I always loved the dynamic that Ellen had with the boys, especially Dean, and have seriously missed her since her untimely demise in Season 5. With this fic I'm exploring a possible scenario as to what may have happened if Bobby and Ellen had actually gotten together. I loved the AU in "Our Hearts Will Go On" but wanted to have a scene with the boys and Ellen, as an Aunt figure. Jo is mentioned briefly, but is not in this fic. This is basically just a reason for the boys to get a little bit of mothering. Ellen will be stricter in this half, but will have a few chances to be nurturing in the second half.

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If all goes as planned, this will be a two-shot.

That's The Way Moms Do It

Sam and Dean were no strangers to lousy. Lousy food, lousy jobs, lousy motel dives that make you want to scrub yourself until your skin is raw…but there's lousy, and then there's just downright sucks out loud, and this last job did just that. They'd both come out of it okay, all things considered. Sam had taken a really bad blow to the side of his head on this last hunt, plus he'd been coughing so hard for the past few days that Dean was surprised Sam hadn't choked out a lung, but he was still breathing in and out and his speech wasn't slurring as a result of the knock on the head, so Dean figured he'd live to tell about it.

Not to mention the driving rain. It was just pouring out of the sky in sheets, hitting the roof and hood of the Impala so hard and loud that it was drowning out the radio. Dean could barely see the road ahead of him, and any road not on a major highway was pretty much underwater by now, so it had been very slow going for the last hour and a half.

Dean looked over at Sam in the passenger seat next to him. He looked miserable, but at least his eyes were closed and he seemed to be resting. They were both sopping wet, in fact, their jackets and clothing couldn't have been more soaked if they had been submerged in a lake. The only good part about that was the fact that the water had washed some of the sewer sludge off from them. Dean understood that shapeshifters preferred underground passageways, but active sewer lines? Seriously? Dean had tried to keep the heat blasting as much as possible to warm them up, but after just a few minutes the windows would completely fog up from all the moisture in the car, plus it just multiplied the sewer smell to an unbearable level, so he had to turn it off. Dean tried not to think of how cold and gross he was and just concentrate on getting them back to Bobby's house, which was just another twenty miles or so away.

Sam awoke a moment later and stole a glance in his brother's direction as Dean's attention was fully taken with keeping the car on the road. Dean's right hand had been sliced open pretty badly and he had twisted his knee during this hunt. Poor Dean looked just miserable, but at least they weren't too far from Bobby's, and there they would be able to get some R & R for a day or so.

Dean noticed that Sam had awoken.

"Should only be another half hour or so before we get to Bobby's. Would've been there an hour ago if it weren't for this friggin' rain."

Sam nodded as his gaze returned out the side window. "So, do you think it'll be different at Bobby's now that Ellen's moved in?"

Dean frowned. "Whaddya mean, 'different'?"

Sam shrugged, "I dunno. Do you think Bobby's been all like…domesticated now? I mean, now that he and Ellen have finally taken the plunge and moved in together? People say that once a couple moves in together it changes things."

Dean smiled. "Nah, I don't think anything will ever change Bobby. His ways are all set in stone. Aside from her being there to cook us a nice hot meal, I don't think we'll see any real changes."

Sam smiled and shook his head. "You never know, it could happen."

"Now see, that's where you're wrong. If there's one thing I do know, it's Bobby. He's still a confirmed bachelor, just with a live-in girlfriend, or in this case, woman-friend." Dean gave a smug smirk at his prediction. "But," he added, "I'm happy for them, I really am. They've been dancing around the subject of getting together for years now, and it's about time they took it to the next level."

Sam raised his eyebrows and nodded. "I agree with you there. I don't know what took them so long to hook up in the first place, but they are good for each other." Sam's expression turned more serious. "I'm just glad neither of them is alone anymore. I hope someday I can be that lucky."

Dean snorted at the thought of settling down. "Yeah, maybe when we're Bobby and Ellen's age, but right now any women in our lives would just be in the way. I mean, can you imagine trying to do what we do and have to keep running back to one spot over and over to make some chick happy? It would be that or trying to take them along with us and that'd just be a disaster." Dean shook his head at the idea. "No way would any of that work. It'd just be too much to deal with."

