone gave him credit for. Wally forced back the disappointed moan that rose up in his throat as his lips left the warm haven that was Dick's mouth.

Wally opened his eyes and looked into Dick's blue ones, seeing fear and surprise and… something else. The redhead bit his lip. WhatthehelldidIjustdo. Robin had just trusted him with probably the most well-kept secret in the entire world, and he had to go ahead and do that. Whatever that was. Shit. He had just kissed Robin, Dick, his best friend. For some random reason that he didn't even understand himself. But the worst part of it all was that he didn't regret it, not one bit. Because damnit, this might ruin their friendship, but that was one hell of a kiss.


There was no other way to describe it.


That was amazing.

"Wally." Dick dug his fingernails into the shoulders he was still gripping, trying to snap the redhead out of that dazed look he had about him. Because he kind of looked like he had a concussion, and that was really weird. How does he get all those girls to stick around if he went all like this on them after a simple kiss? Dick's breath hitched in his throat as Wally's eyes finally re-focused and stared into his. They flashed a series of emotions at such a speed that even Robin, with all his training, couldn't decipher. He licked his lip in nervousness unconsciously, tasting Wally's chapstick on them. Okay, this was not helping.

Wally, too, caught the motion. Is the kid trying to seduce me? He thought. Because, as much as he didn't want to admit it, it was working. But god, he had to stop licking his lips like that.

"I-I don't… okay can we just forget that happened?" Wally said backing away from Robin's grip. Dick suddenly realized that both of them were soaking wet; the cape had long since fallen from their heads, and now that Wally's comfortable warmth was gone the wet clammy feeling registered. He shivered unconsciously.

"Why…" he whispered, his voice barely audible above the patter of the rain. He had to know.

"Huh?" Wally blinked, looking up from the ground briefly before avoiding Dick's eyes again.

"Why did you do it?" He had to know. Had to know if this was just an accident, or if there was something behind it. God, how he wished it were something other than just Wally being caught in the moment and forgetting who exactly it was he was cuddling with on the rooftop.

"C-can't we just forget it?" he stalled.


"Dick I'm sorr-" he broke off. "Oh damnit I'm not sorry! I'm not sorry in the least! Oh fuck this…" he swore and started to his feet. Coward that he was, he contemplated fleeing. But then some thin fingers encircled his wrist in a firm grasp, and he looked down to see the ebony glaring up at him with a kind of desperation. Wow, he was so much easier to read without the mask on.

"Answer me. Why did you do it?"

Wally sighed. What was his problem? Couldn't he just forget it?

"I don't know, okay? The time, the place, the stars…" The hold on his wrist loosened abruptly. Wally looked down, surprised, to see Dick's face fall before he quickly hid it under his emotionless mask. Dick turned away, his fingernails digging into his palm. Of course. The time, the place, the stars… who wouldn't? It was only wishful thinking that Wally actually returned his feelings. He felt a hand on his shoulder and automatically flinched away, still not looking at his friend. Wally felt hurt and confused; what had he said wrong? He thought Dick would be disgusted with him, angry, or something. Not this kind of barely hidden sadness and pain.

"Dick? Look I know you probably think I'm a horrible friend because I just completely ruined your trust, and that's true. But I just wanted to say that that kiss was… amazing. The best kiss I've ever had. And I'm glad it came from my best bro, and not some meaningless girl. So, just, please don't let this ruin our friendship, okay? Let's just forget this happened…" Wally trailed off, knowing this was probably not helping at all. Oh, why couldn't he be as good with words as he was at running?

"That was… the best kiss you ever had?" Dick repeated softly, staring out across the rooftops to avoid looking at the speedster. Wally gulped, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Uh… yeah. I know that sounds really wrong and all but it's true—"

"Wally, I'm gay. For you, at least." Well… that deadpanned. Silence enveloped them and if he could, Dick would have face-palmed. Wow, that did not come out right at all.

"Y-you're gay," Wally stuttered, as if he hadn't heard right. Dick sighed.

"I'm sorry, you weren't supposed to… Why… Dammit Wally, why did you have to kiss me! You just completely threw me off," Dick snapped, shoving his mask back on his face to hide because he couldn't stand to have Wally see his face.

But Wally wasn't listening. He's gay. For me. And it didn't freak him out at all. In fact, it sent these weird tingly feelings up and down his spine. Dick likes me. Dick, the kid I just had the most amazing kiss with. Dick, my best bro who I care about so much, maybe too much. Wally stepped forward and crawled over next to the younger boy, planting a hand on either side of him.

