It didn't begin as she'd thought it would. Willa prided herself somewhat on her perverted mind; salacious fantasies were sort of her forte. There was a whole file of these labeled "Walter" in her head, scenario after dirty scenario of her boss taking her in every possible way... but none of them, not even one, started out like this.

She'd never expected his muscled body could be so soft, that those large palms and thick, strong fingers could be so gentle. Willa's back arched as they burned a path down her sides, keened through his kiss as he kneaded the curve of her ass. Her hips answered with gusto when his thumb stroked at her inner thigh. The struggle became not to fall completely apart before they'd even begun. Walter seemed to understand; he withdrew from the kiss to let her breathe for a minute, collect herself. His fingers wound up into a shock of her curls and suddenly he was the one steadying himself. One look in her fast darkening, lust filled eyes and he was toast. A red flush tinted her cheeks, chest, and swollen lips.

"Oh, I am going to ruin you." He said, voice low. Suddenly Willa's eyebrow quirked.

"You didn't mean to say that out loud, did you?" She asked breathlessly, lust doubling in her eyes if that was possible. Walter let himself smile as grabbed her by the waist, laying her down on the bed beneath him. He shook his head no.

"That was supposed to be a thought. But I guess as long as it's out there..." In one swift move he got her shirt off, and his mouth was on her bare breast, a little less gentle and a little more like Willa's dream scenarios. She moaned, back arching automatically as his teeth grazed her nipple, his fingers worrying the other.

Walter had underestimated just how quickly her writhing body and breathy moans would affect him; a growl rumbled in his chest as Willa's hips undulated searching for contact and her small, soft hands fisted in his hair.

"M-more Walter." She pleaded, reflexively locking her ankles behind his torso as her body pressed into his, shivering, trying to silence the gnawing heat that had lit in her belly. Walter's tongue circled her pert flesh languidly, before tracing upwards towards the dip in her collar bone; there he bit gently as his thumbs pressed circles into the hollows of her hip bones. The combination of the sensations stoked the fire inside Willa expertly, and she moaned, bucking her hips wontonly.

Walter almost chuckled as Willa tossed her head back, a silent and desperate request.

"There she is…" His voice was husky, gravelly almost, as he struggled to keep his composure. This was about Willa, he told himself, all for Willa. Goddamn, Willa, he thought, as he reached up to palm the smooth swell of her breast once more. She was intoxicating, all flushed and horny, all because of him. He planted kisses up her trembling neck, pausing to suck hickeys into existence haphazardly. Willa gasped deliciously as he took special interest in the spot on her jaw just beneath her ear. More of her tantalizingly filthy moans spilled from her lips, and Walter felt his pants tighten considerably. He smirked into her skin before pulling away just enough to catch her pleading eyes. "How do you want it, Willa?" he murmured, a carnal edge to his almost pleasant tone. "I can make you scream if you want."

Willa's eyes widened and she blushed deeply. Before she could answer, his hands slipped beneath her ass, sliding forward and out to draw her thighs open. He moved achingly slow, teasing the sensitive skin inside her legs as he went. Willa's strangled moan muffled into her pillows as she shivered, sizzling nerve endings trying to find some release. Her underwear was soaked through, she could feel the damp cloth cool as Walter pulled away. He gazed down at her, head cocked to the side, something glinting and hungry in his eyes. Still wetter she became when she realized it was lust. Lust for me, Willa thought in wonder; he's hungry for me. His hands continued to draw out whimpers as they mapped every centimeter of her thighs. Annoyance shot through her as he teased near to her mound but never touched it. He was waiting for something. And from the darkening eyes and quirked lips, he was enjoying the teasing immensely.

"So… you'll do whatever I want?" Willa implored, managing her breathless voice. Walter's hands stuttered in their journey, and his dick was suddenly painfully hard. Even as she was trying to tease him back, he detected the innocence in her question.

"Anything, Willa." She thought she saw something else flicker in his eyes as he leaned down to cup her face, something besides the overwhelming lust. So, so softly he thumbed her bottom lip and kissed her. "If you ask me, I'll do anything. But only if you ask. I promise." He pulled away, smirking again, that something else gone from his eyes and replaced by mischief. "I think I've already spotted someplace to start…" swiftly he pulled off her flimsy shorts.

"Finally." Willa mumbled, squirming down the bed towards him, still on her back. Walter clucked his tongue.

"Don't be so impatient. I want this to last." he gripped her hips and tauntingly stretched the waistband of her panties. "And I'm assuming you do too?" Without warning, he plunged one finger under the fabric to run through her folds.

