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She was pretty sure she was dying.

Larisa didn't really care that she was currently unladylike because she was fairly certain she was dying because this heat was baking her. She was in an oven and she was baking. Not even Shimon's disapproving tsk could get to her this boiling day. It was so hot and for some reason the air conditioner was broken in a house full of demons with magic fingers. Literally!

Rolling onto her back she stared up at the ceiling with a glare, "Would one of you be willing to send me to the North Pole long enough to get me shivering?" she asked looking at the small table of her demon protectors. Shiro, Loki, Shimon, and Alphonse, the usual four she liked to refer to them.

Kyo was usually on a date with Sam when said girl wasn't here playing with Larisa and Darryl always seemed to have a long line of ladies after him. The triplets were usually with her too, but she didn't really look at them as protectors. They usually actually tried to get her into some kind of mischief, they always pulled her out of danger at the last-minute but they did like the dangerous side. They were still her favorites though. They did whatever she asked and strangely seemed to like taking orders from her, Loki told her it was because they were previously under the thumb of a woman.

Sighing, Shimon looked over with a stern look, "My queen, you need to learn how to look dignify even when your uncomfortable now fix yourself up and learn to bear with the heat," he told her.

Looking at him, Larisa looked away annoyed, "You see that's why your my least favorite," she grumbled ignoring Shimon when he looked like he just got soaked in ice water.

Laughing at his expression, Loki stood up, "He's harsh but he's right my queen, but you can still do what you're doing in a dignify way. All you need is a throne!" he said snapping his fingers. The moment he did, something rose out of the ground underneath Larisa's. In minutes she was on a large throne, it was big enough for her to lay on. It was like a hybrid chaise lounge and a throne, the cushions were red-velvet and so soft. Meanwhile the rest was made of gleaming gold, decorated with diamonds and rubies, "Now you may lounge dignify, my queen!" he said amused.

Looking around, she looked at him, "I was fine with the floor," she told him.

Shrugging he sat back down while Timber and now Thompson both had long fans she had seen in Egyptian movies and began to fan her. Meanwhile, Cantebury was down on one knee with a silver tray holding lemonade and treats. "Seriously?" she asked looking at the other four.

Hearing more footsteps, she looked over her shoulder and found an emotionless Claude, "They like to spoil they're mistresses," he said, ignoring how everyone, even the triplets, tensed at his appearance. Everyone but Larisa however, "Now, if you want to cool yourself down, why do you simply not take a swim," he said looking out at the backyard were a pool was currently showing clean cool water.

Shaking her head, Larisa frowned, "It's no fun swimming alone," she muttered.

Nodding, he pulled at his gloves before he stared at her carefully, "Go for a walk, if you walk around it might take your mind off the heat," he told her. This time he watched his former bride give the outside a rather skittish nervous glance before shaking her head. It would seem she gained a fear of outside, probably because of her lack of memories. "Alright then, how about I make you an ice castle," he said smirking in amusement.

Popping up from the throne, she looked at him curious, "Ice castle? Where are you going to put an ice castle?" she asked him, the yard was filled with the gardens and she didn't really see where else he could put an ice castle not to mention how to hide it.

Smiling, he pointed to a doorway, "I can create a pocket dimension and put it there," he said.

The moment he said that, Shimon stood up with a furious expression, "You're not doing anything with our young mistress! There will be no pocket dimensions coming from you vermin!" he spat.

Raising an eyebrow at that, Larisa looked to Loki for help, "He could trap you in a pocket dimension," he told her.

"Oh, Claude I thought I told you no more tricks!" she said looking at him hurt.

Gazing down at her, he shook his head, "I won't, I already told you I won't be causing anymore ticks with you my queen. They are just paranoid is all, now would you like an ice castle or not, ultimately your word is law not theirs. Unfortunately however, Sebastian's word is law too," he said ending that statement annoyed. He was not a happy camper at all.

Nodding, she sighed, "Alright but no thank you, I just wish the air conditioning wasn't broken," she said falling back onto the throne.

Looking at her confused, he frowned, "It isn't broken, it's off," he said.

Sitting up, she looked at him before looking back at Shimon who was currently sitting a little stiffer than usual while the other looked at him between amusement and disbelief, "You tried training her with no air conditioning?" asked Alphonse, breaking the ice.

"Shimon!" cried Larisa glaring.

Standing up, looking embarrassed he glared out at the others, "I'm trying to train her to be a dignify queen! I want my queen to be someone no man or demon can insult, so excuse me for caring enough to want to train her!" he shouted.