"Well, then you won't mind if I do this again, will you?" Wally smirked, grabbing Dick's cheeks before he could say anything, and crashing their lips together. He welcomed the swoop in his stomach that promptly shook him at the contact. The speedster reached up for Dick's hair, but his wrists were caught in an iron grip.

"Wally what are you doing!" Dick hissed, his hot breath ghosting over Wally's skin. "You're… you're straight! You can't do this!"

"Fuck being straight. Dick, you're all I could ever want. We're already best bros, we know everything about each other, and we would trust each other with our lives. You just proved to me that you trust me with your most prized secret. We understand each other on a different level. There's no way I could ever feel this way about a girl- there's just too much about me I'd have to hide." He ran his thumbs over Dick's cheekbones again, taking off the mask as he did. "Sure, I never thought I'd be gay, but that kiss proved me wrong. Maybe I'm gay for you too. Or at any rate, I'd be willing to give this a shot, for you." Wally blinked, a hot blush running over his cheeks. He couldn't believe all that just came out of his mouth. Dick stared at him for a long moment, letting the words sink in.

"Y-you're serious?" he whispered. But he already knew the answer. Wally was easy enough to read. And even if Dick wasn't Batman's protégée, it was easy to see that the redhead was being honest. He suddenly felt… seriously whelmed.

Without waiting for Wally to respond, he had flashed out a leg and with a well-aimed swipe landed Wally flat on his back with Robin straddling his stomach.

"I've always wanted to do that…" he grinned down at the surprised speedster.

Then their lips met again. If Wally thought that first press of lips had been electrifying, then this seriously blew his mind. Because now Dick was kissing back with all the bottled up passion that he had suppressed for who knew how long, and their bodies were moving together, and the sounds both of them were emitting were downright sinful. Wally was surprised; Dick was the dominant one here. He bit down on Wally's lip, slipping his tongue into his mouth as soon as Wally let out a gasp of surprise. He battled with his tongue with a ferocity that startled Wally, soon sending him into submission. He moved down his jawline to his neck which had somehow been stripped of his costume. Wally couldn't think clearly anymore- everything was turning hazy, and all he could focus on was the feeling of Dick's lips on his neck and his hands curling into his sides as he gripped him closer. Wally let one hand trail down Dick's side, feeling his sharp hipbones pressing into him.

Dick couldn't suppress the moan the rose up his throat as Wally ran his fingers lightly up and down the younger boy's sides, making him shiver with something more than the cold. The kiss was everything he had ever wanted; hot and fiery and amazing, but the touches were soft and tender. He let go of all his pent up emotions, doing all that he had dreamed of doing for so long. Suddenly his whole world started shaking as pleasure shot up his spine. Wally was… vibrating. Vibrating against him with a soft inaudible hum, his fingers starting to blur as they traced nonsensical patters down Dick's back and tangled in his hair. The ebony bit down hard on his lips to stop the gasp of pure pleasure that rolled over his body as Wally's vibrations carried over to other sensitive parts of his body, namely his crotch.

But even the most passionate make-out sessions have to come to an end, and they were both desperately in need of oxygen. They broke apart simultaneously, falling onto their backs as they gasped for air. Wally listened to Dick's irregular breathing and he wrapped his arms around the boy, hugging him again. They sighed contentedly.

Dick couldn't believe all this had happened in… less than twenty-four hours. He'd given away his secret identity, he'd cried for the first time since he became Robin, he'd confessed his crush, and then he had made out with this same guy. And this… this definitively had the potential to be more than just a crush. Wally was having similar thoughts. Dick was amazing, and it wasn't just his body. The speedster became aware of every little thing that Robin did that made him feel happy, everything from how he made fun of his eating habits, to listening to his creepy laugh when he was pissing off the villains, to how he really was a sweet guy under his tough outer coat, to how his eyes shone in the moonlight when he was lying there gasping for breath. Yeah, definitively potential.

Wally grabbed Dick's hand, entwining their fingers tightly.

"So… what are we now?" he asked tentatively. Dick hummed softly, giving Wally's hand a light squeeze.

"Whatever you're comfortable with," he murmured, his eyes cracking open. He didn't want to pressure Wally into anything… right now everything was perfect. "Hey…" he said slowly. "Remember the… the poll from last morning?"

Wally laughed. "Of course. Who knew?" He reached over and grabbed Robin's glove which contained his holographic computer. With the hand that wasn't holding Dick's, he turned it on and navigated (with difficulty of course) to the poll page.

Their eyes met, sharing the same thought. Then, with their fingers still intertwined, they selected one of the choices, the only one they would ever consider after tonight. Kid Flash/Robin. And they clicked the button together submitting their entry.


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