Sam rolled his eyes at Dean's logic, but remained quiet. Deep down Sam wished that there were a girl out there somewhere who missed him and couldn't wait to see him come home. He was about to say something to that effect, but was suddenly overcome with a bad choking jag that made him forget anything he would have said. The choking only accentuated the throbbing in his head, and by the time the cough let up, he could only lay his head back against the head rest and groan as he wallowed in his misery.

Dean sighed. "I see you're doing better." He chided sarcastically. "Just hang tight, we're almost there."

Sam nodded as he looked at Dean's bandaged hand. "How are you holding up?" He asked through his scorched throat.

Dean followed Sam's gaze to his hand and held it up. "What? This?" he asked, "It's okay. Starting to stiffen up and throb a little, but I'll live."

"And what about your knee?"

"That's okay too. I just need to sit with it up for a while with an ice pack to take the swelling down. After that it'll be fine, just won't be able to go dancing right away." Dean shrugged. "What I need even more than that is a nice hot shower. I can't stand the smell of us anymore, and these wet clothes are starting to chafe in some very uncomfortable areas."

Sam chuckled a bit. "I hear ya there. Hot soapy water and some clean dry clothes sure sound good to me. After that I'll probably sleep for a week."

"Remember, sleep comes after we have some of that awesome pot roast that Ellen's making for supper tonight." A dreamy look washed over Dean's face. "I'm gonna start drooling just thinking about it."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. "I could sure go for a nice home cooked meal. At this point I'd go for anything hot that tastes halfway decent."

Dean laughed, "You always were an easy one, kinky bastard."

Sam gave a pained smile at his brother's joke. "That's not what I meant. Get your mind out of the sewer."

Dean shuddered. "Dude," he warned, "Don't mention that word to me again! I've had enough sewer exploring to last way more than my lifetime!"

As Dean had promised, another half hour of driving and they pulled in to Singer Salvage's parking lot, passing old cars in different levels of dismemberment as they went. The dirt driveway was full of pot holes…well, they'd started as pot holes but with the driving rain they had quickly become ditches and ravines. Dean pulled up as close to the house as possible, but still was unsuccessful at escaping the rain and mud that awaited them. Dean winced as his foot sank so deep into the soft saturated muck that it seeped over the top of his boot, not that it mattered anyway, as his feet had been soaking in his socks since he left Missouri.

They quickly grabbed their duffels from the Impala's trunk and rushed through the door of Bobby's house to escape the onslaught of sideways rain and gusting wind. Bobby held the door opened for them as they ran inside.

"It's about time you two got here." He greeted them. "You both had me worried sick."

Dean shook the raindrops from his hair and ran his wet hand down his face. "Sorry, Bobby." He offered. "This rainstorm's followed us all the way up from Lansing. I could barely drive over forty the whole way here." He stopped for a moment and inhaled the scent of dinner in through his nose. "Oh my God….what's that amazing smell?"

"No offense, boys, but it's definitely not either of you." Ellen replied as she entered the kitchen. "What the Hell is making you stink so badly?"

Sam grimaced. "We're sorry. We had to chase a shifter through a sewer. We stood out in the rain as much as possible to try to wash away most of the sludge, but the smell had already set in our clothes."

Dean nodded. "Here's hoping it doesn't cling to my car's interior. I'll have to have Baby fumigated if that's the case."

Sam kicked off his boots and attempted to take a few steps deeper into the kitchen, but Ellen pushed him back onto the doormat. "Hold it," She ordered. "You both stay right there and don't take a foot off that rug."

Ellen reached into a cupboard and pulled out a large plastic bag. She shook it open and held it out in front of her. "Here. I want you both to take your clothes off and put them into this bag. I'll throw a load into the washer while you take your showers before dinner."

Dean and Sam threw each other confused looks. "Our clothes?" Sam asked.

