A stroke of 'Luck'

"I'm gonna go hunting," Marvel started.

Clove quickly looked up to him, "For food or for tributes?"

The district 1 boy picked up his spear, "For both." He started to walk away from the wreckage of the blown-up careers supply.

"Take a pack," Cato said. He picked up a slightly charred one, "This one isn't that blown up." He tossed it over towards Marvel.

Marvel received the bag in his arms, "Thanks Cato." He slung it over his shoulder and walked away.

"Be careful," Clove warned.

"I will," Marvel started. "See ya. I'll be back by nightfall."


Marvel looked through his newly acquired pack. It was perfect for him, with extra spear heads, a survival knife, a water bottle, some dried fruit, and something that looked a lot like a net. "Sweet," he thought as he looked through his pack.

Out of curiosity, Marvel pulled out the net. It was long, strong, with tightly weaved fibers. It could be of use to him. He then picked out the knife, it had a 5 inch long blade with no signs of bluntness. Clove would be all over it. Thinking smartly, he placed it inside his jacket.


The light sound alerted Marvel instantly. It was the sound of boots crunching on the fallen leaves of the arena floor.

He quickly ducked down behind a fallen log, hoping he wasn't heard. He looked up over the dead tree and saw it.

It was the district 11 girl Rue, AKA, Katniss's ally. She had jumped down from her tree. "Katniss!" she called out.

Marvel stood as still as possible, the odds were getting hot, if she came out, he could spear her in seconds. His cold hands clutched the shaft of his spear.

Katniss came in seconds, "RUE! What are you doing out of the tree?"

"I was listening to the careers," she started. "I know where Peeta is!"

"Fuck…" Marvel thought to himself. He pulled out his net, it could be of use to him.

Katniss lit up, "You do? Where?"

That was his cue. Without hesitation, Marvel stood up and ran towards the two.

Rue was still speaking before she noticed him, "He's right by the ri- KATNISS LOOK OUT!"

Katniss turned around, but by the time she did, she was too late.

That sound of a sharp object burrowing into a human body was heard.

"NOOOO!" Rue yelped.

Katniss looked down at her chest, all she saw was a spear burrowed through, and lots of blood. The feeling of pride erupted through Marvel's body.

BOOM! went the cannon.

Marvel smirked while Rue gasped as the girl on fire fell to the ground, dead.

"Katniss…" Rue said, stunned.

Marvel pulled out his spear, "One down…" He eyes Rue, "And one more to go."

Instantly, Rue made a run for it, but Marvel wasn't going to let her escape that easily. "Not so fast 11," he said with a smirk.

Rue hopped onto the trunk of a slightly far away tree and began one of her signature climbs. Thinking quickly, Marvel threw his net up onto Rue, effectively pulling her down. "EEEP!" she yelped. Once she hit the ground, she tried to get out, but the net was hard to get out of.

In her sheer terror, Rue was dragged by Marvel back to Katniss's speared corpse. Without hesitation, he raised the bloody spear up and plunged it down on Rue.

BOOM! went the cannon.

Blood was everywhere, that's how Marvel liked. As he held Rue's bloody corpse in a net, a feeling of pride spread throughout his body.

He had done it, he had killed the girl on fire, the girl Cato and Clove hated, the girl that dropped a nest of angry Tracker Jackers on him a few nights ago, the girl that got a freaking 11 on her training score. Finally, she was dead.

"I killed them!" Marvel yelped out. He picked up pack and started to run back to the Cornucopia. "CLOVE! CATO! I KILLED THEM!"

Sprinting through the forest, Marvel didn't stop, he kept running and running.

However, as he ran, the district 1 boy tripped on something. "WHOA!"


Marvel groaned as he pushed himself up from the ground, "Ow… the fuck did I trip on?"


He didn't like what he was hearing. He turned his head very slowly. "Shit…"

It was a mutt, Marvel had tripped on a mutt, and that mutt looked pissed. "Nice doggy!" Marvel said in his sweetest voice ever.

Instantly, Marvel stood up and sprinted away, he began screaming like a little girl while he was at it. "AAAAAHHHHHH!"

The mutt had started following him. He didn't bother turning around and fighting it with his spear, he just kept running. But the mutt was faster than Marvel thought, with one leap, it managed to sink its sharp as fuck teeth in his leg. "AAAHHHH!" Marvel yelped as he fell to the ground, dropping his weapons and pack in the process.

The mutt then proved to be stronger than Marvel thought as it managed to easily drag him along the arena floor. He screamed for his life, "AHHHH! BAD DOGGY!"

He had to do something, but his spear and pack were left at the spot where the mutt had jumped him. Marvel then remembered, he had a knife in his jacket pocket. He quickly whipped it out and placed a well-aimed stab on the mutt's face.

