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Maka's Forgotten Birthday Part 4

Soul's POV

Well it was time. Maka wanted to get some dinner and go home, well she had another thing coming something totally awesome, I bet no one has ever done something so awesome for her birthday not even her father. I finished up getting the gas in the tank and I walked into the small store to pay the guy at the counter, Maka was waiting outside and the clerk stopped me before I left.

"Hey kid"

"Yeah what?"

"nice job"

"She isn't my girlfriend bro"

"She should be you to would make a nice couple"

"You don't even know me and you are telling me this"

"yup, but take it from an older guy, act when you have the chance you know what I mean?"

"yeah I do"

"Tell you what, you know what kind of candy she likes?"

"Yeah, Twix but I'm a kitkat fan myself"

"Well here take a king size twix for your girl and a kitkat for yourself"

"Wow really no charge"

"hey you got a good thing going with that girl and you have bought a lot of fuel from me so its the least I can do"

"Well thanks man thats cool of you"

"Hahahah, well ok good luck kid"

"Thanks" not that I need it anyways the ride is about 10 minutes from here so the candy will hold her over hopefully and then we can stop off at the house and change.

I walk out of the store over to Maka and closed up the gas tank and check the oil level really quick.

"You want to drive home too?"

"I thought you said you had plans for us?"

"Oh I do but we need to change for this, into something nice, kinda fancy I guess you could say."

"Wow really?"

I could tell she was being sarcastic on that one.

"Well do you want to drive or not?"

"No you can drive now it is your bike, I don't want you getting lonely from being away from it."

I could hear the sarcasm again. If only she knew, I don't need any old bike I only need her.

"Alright then, so you wont mind holding onto me for a change then?"

"I guess"

Funny she blushed when she said that.

"Stop looking at me Soul."

"ok ok fine"

We get on the bike and I go straight home, it did feel good to be back on a bike again and even better to be doing 80 in a 35 zone. When we got to the parking garage for the apartment Maka jumped off first thing to scold me about going so fast.


"Hey hey hey, you're one to talk miss 70 in a 40 zone"

"So that wasn't even double and it was my first time to you did well over double"

"ok ok sheeesh point taken.. but.. did you have fun is the real question?"

She stopped and I saw all that anger just disappear like sand in the wind.. or something like that im not good with metaphors I should have payed attention in literacy class when we still had it. She stopped and again I think I saw her blush as she looked down at the ground.

"Um yeah I did, I had fun Soul... thankyou."

The sun was setting not much time left I gave her the candy bar and she gave me a hug and she insisted on paying me back. What was with her its her flippin'... ?... She doesn't know... She forgot? Wow, this could work.

"look lets head up and get ready we have to meet the reservations"

"umm Soul what reservations?"

"Haha you'll see come on we need to hurry"

I take my keys out of the ignition and we walk to the apartment, it wasn't even my birthday and I was getting butterflies in my stomach.

Maka's POV

I finished off the candy bar as we head up to the apartment, I shared a little with Soul and he gave me some of his kitkat, I don't get why he likes them so much there isn't even caramel on them. I wonder how it would taste if you dipped a kitkat in Carmel. (some one reading this will try that I know it) As we walked up the stairs I considered asking him about the kitkat but what was the point really, he would try to tell me that his is better because only cool guys eat kitkat or something stupid. We walked into the apartment. I'm surprised that Soul had remembered his key for once and didn't have to ask me. Soul immediately went to his room to change, I set my books, school stuff and candy down and started to walk to my room but when I turned around Soul was already ready in front of me in his best black suit, Jesus did he Strip in his room or something? and have that on under all his close? what hurry was he in?