Ellen nodded impatiently. "Yeah, your clothes. You're not tracking that smell all through the house after I spent all week mopping the floors and scrubbing the carpet."

Sam continued to stare at Ellen. "But…." He countered.

"Oh for God's sake." She spouted. "Wait right here." She left the kitchen for just a moment, returning with two bath towels. "Strip down and wrap yourselves in these towels." She handed the boys each a towel and again held out the bag in front of her. "C'mon, boys," She prodded. "My roast is almost done and I gotta throw these clothes in and set the table. Let's get a move on."

Sam gave Dean a panicked look. He raised his eyebrows expectantly, waiting for Dean to somehow get them out of this.

"Look, Ellen," Dean started.

"Dean Winchester, don't you dare start with me the minute you walk in here. If either of you have something I haven't seen before then it's one for the record books."

As a last ditch effort, Dean looked to Bobby with the same expression Sam had just given him.

"Bobby, a little help here?"

Bobby cleared his throat as he uncomfortably backed his way out of the kitchen. "I've gotta check on something in the library. Give me a shout when dinner's ready." He then shrugged his shoulders at Sam and Dean as some sort of apology and disappeared through the doorway.

Dean sighed heavily as he removed his jacket and shirts and placed them in the bag. Sam reluctantly followed suit, placing his sopping wet and disgustingly filthy clothing in the bag as well. When they were both down to their boxers, they stopped.

"Um, Ellen?" Sam asked softly, "Do you think we could have a little privacy for this part? Could you turn around just for a second?"

Ellen smiled in consent. "Sure," She answered. "I can do that." She set the now heavy bag down in front of them and turned around. "Just let me know when you're ready."

She could hear the boys clumsily stepping out of their undergarments and heard the rustle of the plastic bag as they shed as quickly as possible. A moment later Dean announced that they were all set. She turned again and saw both of them standing before her with towels wrapped tightly around their waists, still looking quite uncomfortable. She casually picked up the bag before her, pretending not to notice how awkward they had both become.

"There, was that so bad?" She teased. "Now, go take your showers and change into some clean clothes. Dinner will be ready in a half hour, so no dilly dallying."

Sam tried to smile through his embarrassment. "Yes, Ma'am." He mumbled.

A light went off in Dean's head as he realized something of high importance. He quickly held onto his towel with one hand, grabbed his duffel in the other and hobbled toward the doorway. "I call first shower!" He yelled.

Sam's head snapped up. "What? No!...Dean!" he shouted as he tried in vain to grab his bag and catch up to Dean, but it was too late. Dean was already far ahead of him. Dean had already entered the bathroom by the time Sam arrived at the door. When Dean slammed the door in front of Sam, Sam pounded the door with the side of his fist. Dean laughed at the thought of Sam having to wait in the hallway in only a towel. He opened the door just enough to peek out.

"You snooze, you lose, brother!" he taunted. "Even on a gimp leg, I can still outrun you!"

"Very funny." Sam sulked. "Just make it quick, okay?" as a last resort Sam tried to play on Dean's sympathies. "I'm freezing out here, and you know I already don't feel very good."

"Nice try, Princess." Dean chuckled. "If you're that cold, there's an afghan over the back of the couch."

"Aren't you sweet?" Sam pouted. Dean was just about to close the door and begin his shower, when Sam made one last observation. "Well, you were right about one thing."

Dean stopped for a moment. "What's that?"

Sam tipped his chin in the direction of the kitchen. "Aside from her being here to cook us a nice hot meal, we haven't seen any real changes." He quipped sarcastically, quoting Dean from their ride to Bobby's. "Except, I don't remember having to strip at the door before Ellen moved in."

Dean nodded at Sam's observation. "Yeah, I don't remember that either and what's up with Bobby just bailing on us like that?" He smirked at Sam. "Things might be more….what was your word?...domesticated…..than we thought." Dean sighed. "You, young man, had better be on your best behavior!"

"Look who's talking." Sam scoffed, but had a more serious expression on his face as he looked toward the kitchen. "But either way, it's gonna be an interesting visit."

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