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Christy Coulson was mad. Her father, special Agent Phil Coulson was treating her like she was five, and humiliating her in front of the Avengers. She sighed and looked around the stark white room she inhabited. She had posted a picture of My Chemical Romance on the wall to add some personality, but the picture was black and white so it didn't really help.

She grabbed an oxygen mask she had acquired the first day, and headed outside. On the top deck there were lots of places to hide, but her favorite was a small spot on the top. Nobody went up there, and Christy had basically claimed it. It had some cupboards that she could put her books and some bedding in, and was just the right size for her to spread out on the warm metal and look at the clouds pass by lazily as they cruised over America. She could see the into the room that had the glass cage for Bruce Banner, and she could see the loading deck.
Christy was fifteen, technically four years too young to even be aboard the ship, but Phil was the only family she had, so she got to go on all his mis adventures with him. Her mother had died when she was little, and she had no extended family. So she was forced to listen to her father rant about Steve Rogers this, and Captain America that. The guy was impressive, but not the god her dad said he was.
"You ok?" Came a voice. Christy jumped and almost screamed. "Oh, so sorry..." She turned to see Bruce Banner was walking towards her.
"How did you find me?" She asked.
"I was sent to give you a message...but it might be a little hard to explain." He said, sitting down next to Christy.
"From my father?" Christy asked.
"No actually...from your mother." He chuckled at her shocked expression, "She should get here any moment. Then you will understand." He said.
"What do you mean 'she should ge-" Just then he quickly covered her eys with his arm and forced her to look away as a blinding flash of light came and left. When they looked back, a beautiful woman was standing there.
She was wearing a long flowy tunic over leggings with tall high heeled black boots. She had on an owl necklace and her long blond hair cascaded down her shoulders. She had grey eyes that were stormy and deep.
"What the-"
"Sorry darling, we are short on time." She said, "I am Athena, your mother."
"Um...hate to tell you this, but my mom is dead." Christy said.
"Well, no. Do you know about the Greek gods and goddesses?" She asked. Christy nodded,

"Like Zeus and Hera and Hades and-" The sky shook

"Good, well here is a crash course in me. I am the goddess of knowledge and battle strategy. And your mother. We live in Mt Olympus over the Empire State building. You are what is called a demigod, or half blood.
'we usually give you years of training before we trust you with quests, but you are an exception. You see, some other demigods, the Avengers, are bringing in a prisoner as we speak, and well, we need help. He cannot stay as evil as he is. We need someone he wouldn't suspect to befriend him, against the will of everyone else." She took a breadth and Christy interjected.
"Wait what? I'm a what?"
"I will explain better later..." Banner said. "I am one too."

"Anyways, you are to befriend him, try and get him to change. His brother is coming too..maybe that can help you if you talk to the man he grew up with. Stark, Romanoff, Banner, and Fury are all demigods who will help you. I am also sending my friends Thailia and Nico to help." You aren't alone, but it won't be easy. I just hope no monsters attack..."
"Its ok." Banner assured me. Athena looked at her watch and then back up.
" I have to go. Nico and Thailia will arrive with another demigod, Barton soon. Please my dear, be safe. Take heart Christy, all will be explained in time." She reached down and stroked my hair once before turning to Banner. "Keep her safe. At all costs." He nodded and covered Christie's eyes as she disappeared.
Christy stared at the spot where Athena stood seconds before. "What in the world just happened?" She asked, trying to keep her breadthing normal. Banner chuckled.

"Ok, so you know the greek gods and goddesses, right? They still exisist, and still have kids with Mortals. Your dad attracted Athena, and you were born. Demigods usually go to Camp Half Blood and are trained rigorously until they are ready to be trusted with a quest, usually something to do with saving the world."

"Did you go to camp half blood?" Christy asked. Banner shook his head.

"Uh.,,no. I was more of the ' stick on a deserted island and have him make Zen Gardens while a master Yoga guy learning how to be calm and collected.' Anyways, you were assigned a quest. You are to befriend Loki. This guy is crazy, power hungry, lunatic and he is in desperate need of a best friend. So….there you go. Questions?"

"Only about a million. So you are all demigods?" She asked.

"Most. Steve Rogers isn't. My godly parent is Hermes, god of travel, medicine, and the messenger of the gods. I know this is a lot to take in, but please try not to freak out."
Christy stared at the landing platform as a plane landed. The door opened and Steve Rogers came out, followed by a man dressed in a green...tunic thing with leggings, boots, and a strange antler-like hat. Then came Stark, Natasha Romanoff and another man I have never seen with blond hair and a red cape. All of them looked pretty beat up. Except for the blond with the red cape.
"I guess that's them." Christy sighed. "Which one will I have to befriend?"
"Im guessing the one in handcuffs." Banner said. "That is definitely Loki. Ready to meet your new best friend?" Christy shook her head, but stood up anyways. Banner smiled, "You are definitely a daughter of Athena."
They made it to the room with the glass cage just as Loki was walking in. As he walked in, he looked around and they made eye contact for a second. A hint of a mocking smile came on his face and he looked around the cage.
"Don't even try to escape, "Fury was saying, showing off the features of the cage. Loki had lost his hat, and his long black hair only made his face look paler and hollower. He looked like he hadn't eaten or slept for days. Fury pushed a button and the under the cage the floor fell away and the wind was suctioning the cage down. "Even scratch this thing and you are gone."
"Impressive," Loki said, "But not, I think, made for me."
"No." Said Fury, "Made for something a lot stronger" Loki looked at Banner, then Christy and winked.
"I see." He sat down on the bench and stared out. Fury shook his head and walked out, not before casting a look at Banner and Christy.
"We need to have a conference with you now." he said, "Both of you." then he walked out. Banner followed like a dog. Christy cast one look at Loki, who was staring at her with intensity.
"You are not like the rest..." He said. Christy walked out, thinking with horror how she would have to be this man's friend.