"Well you have 5 minutes Maka"

"um o-o-ok"

I went into my room, honestly I didn't know what in this flippin' world to wear, how do you dress yourself for someplace you have no clue about, you don't know if you need to look like a couple or if you need to look fancy or any of that stuff if only Soul was in my room I would slug him and demand to know. So that made me think back to when my father got me a black dress I still had it in a box in the back of my closet I honestly didn't want it, it came from a boozed up crazy red head who hurt my mother why on earth would I want it besides it was to big for me, well when he gave it to me at least. Well I guess now is better then never but if my father is at this place and sees me in that stupid dress I swear I will kill soul and chop my father until some brain damage took effect, not that he wasn't brain dead already. After a few seconds I was dressed but I couldn't get my hair right , I can always dress fast but my hair stops everything. Why wouldn't it f***kin' straighten! I didn't want my normal pig tails with this dress, purple or green just didn't match with this style of black. It was a tube dress kinda tight though and with just two straps and an open back, not a huge gap but a little. It had flared transparent ends too. It was above my ankles and I'm not sure if it was supposed to be or not. But whatever I found some dress shoes and thank god they were not heals I hate heals, my father bought them for me once. He was out cold for a week, I don't think I need to explain any further. Well may hair was as good as it was going to get I took enough time so I might as well show Soul. I came out of my room and Soul was leaning back in one of our kitchen table chairs. As soon as he saw me his jaw dropped and he fell backwards out of the chair onto the floor with a loud thud. I take it he likes the dress.

"Well Maka you knocked me off my feet hahaha"

Don't be so literal Soul, now are we going or not? I should probably get over there and check to see if he is ok or not.

Soul's POV

I was sitting in the chair and leaning back, what was the point of sitting and don't being comfortable? Maka comes out in this amazing black dress I have never seen before, were on earth did she get it? She was absolutely stunning, beautiful all those good words, I just wanted to get up there and kiss her. When I tried to move though I lost my balance, and fell out of the chair with. Uncool. I started to get up thinking of what to say, nothing. I had nothing to say I was speechless she made me speechless, think Soul think, come on man think this is your chance don't blow it!

"Haha you knocked me off my feet maka." -blew it-

I got up and picked up the chair nothing broken on me or the chair that was good. Maka was at my side in a hurry asking if I was ok or if I hit my head, I don't think I did or did I? Hu not sure.

"you're alright?"

"im fine maka, don't worry lets go we don't want to miss the reservations"

"Soul im not going unless you're ok if you passout while we're driving, I swear if you don't die I'll kill you for scaring me"

Wow didn't think she cared that much surprising enough, I reassured her and we got going and the ride was smooth as ever at night you would think everyone would be out because its time to party but the roads were bare. It took us about 8 minutes so I had no issue walking the door all dressed up and not being late for once. The waiter came up to me and we talked.

"Ah so good to see you sir I expect this is her and you are here for your reservations?"

"You got it."

That waiter guy just rubbed me the wrong way even when he was in a suit. It must have been that monocle he wore I just didn't like it gave him a sinister look. I shouldn't worry its Maka's night and this needs to be perfect. The waiter takes us to our table and in the background a jazz band starts to play, then a piano comes in along with a sax to mix with the trumpet and with that they were all in sync. Maka was easily enticed by the piano I could tell what she was going to say to me next.

"Hey Soul"


"You should play for me again sometime"

"Maybe" dang I was spot on with what she was going to say, now if only we had a piano at the house might I play but I'd rather not. Too many memories of my parents, it sends a cold shiver down my spine.

"um Soul?"

"Thats my name, try not to wear it out"

"Oh sorry"

"It's ok maka don't take it so seriously, what did you want to ask?"

"Well this place is empty if you haven't noticed the only people here is us the band and the people in the kitchen, why"

"To let you know maka I have reserved this entire place for the next hour and forty five minutes just for us"

"UHH what no way! Why ? Didn't that cost a fortune?

"Maka Maka Maka calm down ok look, … do you know what day it is?"

Maka's POV

Soul leaned in with a smirk on his face and asked me what day it was. What the heck I don't know what does it matter! Well lets see yesterday was Wednesday so today is Thursday, so Thursday the 13 or 14th no big deal.

"Uhh Thurs-"

"No no no, I mean the month and day"

"The month?"


"UM April 14 why"

"Do you know what the 14th is Maka?"

"Of course April 14 is my birth-"

"Aahhh see and today is th 14th now isn't it"



"Thats right Maka, Happy 15th Birthday"

I stared down at my feet and felt my face heat up quickly again, no doubt my face was the color of his crimson under-shirt. The waiter came up behind Soul and handed him a light blue starkly package like the one in the dream only thicker and with lighter wrapping paper. He set it on the table after making what seemed like a designated place, he moved his napkin and silver wear. What was weird he treated it as if were a nuclear bomb or something.

