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Maleficent was furious.

She should have known better than to trust that the Queen would keep her word. Today was to be Princess Aurora's christening, and she wasn't invited. What was worse, Stephan and Hubert were to announce the betrothal of Aurora and Philip.

All of her request for helping that ungrateful bitch of a queen convince had been ignored. She was to be Aurora's Godmother, to have a say in who the princess would marry, to be present at the christening. It was her right as the child's parent!

Of course, neither Stephan or his wife knew that.

When Queen Leah had come to her, asking for help so that she and Stephan could have a child, she had only done half the job, for Aurora was truly Leah's daughter. But the potion she had brewed Leah, had not been a fertility potion. Instead, she had insured that the Queen would be impregnated with her own child instead of Stephan's.

It was to be an unknown act of spite, ensuring that Stephan's line ended with him, which it still would. She truly cared nothing for her child, she was an Evil Fairy after-all, and as a half-ling Aurora would never be able to access her fairy heritage. But as godmother of the princess, she would have been able to influence the girl, and she asked for a say in who she was to marry simply because she wanted to ensure the strength of her own line.

But Aurora WAS merely a tool of hers. Sure, she would have preferred if her child lived, and her plans had worked, but it seemed that revenge need to be taken upon Stephan and Leah for crossing her. Besides, she was still young, for a fairy, at three-hundred years old. She had plenty of time to have another, full-blooded, child.

Striking her staff on the ground, Maleficent teleported herself to Stephan's castle.

She had a gift to give.


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This idea came because, as I was watching Sleeping Beauty, I noticed a resemblance between Aurora and Maleficent, it could have just been my mind playing tricks on me, and it probably was, but it put the idea in my head. Hope you Enjoyed.