Glaring at him, Larisa sat up, "How does getting me hot and sweaty do that exactly?" she asked him annoyed. Honestly, didn't it just make her appear gross and not dignify, besides she didn't really see why she had to be a queen that was seen. Couldn't she just be unseen all the time? She would be so good at not being seen, she would be excellent at not being seen.

Sighing, Shimon got up leaving the room and moments later the air conditioner kicked on blowing some much-needed cool air at her. Giving a pleased sigh herself, she fell back, "I love him again," she said happily, laying back with her eyes closed. She was getting cool so she was happy again.

"It must suck to be human," said Shiro casually.

Nodding, she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, "Like you wouldn't believe it, you're weak, susceptible to the seasons, not as pretty, and not to mention you can die so easily," she said. To be human was truly annoying, she had so much to worry about and not to mention all the feelings. They could be so inhibiting at times, clouding her mind and keeping her focus away from where it was supposed to be. Then there was the hormones.

Sighing, she sat up and looked at Cantebury who was still sitting silently with his tray of lemonade in his hands, he always looked so stoic. All three of them were stoic. "Can I visit Undertaker?" she asked, looking over at Shimon hopeful. He quickly dashed away her hope for that with a stern shake of his head however, slumping back she glowered back up at the ceiling. "Why not? It's not like he's dangerous, he helped find me didn't he?" she asked.

Glaring, Shimon shook his head, "The Undertaker comes to your aid for reasons of his own," he said.

Rolling her eyes, Larisa gazed up at the ceiling, "This is going to be real boring," she muttered.

The house was boring. She was constantly bored, Shimon was the strictest den mother the world could ever know. He didn't let her have any fun or anything that she would say resembled fun and with no Sebastian to hold him off she wasn't allowed to do anything fun. It was getting to the point that she had taken to stalking her little brother. At least from the safety of a window.

She still wasn't brave enough to venture outside.

Sitting on a chair, she let her head rest against the glass panels all the while waiting for Ciel to emerge from the house. He was a rather peculiar little boy. For some reason he always seemed to be waiting for someone. Ciel seemed so lonely and sad. "Where me and Ciel close?" she asked Claude without looking back at him. She knew he was there, always at her shoulder ready to help or get her anything she needed. Claude was her butler, his job was to assist her.

Moving just enough to make noise, Claude cleared his throat, "Yes, you and Ciel were inseparable for the longest time. When you were younger he was your shadow. In fact you were so close that for a while your little brother thought he had two mothers and a father. It wasn't till he was older did this get corrected. So you two were quite close, I'm fairly certain that you little brother senses your loss," he told her, gazing at Ciel as well.

It seemed not even yesterday that he wanted that boy's soul.

The soul was still delicious, but he didn't desire it like he had at one time. He didn't know what to do now, he was limited in what he could do and he wasn't sure he wanted to do anything anymore. Any more what was the point. All he did was lose to Sebastian and Larisa gave him a look of pity that burned him more than anything. To see her look at him with pity hurt.

"You won't give me my memories back even if I beg will you?" she asked softly.

Sighing, he gazed at the back of her head, "I can't because of how I took them, there's a recovery period with how I took them. If I give them back now then it could hurt you. Sebastian thought I put a lock on them but that wasn't it. If there was only a lock someone who had a great influence could break it with a kiss. I took yours out to stop that from happening should he find you, now I have to wait six more months before I can put them back," he told her .

Turning in her chair, she frowned at him, "Why? Why did you do that?" she asked him.

Crossing his arms, he frowned himself, "I thought if you didn't know he existed I could make you love me instead, it would seem I was wrong about that. If I truly want you to myself I would have to just down right kill him before you could ever met him," he said shaking his head. He wasn't capable of killing Sebastian, he tried and failed so many times.

Sebastian even stopped him from telling her the one secret that could destroy her faith in the bastard, although seeing how it was her it probably wouldn't matter. He could tell her about Sebastian and Ciel and she would probably steam a couple of days but go back to him. Only this time she wouldn't let him near her precious baby brother.

That would change however when she was attacked and Ciel put in danger, Sebastian would swoop in save the day and her trust would be in him once more. That's how it worked. If only he could kill Sebastian, if he was this powerful back when they met Ciel the first time. Pausing, Claude could feel the gears in his head turning as things began to click together. That was it, he needed to kill Sebastian when he was weaker, he needed to go back into the past. Once Sebastian was gone, he could tell himself to seek out Larisa and he would finally win!

She would be his, Sebastian would no longer be a problem, and he would finally have what he wanted.