"Well Maka lets have a dance shall we?"

"But Soul whats in the package?

"Thats for later, no worries now may I treat you to a dance? Just for the birthday Girl."

He held out his hand and had the sweetest smile on his face. He looked like a happy little puppy how the F**k do you deny that, now I understand why people are always wanting to adopt little cats, I did for a while but Blair kinda ruined that one for me, well whatever I wanted a kitten again.

"Sure Soul, why not"

Honestly I'm not the best at dancing, I know all girls want to be swept of their feet on the dance floor or something stupid like that but not me I wanted to stay as far away from the dance floor as possible. Maybe someone like me will sweep me off my feet in the reference section of the library, only Soul would know that I want that and I can trust him not to spread it. We got onto the dance floor and the band was prime and we waltzed it was really nice for Soul to do something like this but all while it was happening he didn't once take his eyes off me, he looked so happy and well it kinda pissed me off. STOP FUCKING STARING AT ME SOUL! I only wish I could say that out loud and chop him one but for what he was doing for me, on my birthday he must have given away every penny he had just for me. I blushed a little no one has ever been so nice to me, it felt different, my father always tried but I would rather not go into detail on that.

Soul's POV

Maka was so beautiful tonight, she was absolutely stunning I couldn't stop looking at her I got lost in her eyes they were so green it mad me feel warm and happy inside and I couldn't seem to get enough of that feeling I wanted it to last. She kept blushing and looking away, it was quite cute actually it was just another thing I loved about her she was so shy and I well I like it because it means that when she opens up its really meaningful and truthful and she has only opened up to me and well I was grateful in a way, I guess you have to look at it like this, she hates her father to her core and he is her only blood only family because her mother is god knows were and she only opens up to me to talk to me and well that means she values me a little more then family or thinks of me like family, she would bring her feelings to me rather than her father and I could easily turn it around into a rumor or joke or something humiliating to the entire school town or world and yet she trusts me, and I owe her one, and I think I showed my gratitude. The waiter came and said the cooks were ready to make anything we please I ordered a dish of penny vodka pasta, spicy and cheesy I wonder why they put the word vodka in it supposedly there wasn't any in it at all, maka ordered some normal Linguine

"Maka order whatever you feel like, my wallet is wide open don't worry about it have anything you want don't worry about prices ok"

"Umm really its to much I cant do that what will we do for rent? Seriously"

"Maka its ok have what you really want, I payed the rent off for the next 2 months it's ok"

"Ok then can I get a Parmesan tortellini with extra marinara?"

"Of course"

The waiter left and had the meals prepared fresh and said we had about eight minutes and the meals will be ready.

Maka's POV

Of course, of course is what he said to me looking at me with his dreamy red eyes so happily, is he on dope? Should I be worried I'm already freaking out here maybe I'm drugged! I didn't know it was my birthday, Soul is on a rich man binge, not to mention a romantic spree, and Reserved an entire restaurant just to have a dance with me and dinner. For once I think I want my father to come in and break us up, but also in a way I didn't. I'm such a contradiction, I liked being close to soul and I admire what he was trying to do but it was all to much all so sudden it was an onslaught of emotions from him, has he been bottling all this up? If so how long? Why were there so many damn questions! We danced a little more and I got a little uneasy after some twirls so we stopped and went to our seats. The band kept playing and the song was quite familiar, Soul had once played a song for me before we became weapon and mister and he told me "This song is who I am," and he played the most beautiful song I think I had ever heard, it was in the air, the man behind the piano was splaying the song and it seemed there were matching parts for the rest of the band. Soul spoke up.

"I'll be damed they learned it that quick."


"Maka I know you liked the song i played for you that long time ago so I replayed it and made some sheet music for it and made a few extra parts for it, then I came her a few times a month to listen to this band play, we talked a bunch and I convinced them to learn the song but not play it for anyone, only on this day could they play it just for us."

"Soul why would you go to all this trouble? You're not on dope are you?"

