My friend is pointing at a hoodie in BANK, my other friend looks at her and shakes her head in shame.

Emily: your obsessed with hoodies you! Lyndz: well you have a thing for Nathan but I don't complain. We head out of BANK and a group of lads are walking in front of us. I have a strange feeling I know them from somewhere. It takes me a while to figure out. It's the wanted. I tell Emily but she doesn't believe me. I run up behind the lads and say hiya. They're crapping themselves and they turn around. Emily stands there with her mouth wide open. Lyndsey just goes red and becomes really quiet. Max: well, do you want to go for a drink? Have a bit of a convo? I just nod and we all make our way down to costa. We all sit in two rows. Emily, me and lyndsey. Then Nathan, max and tom along with jay and siva. We ask them a few questions. Max puts his hand on my leg and just smiles at me, I smile back but find it quiet weird, we've only just met. They ask us for our numbers and they save them onto their phones. They walk away and we walk back to my car. Me: well, that was awkward. Emily and lyndsey don't have a clue. Me: lets just say max put his hand on my lap. They just stare with wide eyes and we laugh.

A few days later my phone starts wringing, I answer with max's voice asking if all three of us wanted to come to their apartment as it was his birthday. I agree and tell lyndz and Emily. They start to rush around the house, panicking while trying to find the right clothes for this event. Within an hour we are out and head for the car. Lyndsey sits in the back, moaning because her hair doesn't look right. Emily tells her to shut up as we knock on the door. Tom slowly opens the door and is stood with a shirt and jeans. Lyndsey flushes. He opens the door and we enter the living room. Max is stood there. I rush over to him and we hug. Me: I'm sorry I couldn't get you a present. Max: why would I need a present when I got a hot girl like you. Emily just looks at me and says ooooooo it's heating up in here like! I just look at her and she smiles menacingly. Max takes my hand and leads me to the back garden. The others just follow. The garden is a view of the beach which sits on a cliff, there is a small fence which leads to edge and flowers surround the inner edges. There is a round table and max sits me on one of the chairs. Then Emily and lyndsey sit beside me.

After a long chat and lots of drinks, Emily stands up and starts to awkwardly dance, I join her, as well as Nathan, all three of us trip up and go flying on the floor. Emily ends up on Nathan's lap and then they start kissing. I land on my side. Max stands infront of me and pulls me up. He leads me to the cliff edge. Tom takes lyndsey inside the house and closes the door. Max just laughs. He wraps his hands around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. He pulls me close and we kiss. With too much drink I end up knocking out.

The next day I wake up with a hangover. I'm laid with my head on max's chest. We are laid on the floor. Emily and Nathan on the couch. Lyndsey and tom are in the other room. Emily wakes up and just looks at me in horror…..