Hearing the chair clatter as it fell over, Claude looked over when Larisa ducked under the window sill with a panicked expression on her face. Walking over, he looked out the window and found Ciel staring up at it with a puzzled expression. The look on his face was rather amusing at the moment.

Sebastian returned late one night after two weeks of absent. He looked irritated more than anything, apparently Claude's people were all reluctant to call him their king. Sitting next to him, she listened as he and Shimon discussed what to do with their new lands. She didn't really care though, she was concerned with what had gone on throughout the days.

She had begun to notice some strangeness surrounding Ciel. The small boy had taken a page from her book and was following her around or spying on her. She actually caught him, without him knowing, peaking at her from over the wall. The others hadn't caught sight of him because they were usually inside or just preoccupied, but she was curious. Why was her brother watching her? Could something be clicking inside her brother's mind? She asked Claude if people could break memory things on their own or was it a kiss or the person who cast it breaks it.

He said only when the person could feel the loss of said person could they break it.

If they were as close as Claude said, could it be her baby brother was breaking the spell or whatever it was, the demons seemed to grimace when she called it a spell. Gazing up at Sebastian, she watched as he and Shimon talked about whatever it was they were talking about. When it came to this business stuff, she lost interest about five minutes in, if she lasted that long.

Getting ready to leave, she was stopped when Sebastian turned to her and smiled, "So my dear, how have you been? I heard from Shimon you haven't been traveling outside all that much," he said.

Staring at him a few minutes, she shook her head no, she hadn't even considered going outside the walls at this moment. What if she came across someone who knew her, what would she do then? Would she tell them, 'Oh so sorry, I don't have my memories,' yeah that wouldn't alarm anyone and then they would go to her parents and cause them problems.

It was better to just stay inside the walls.

Meanwhile, while she played out that scene in her head Sebastian gave Shimon a questioning a glance as his bride was absorbed into her thoughts, "We think she's afraid. The most she's willing to do is go into the garden, although she did wish to visit the Undertaker, actually she's been quiet insistent I allow her to see the disgraced Shinigami!" he said scowling. After that first time she had asked every day after each time more adamant to visit him.

Nodding, Sebastian sighed, "I figured as much," he said.

Looking at his king surprised, Shimon raised an eyebrow, "Sir?" he questioned.

Smiling, Sebastian turned to Shimon while Larisa shrunk back in her seat, "He's someone she's know the longest, shinigami can create more lasting impressions on people because they're death. She knew him quite well when she was Kotomi, it's only natural she wants to be with the only one her soul truly recognize. With me all she knows is that she can trust me and that she has feelings for me, but she knows him for certain because he's been with her far longer than any one of us have. He even kept her soul with him during his journey after he quit. I would like to know where though," he said.

He fought Undertaker many times during his time as butler and he never once found caught scent of her soul on him. He would know the scent too because her soul was something that once you smelled it you knew it was special, that's how good it smelled. She was delicious.

Watching her finally come out of her thoughts, Larisa looked up at him, "I don't have to go outside do I?" she asked.

Frowning, he crossed his arms, "You need to get back out in the world. You can't stay cooped up forever, but I will go with you. I promise I won't leave you alone anymore. However for now, you may stay within the walls, at least till you feel you right again," he said.

Nodding, Larisa sat back, she felt a tad better but not completely.

Sitting back, she tensed up when a loud knocking was heard at the front door, "Who could that be at this hour?" questioned Sebastian looking at the door. Looking at the clock on the wall, Larisa found it to be at least one in the morning. Hearing yelling, she stood up and stared toward the door cautiously because she knew that voice. Watching it carefully, she was between excitement and worry when none other than Ciel came into the room looking furious.

At first there was only silence, then Ciel began, "You stole my sister!" he yelled glaring at Sebastian.

Silence rang through the house, Ciel had taken to guarding her from what he only knew as unknown forces so she had to commend him for his bravery. Sebastian had an expression that crossed between amazement and annoyance, "So you broke the seal eh, well then I guess we need to explain ourselves don't we," he said sighing, actually looking like he was tired.

Glaring at him, Ciel crossed his arms, "Fine I'll make this easy and ask you questions and you answer, why couldn't I remember her for the longest time and the rest of the family doesn't remember her?" he asked first, still not moving out from in front of her.

Nodding, Sebastian sighed, "Because on your sister's request I took away all your memories of her to spare you the pain of losing her, your attachment to your sister is too strong however. So you remember her because you broke the seal I put on you to make you forget her," he said.

Looking stunned, Ciel frowned, "How is that possible, to make someone forget? Who are you or rather what are you? It's obvious you're not human if you can do that, well maybe, but I have a strong feeling that you're just not human," he said glaring at Sebastian.