"Fuck," she gasped, pussy throbbing. Naked but for her cotton panties, Willa writhed beneath him, flushed and biting back moans. She was dripping wet, more than ready for the two fingers he slid into her. It was difficult for Walter not to moan himself as he watched her respond to his touch. Her tangled hair spread fan like, halo like around her head. So young and innocent, he mused, desire spiking though him at the thought of her dreaming about him. He knew she had. Willa didn't hide her thoughts nearly as well as she thought; most of the time the fantasy playing in her mind was written all over her face. Her chest rose and fell in time with the building tension, and she bit her lip hard when his thumb brushed her clit. "Mmm Walter…" she trailed, straining her hips to be closer to him.

"I'm here Willa." He whispered, cursing himself for not shucking off his damn pants before they started. It was getting painful to watch her. She made a sound of disapproval as he stood up to unbutton his jeans.

"Wha— oh." She had propped herself up on her elbows, ready to complain at his withdrawal, but at the sight of the bulge in his boxers she fell silent. Walter swallowed hard as she rose to her knees and shuffled toward where he stood just at the edge of the bed. Then he was the one biting back moans; Willa palmed him through his boxers with one hand, while the other crept up his torso under his shirt.

"Careful," he said, but he wouldn't stop her. It was easier letting her set the pace, rather than struggle to keep himself under control.

"Shirt. Off. Now." She cocked an eyebrow and lifted the hem. Walter obeyed immediately, pulling his tee shirt off and flinging it to the floor.

"So bossy…" he murmured, trapping her hands between them as he pulled her closer. He caught her lips in a searing kiss, coaxing a small moan from Willa. Skin flush against each other, they both lost their minds a little. Walter tasted every inch of her mouth, and Willa pressed her body as close as she could to his warmth. Her fingers danced their way from the middle of his chest to beneath his boxers, taking him in hand even as her hips thrust more and more erratically. She was getting desperate; he stepped out of his underwear after she pushed them down over his hips, still intent on letting her dictate the situation.

"Oh god, Willa…" he murmured. It should have been illegal, the feeling of her dexterous fingers around him, the hot, wetness of her cunt against his stomach.

She shivered at his words. Willa pulled away to meet his eyes, and for a moment neither of them could do anything but labor to catch their breath and rut against each other.

"I—I think I…" she whispered haltingly.

"Oh. Right." Walter quirked a smile, remembering once more that this was her first. He ducked his head and with a swift yank her panties were on the opposite side of the trailer. Willa cried out as his tongue delved between her folds, working it's way around every inch of her. He sucked her clit and tested another few fingers into her amidst enthusiastic and reflexive responses.

"Unnh, Walter, yes," Willa moaned. "More!"

He pulled away way too soon, way back on his knuckles at the edge of her bed.

"I don't know how much longer I can hold off," He said, running his big hands up her thighs and over her nipples. His lips glistened just noticeably with what Willa knew to be her juices, and through glazed eyes she noticed his cock was very much erect. Willa scooted her rear towards him, parting her legs desperately.

"Then don't."

He was at her entrance in an instance, teasing her, killing her. He met her eyes one final time. "God, you're so old fashioned. Yes, yes okay, fuck me already," She muttered quickly, hips jutting up to envelope his cock in her mind numbing warmth.

"Jesus," he gasped, slowly continuing inside her. There was an instant of pain that flashed over her features, but Willa was never one to show weakness if she could help it; he dipped his head near hers and whispered "I'm sorry Willa, god, I'm sorry. I love you. Fuck, I love you so much."

Her eyes snapped open just as his shut. For a half a second he thought about taking it back, but then again…

He kissed her temples, then the corners of her mouth, and then began working on a hickey beneath her jaw. Willa shivered and smiled.

"I love you, Walter."

That was all he needed to hear. There was a lot of careful rhythm and adjusting in the next ten minutes, but soon enough he was fully inside her and she was aching and burning in places she'd never ached or burned before, and his arms encircled her firmly, not leaving even a breath between them. They were one being, lips parted in ecstasy.

Afterwards, Willa was only just able to register the soreness before slipping into a blissful doze, still tangled with Walter on her trailer bed. He pulled her closer, even as he pushed the thought of consequences for his actions out of his head.


Well. I did it. I wrote smut. AND I'm publishing it. Personally I think I did a horrifying job and I should probably delete this but you know what I don't even care anymore. I love this ship and I will do anything for it, even write a very terrible sex scene.