"What! No! Maka I'm doing this for you"

"But why. Why why why, tell me Soul"

"Lets just have dinner shall we thats our meal there"

The waiter placed our meals down in front of us and said

"Here is to the soon to be couple, enjoy" and he walked away.

"Soul tell me now or I'll use this chair to knock your brains from your head."

"Maka I'll tell you everything but lets eat I'm hungry and I think you are too."

Can't deny that I was hungry everything looked delicious, so we ate and I asked more questions and Soul did answer just not in the best ways, I decided to throw off the questions and enjoy myself but as soon as we got home soul had another thing coming, lets just say a game or 50 questions. We finished up and the waiter took out plates and said he would be back with the cake and ice cream.



"Before when the waiter said here is to the soon to be couple what did he mean are you wanting to be a couple?"

"Maka nothing would make me more happy then to be with you but I really don't want to ruin anything ok, so I would rather leave it to you I don't want to force you into anything. Also you were asking what the package was well here. Open it."

Soul handed me the package and I took it from him when the wrapping paper moved on whatever was under it it felt waxy and rough like a plastic it was a little of setting but I opened it, I was amazed that Soul put some effort into something for once you should have seen the corners on this packaged they were perfect I should have taken a picture or something, if I was ever mad at soul for some reason there was a but load off black mail strewn about this day. I opened the package and it was blacked out plastic.

"Soul this isn't a joke is it?"

"Nope its just the shipping paper, open it you're going to love it."

I opened the plastic and there were to books in my hands, parts of one of the rarest collections, well supposedly. They are acclaimed very good books though they were the ones I had been searching for for over 2 years now, Death in Venice and Toura De Romance in Italy, how on earth did he come by these as far as I knew they were lost or burned, or in high security of the person who actually owned the book or books.

"Soul how did you get these? You didn't rob a bank or something did you?"

"Hahaha Maka I didn't rob anyone lets just say I know some people and they owed me ok"

"Like mafia tradesmen?"

"What? No"

"Your parents?"


"Your brother?"

"AH auh"

"Kid? He has a huge library"


"Then who?"

"Maka don't worry about it its a gift from me to you, just enjoy it, do you like or not?"

"Well I do like it but how did you now? you cant read minds and if you can why not tell me?"

"It's simpler than you think, when ever you got off the computer and I got on you left a page up on two books usually a buy website saying they were out of copies or some kind of biography page, so after seeing it about 12 times I figured you were dieing to have them so I talked to some friends and pulled some strings and was able to get them, granted not the best condition that you may want but still both are the enter whole book."

"Soul I-I"

"Look Maka when was the last time you had something special done for you?"

"Well a long time ago"

"Exactly, you deserve it, especially with what we have been through and putting up with me for all these years. Even if this did come from some Mafia tradesmen."

I giggled a little and when the Waited gave us our slices of cake he gave Soul a funny look when he said mafia, hopefully he didn't get any ideas.

"Ma' am Would you like the rest of the chocolate cake to go once done with your piece here?"

"Sure why not" and he left to go package it, I quickly got back to Soul though.

"Don't you think its a little much?"

"For you. Not. At. All."

I couldn't help but blush, this was the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time, I doubt my father would be able to do such a thing. I looked down at the books sitting in my lap, almost brand new, for me, after more than two years they were here in my lap. I couldn't help but to cry a little.

""Soul * sniff * thankyou"

"WWWAAA! Why are you crying! did I do something wrong?"

"No not at all."

Soul's POV

OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP! What the heck maka isn't supposed to be crying, she should be happy, what do I do I though she wanted the books? Crap so uncool. What do I say! shit!

"Uh-hh hey umm look don't cry, it's ok I can always get you something else."


"AAAHHH gah what the heck maka those are a present not a weapon!"

"Soul haven't you ever heard about of tears of joy?"

"UM? No"

"Well they exist and I wasn't crying they were tears of joy ok, got it ? Or should I chop you again?"

"Um? No ? No chopping and ok I get it."

"You are so stupid sometimes you know that Soul"

"Hey I did all of this for you didn't I ?"

"Yes you did, and thankyou for that."