Smiling, Sebastian sat down and gave Ciel a look with his usual beautiful smirk in place, "With that accusation you would be correct my little brother-in-law," he said amused.

Looking at him stunned, Ciel looked over to Larisa who frowned at him, "Sebastian is sort of my fiancé, due to some events that happened when I was a four or maybe five. I can't really remember, but we're going to get married someday. Something I want," she told him. She loved Sebastian she knew that even without her memories, just like she knew she loved her brother.

Frowning, Ciel nodded before looking at Sebastian, "What are you?" he asked.

Sighing, Sebastian gestured to himself, "I'm a demon, in fact everyone in this house is a demon and before you begin panicking or yelling I mean your sister no harm. She saved my life and her wish was for a husband perfect for her. I was the only one capable of fulfilling that order," he said.

Frowning, Ciel looked to Larisa, "What about Charles?" he asked her.

Cocking her head confused, Larisa frowned, "Charles?" she asked.

Sighing, Sebastian crossed his arms, "A boy you've been in love with since you were young, you're between being angry with him and loving him at the moment. He left you for a while because he had to go to a secret demon slaying school. He left for this school and you confessed your love to him before he left, then while he was there you never heard from him. Then he came back thinking the two of you would start were you left off," he said getting looks from everyone.

Looking around, he shrugged, "Part of the relationship process is to listen, I actually listen to what she tells me and that was what she told me and what I figured out," he said.

Shaking her head, Larisa sighed, "We have complicated lives don't we?" she asked him.

Smiling, he nodded, "Yes, we have immensely complicated lives," he said.

Sitting beside Ciel, Larisa waited as her little brother processed what she process only weeks ago when she was still being held by Claude. Sebastian and the others left them alone, all the while her little brother cradled his head between hands as his thoughts spun in his mind. It wasn't exactly a joy to find out demons existed and that your family member was attached to one and wouldn't let go.

It was selfish on her behalf, but, she just couldn't imagine life without Sebastian.

Not now at least, frowning at him she watched him carefully itching to wrap an arm around him, "How could you engage yourself to a demon?" he asked her. Did his sister seriously do this because this wasn't something someone in their right mind would do? Gazing at her annoy, he shook his head, "Lala seriously how could you do something like that?!" he cried confused.

Shaking her head, she sighed, "Don't ask me, I was little when I made the wish. Demons equal bad wasn't quite there yet. I think I warmed up to him when he came back was because he showed me even though he was a demon he wasn't a bad person. This time, well Claude kept telling me what to feel and Sebastian let the feelings come to me," she told him shrugging.

Nodding, he frowned, "I still don't really get it but whatever, in the end its your decision and no matter how much I want, I can't force you to do what I want you to do. No matter what I want, if I could, I would, but unfortunately I can't. I want to know something though," he said scowling.

Giving him a look, telling him to carry on Larisa waited for him. He sat for the longest time before he turned to face her, "When you get your memories back, are you planning on telling mom and dad about him and what he really is? Will you even do it? I can't even phantom how they'll react. Dad, might actually take it well but mom…," he said trailing off.

Giving him a puzzled looked, he nodded and continued, "Our dad is Japanese, demons aren't exactly evil in Japan. They're tricksters but not pure evil, like fairies in folklore. They aren't all evil and some are just mischievous, so he would probably take it a lot better. Mom only sees them as evil though, she's going to be thinking hell and brimstone," he told her.

Frowning, Larisa gazed at him, "I don't have an answer for that. What about you though, how do you feel about this? You're my brother, how do you feel about all of this, me with him, a demon. Do you think I'm stupid or do you hate me for it," she asked.

Looking at her, a smile played at the corners of his mouth, "I could never hate you. I love you, you're my big sister and you've always been there for me. Even if I think this is the stupidest thing you've ever done I still feel the same about you as I've always have. So I think you're an idiot, but I love you because you're my idiot!" he said smiling.

Beaming, Larisa hugged him tight, "It's so nice to hear that! I can't wait for my memories of you, you're the best baby brother," she said honestly.

Grabbing her arm, he smiled, "I'm just a brat who's far too attached to my sister. At least according to the twins, but I don't care. I love you because you always make me feel loved and safe. Mom and dad do that but you just give that feeling to me better. All those dreams I use to have always made them seem so fragile and easily taken, but you were different I knew you would never leave me," he said.

Nodding, she gazed at him concerned, "What dreams?" she asked.

