They say that each star out there is a whole new world.

I used to wonder if that was true, but having gone out into space, there isn't a doubt in my mind.

And who is to say that they stop there?

If I travel far enough, I wonder if I can find a world that no one has ever been to before.

A world where I'm not just some tag-along.

A world where I can actually do something on my own.

A world, where I exist.

A tall young man stood staring up into the sky, his eyes watchful. Holding a gloved hand up to the sky, he clenched it, grinning. "One day, I'll actually be somebody. Not just a shadow to him." The wind blew softly, his green hat moving lightly on top of his head.

"Luigi! Dinner!" A voice called out.

"Coming Mario!" Luigi said turning around and heading back inside the small house.