Christy was confused. What had Loki heard? It hadn't been her conversation with her father, he claimed she said things that were absolutely untrue. She shuddered, remembering the look on Loki's face, the betrayel and hate she saw.

She stood up and hurried to the Lab, she needed Stark's help. She paused before she entered, no doubt Tony saw everything. She took a breadth and walked in.

To her surprise, Stark didn't look up as she walked in. He just began talking.

"I checked the records and heard a conversation shortly before you entered between what sounds like you and your dad. I only hear it in Loki's cell, and whats more, I have you and your father in the cafeteria having a very different conversation at the same time."

"So what did he hear?" Christy asked.

"Do you want to listen?" Stark asked. Christy nodded. Stark sighed and pushed play.

The screen showed Loki reading, then played a conversation between her and her father. Christy listened with horror at her fabricated argument.

"No wonder he hates me!" She exclaimed, feeling tears coming on again. Stark put his arm around her comfortingly.

"He doesn't hate you." He said, "if he hates anyone its himself."

"That doesn't really help!" Christy said. Stark sighed and pulled her into a hug.

"What is going on?" Came a voice. Christy turned and saw her father standing there. She stormed past him wordlessly.

Later that night, a young man with curly blond hair wordlessly slipped a tray with soup and three crackers into Loki's cell. Loki felt a quick pang of disappointment that it wasn't Christy bringing him his food, but quickly remembered that they had faught.

So he left the soup untouched, and wished silently that Christy hadn't taken the book.

Christy stayed in her room the whole night, the only person allowed to enter was Tony, and he found her sitting on her bed staring at the wall. She was absentmindedly stroking a stuffed monkey she had kept on her bed since she was seven.

He sat on the edge of her bed. "You going to eat something?" He asked. Christy glared at him."I brought you a chocolate bar…I dunno I guess they help you feel better or something…"

"No thanks Tony." She said.

"He isn't eating either." He said casually. Christy didn't respond. "I told Fury what happened, not all of it, but the part about Loki hearing a conversation that didn't happen. He doesn't know what happened, but Banner and I have a theory."

"I really don't care right now Tony." Christy said.

"I know, but you should hear this. We think it was Ares, god of war, and Fury's father. The gods are arguing constantly, and I think that Ares wanted war to happen. You were getting close enough to changing Loki that Ares feared that the war wouldn't happen." Truthfully, Christy was surprised and did care, but at the moment she just wanted to be alone. So she stared at the wall and said nothing, fighting the urge to cry.

Tony scooted closer to her and put his arm around her, pulling her into a tight hug. She laid her head on his glowy chest and couldn't help the tears that spilt.

Tony said nothing, stroking her hair and holding her like her father should have.