Scowling, he looked down, "Dreams of torture and death, but I stopped having them so it's all okay so don't worry about it so much okay. Besides I have you back so things won't be so bad anymore," he said smiling. He could already feel the shadows retreating from his mind since his sister came back to him, it had been so cold and lonely before.

Smiling, Larisa nodded, "I won't ever let you go, I want family and you came to me so you're stuck with me," she said happily. She wanted family, her family and he came right through the door so they wouldn't be parting any time soon. He would be yelling at her to let go all too soon.

Spending a few more minutes together, Ciel finally sat up, "I got to go, I have to get back to my room before momma realizes I'm gone," he said getting up.

Giving him a sad smile she nodded, "You'll come back tomorrow, right?" she asked hopeful.

Nodding, Ciel smiled at her, "I'll come back each day, don't worry now that I know who you are I'm not leaving you alone. Not even demons will stop me from seeing my big sister, I love you and I don't want to be away from you anymore. So, I'll see you tomorrow," he said heading for the door. Following after him, Larisa watched him cross the street and after punching in a code he slipped into the gate and then he actually climbed up a rope of bed sheets.

Feeling someone come up from behind her, she looked back to see Sebastian. He kept his gaze fixated across the street at Ciel's window. "Well, I had a feeling that if anyone broke the seal it would be him, you two were quite close so it was only a matter of time," he said sighing. Gazing at him, she looked away when he gazed down at her. "Now, what would you like to do tonight my dear? It's my first night back since I arrived," he said with a sly smile.

Blushing, she shrugged, "What do you want to do? Since you got back it should be your choice shouldn't it, besides it sounds like it was hard for you. Claude told me demons only sleep for pleasure so will you be divulging tonight?" she asked him curious. All he gave her was a small shrug before grabbing her wrist and pulled her outside, stumbling after him. "Where are we going?" she asked.

Not saying a word, he continued to lead her around the house till they were in the back garden which was illuminated with bright lights. "How would you feel about a couple of weeks alone with me?" he asked her quietly. Gazing at him curious, she raised an eyebrow, "Things in the demon world need to be taken care of and I won't leave you any longer than I have. So everyone will be going back to take care of matters in my land and now Claude's as well. I need to move many of my people to his lands to seize control," he told her. It would be easier if they were bonded but with her in this state now, it seemed bonding with her was even further away than ever. If he had her marked as his and began receiving the power ups then things could be truly taken care of.

No demon would dare rise against him.

In fact the kings would actually begin sighing over to him, swearing their allegiance.

Pulling away, Larisa gazed up at him, "Is this my fault?" she asked. She had a feeling, from the way Shimon griped that Sebastian should have had her already. Done whatever was consider demon marriage and had her locked up in a castle. "I sometimes hear Shimon complain about you wasting your time here," she said quietly.

Gazing down at her venerable expression, he smiled, "No, it's no one's fault but mine. I was arrogant and thought I could have you within a year. I'm sure even with your childhood memories you wouldn't have come so willingly. I'm afraid I've never had the highest respect for women, I've always seen the fairer as, well idiotic and easily manipulated. You however, never fell for my charms or looks and continuously forced me to actually woo you and even then. My bride you make me go through much to gain your love," he said amused.

Blushing, she looked away, "Um, I would say sorry, but you sound sort of like a jerk thinking I would just fall for you," she said amused. "I mean you're really handsome but that's not going to just make me fall for you, I know what I want!" she said. She wanted a guy who would love her and one that she could love, he didn't have to be anything special but he had to be someone she could love.

Nodding, he grabbed her hand and pulled her through the garden, "It would be so much easier for me if you were a shallow girl, but then again I don't think I would like that. It would make things go much easier for me but, I have to say I do like what you're making me experience. The feelings I've come to feel have not only give me strength but I can feel something in my chest that weights quite pleasantly," he told her releasing her hand and folding his arms behind his back.

Listening to his words, Larisa gazed at the ground that was nice to hear. "I don't want to interrupt the moment and all but since your back can I visit with Undertaker now?" she asked. She didn't want to break the mood he was setting but she really wanted to see that mysterious Undertaker some more.

"I really want to see him!" she said in a pleading tone.

Smiling, he nodded, "We will go to see him tomorrow, I promise. Now, it's well past midnight you must be tired!" he said smiling.

Shaking her head, she smiled, "I'm fine, so what would you like to do?" she asked happily.

Giving her a mischievous expression, Sebastian gave her a broad smirk, "I can think of a couple of things," he said cryptically. Before another word could be exchanged Sebastian closed the distant between the two of them and sealed the two of them in a kiss.

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