Her tone suddenly got quiet and serious there was a sense of happiness in there, she was being honest and well I think that she really enjoyed what I had done. Time to finish part three of the plan. I pull my chair beside hers and put my arm around her, and she leaned into my shoulder, she opened the book and read some to me while we listened to the band play. After a few pages we stopped.

"Hey maka?"

"Yes soul?"

She looked at me with her wide green eyes, it made me feel warm and happy inside. She looked so stunning I wanted to hold her in my arms, kiss her and never let go of her, she meant so much to me.

"How about one last dance? Just us"

"Soul there isn't anyone else here silly"

"I know but what do you say?"


Once the cake was on the table in the box we got out to the dance floor. We waltzed for a little while and to my surprise I didn't get my feet stepped on I think she was getting the hang on this.

"Hey Maka?"

"Yes Soul?"

"Look I guess I can answer some of your questions now, just because ok."

"No need, you did all of this for me, what are a few questions hu? Besides most have been awnsered already without me needing to ask"

"Well then let me answer just one ok"


"You asked me why the waiter said "to the soon to be couple", well thats because, I have a question for you"

"Answering a question with a question not so smooth, thats not like you Soul."

"Well its a big question, and well its only yes or no."

"Well spill it already, do you want your answer or not?"

"umm well- I , could, will ahhh"

"Come on Soul it can't be that hard"

"Look .. Do you want.. to go out with me?"

She stopped, pulled away and took a few steps back then just stared at me with wide eyes, oh please god, let her say yes, thats all I want just let her say yes.

"Soul I-I, its so sudden"

"If you don't-"

"Of course I'll be your Girlfriend!"

She ran up to me and hugged me and almost took me to the ground. Maybe she could be the quarter back the next time we played football with the gang.

"Well it's settled, we're official now how about that"

"Yeah, well may I ask a question now?"

"You just did but sure"

"How long have you been wanting to ask me this? Well how long have you felt about me"

"Ehh for a while I guess, a little before we fought the kishn, but the again I have always liked you. But feelings can grow and change and I guess thats what happened.


"Something wrong?"

"No it's just, I.. its kinda, no.. what I mean, well sorta I.. just"

"Maka maka calm down just take a breath and think about what you want to say"

"ok" * sigh * "Look, I like you to, a lot, for a while really, about since we met."

This set me back a little, literally I had to stop dancing with her and thought about it for a second.

"Wait so like when?"

"Well a little before we became weapon and mister, I really wanted to know you and get close to you, but well we were partners not girlfriend and boyfriend so I never bothered with my feelings."

"You could have told me you know"

"And ruin everything no thanks Soul"

"Ok I see your point, but let me asked you have we ruined everything?"

"No bu-"

"Exactly, besides it's all in the past so no worries, focus on now"

"How am I supposed to do that? We are always looking at the future do we not?"

Maka's POV

Live in the present, how was I supposed to do that? I'm always looking every wear but.

"Soul how do you expect me to do that you-"

I was cut of when he leaned in and told me

"Like this"

Like what how the hell was I supposed to know-, my thinking was cut of immediately when I felt something. Not anything, it was warm and soothing, it was Soul and his wavelength but he also,was, giving me a kiss. It Felt so passionate and caring I melted under the feeling and I couldn't help myself I put my hands through his silky white hair and kissed back. I think I know what love is now and time seemed to stop, for a moment I thought I heard bells ringing. Not to ruin it or anything but someone should have had a timer I know it was so romantic but I think I set the world record for the most amount of time going without a breath seriously it must have been 20minutes, but still the best 20minites of all time. For me at least. We came out of the kiss and I rested mt head on his chest. I felt him rest his chin on my head, but lightly otherwise it probably would have felt like one of my chops. We pulled me closer and then he started to move and I realized he was pulling my hands onto his shoulders, I guess he wanted to dance again, I didn't bother to move I just let him adjust my arms. A slow song started as the band seemed to have taken a quick break. We swayed to the music and listened to the sound of the quiet sax and a little trumpet here and there. It was perfect. The night went on, the band was prime, we were full from out meals, and Soul had me tight as we moved to the music.

Thankyou Soul, this has been the best birthday I think I'll ever have.

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