It whimpered as it let go of his leg, allowing Marvel to stop in place. His leg was bleeding heavily, more heavily than he could imagine. He had to fight the mutt, so he stood up, knife in hand, and ready to take on the monster in front of him. "Come on doggy, let's see what you got?" Marvel said in an attempt to trash talk a mutated canine.

Instantly, the mutt lunged at him. His reflexes made him stab it in mid-air. Marvel soon found that it didn't do enough as the canine recovered from the blow quick enough to leap back at him.

"WHOA!" Marvel screamed as he was pushed down to the ground with a drooling mutation on top of him. He stabbed it again.

And again.

And again.

Marvel felt the mutts hot blood drip on his face as its sharp claws moves randomly on his body. His chest was getting wet, wet with blood either from himself or the mutt. "Eeeerrr…" he started to wince. His body was failing him, he had to do something.

Using the rest of his strength, Marvel chucked the mutt right to side before slashing it various times with the blood-stained blade.

"Fuckin' finally," Marvel sighed. He placed his hand on his wounded stomach; there was a large gash in it. "Fuck…" he hissed.

There was no time to waste though, hopefully the land mines didn't blow up a first aid kit, or maybe a sponsor saw his battle and thought of sending him some first aid supply. No matter what though, Marvel knew he had to get back to the Cornucopia.

The problem was though; the mutt had destroyed Marvel's leg to the point where he couldn't even put an ounce of weight on it. His attempt to stand up failed him, as he tumbled back to the ground.

The words of Atala echoed into his head, 'Exposure can kill you as easily as a knife.'

Marvel sighed as he spoke aloud, "I should have learned the fuckin' survival skills."

(Back at The Cornucopia a few hours later…)

3 cannons, over the past few hours, 3 cannons fired in the arena.

"Who was left before they fired?" Clove asked.

Cato thought for a second, "There was….. me, you, Marvel, that girl from 5, girl on fire, lover boy who's currently dying at the river, and both of district 11 tributes. So 3 down, 5 left, things are looking good my friend."

At that moment, something hit Clove, "Cato, do you think Marvel's… dead?"

"Well, this is the Hunger Games, there's that possible outcome," Cato stated. "But if he's gone, there ain't a thing we can do about it."

Clove sighed in defeat, "Whatever you say Cato." She tried to sound as 'bloodthirsty-Career-like' as possible. She should've felt happy that another useless tribute would be dying, but in reality, the thought of Marvel's death gave her chills. She didn't know what it was, but the part of her that wanted him alive was stronger than the tiny part that wanted him dead.

The Capitol's symbol lit up in the sky. "Clove, look!" Cato said as he pointed.

Clove snapped out of her thoughts and looked up. The first tribute shown was Peeta Mellark.

Cato smirked a bit, "Looks like his injuries finally killed him."

"Yeah , about that Cato," Clove started. "Why did you just slash his legs? You could've snapped his neck or slit his throat, or done something that could've killed him right there."

"I wanted to make him suffer for hours," Cato explained.

"Yeah, but instead, you hurt him and left him on a riverbank to die instead of just ending his life under the tree," Clove stated.

Cato hung his head low, "Holy shit, you're right." He then held it back up, "Doesn't matter now though, the dude's outta his misery."

Clove shrugged, "I guess so."

The next tributes face was shown, it was Katniss Everdeen.

Cato and Clove's jaws both dropped. "What the fuckin' fuckerson?" Cato openly cursed.

"She's dead?" Clove said as if it were question. Then she began to smile, "WHOO! SHE'S DEAD!" She looked up at the sky, "HEAR THAT KARMA? SUCK ON THAT MOTHERFUCKER!"

Cato was startled by Clove's reaction; he thought that he wanted to kill the girl on fire more than anyone else. He was just proven wrong.

The next and final tribute was shown; it was Rue.

"Oh look," Cato started. "Thresh's little girlfriend's gone. What a shame!"

Clove let out a laugh, "Yeah, total shame." Then it hit her, "Wait, if Marvel isn't up there, then that means…he's alive."

"What?" Cato asked, obviously not listening.

"Marvel's alive Cato," Clove stated. "And he's somewhere out there." With that said, Clove stood up.

Cato raised an eyebrow, "What are you gonna do Clove? Are you gonna go out there?"

"I am," she replied as she started to pack a bag. She looked through the left over Cornucopia items that weren't too burnt up. There wasn't much left, but there was enough to survive for a few more days.

"What? You're really gonna go out into the woods?" Cato questioned a bit more loudly. "To save a guy you met a freakin' week ago?"

Clove nodded as she packed up a first aid kit, some dried fruit, a water bottle, and a sleeping bag, which was pretty much half of what was left. "Pretty much Cato," she said as some sort of goodbye. Once she slung the bag over her shoulder, she walked away from the Cornucopia.

Before leaving his sight however, Clove turned around to add one more thing, "And by the way, the alliance would've ended sooner or later. There are only a few of us left, and I was planning on leaving tomorrow morning."

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