Konoha's Assassin:

The Right Hand of the Hokage

Chapter 6


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Naruto hummed as he perched on the top of the Hokage's tower, scanning the village with his eagle vision. He had just met with the old man a few minutes before the Jounin meeting was scheduled to start concerning who they'd allow to sign up for the exams. The Jounin sensei were required to be there but any Jounin could attend if they wanted to, usually just to be nosy and see what was going on. Sometimes there were meetings where all Jounin were required to attend but he was usually already in the loop, seeing as he was basically the Hokage's personal assassin and friend, and was rarely required to show up.

The month leading up to the exam was slow and pretty boring, he sometimes showed up to check in on Ibiki and Anko to see if anything was needed for the first and second exams, which were usually already being taken care of by Chunin desk jockeys. Ibiki had already figured out why he was told to 'help' seeing as he, like Kakashi, had worked with the blond before and knew his real status as the Leaf Village's Master Assassin.

Anko on the other hand didn't know the reason he had been assigned to 'help' and made allegations that it was because people didn't trust her and that the council had ordered that he watch her in case she tried anything. He assured her that the council had nothing to do with it and that the Hokage himself would trust her with his life. The council would bust a nut to be able to control what goes on with the exam but any tricks they tried with it were always stopped as anything that happened had to go through the Hokage himself and if they were to try and force anything, they'd be subjected to torture and execution. Mainly because the Chunin exam was a ninja-only event and had foreign ninja participating. Any tricks like trying to sabotage the other ninja and Konoha would find themselves fighting a war against every nation with little to no backing from the Fire Lord or their ally Suna.

It was bad enough that he and the Hokage were planning to assassinate people during the exam, even if it was to protect the village from threats. The last thing they needed was some arrogant merchants thinking that they can go and try to make another village's genin look bad by sabotaging them and thinking that they were untouchable. The main reason they were caught in the past was because their ego caused them to boast about it.

Anyway, he and Anko were on better terms now, if anything she seemed to like flirting with him, something he made sure to do right back to here.

Naruto stopped and turned his eagle vision off and on to get a colored view as he saw Konohamaru running with his two friends Moegi and Udon, all of which were being chased by a young pink haired girl…

"What the hell is Kakashi's genin doing?" he huffed, watching her chase them angrily while waving her fast.

Despite her being a genin, Naruto expected the three academy students to escape, especially with them trying hard to copy him and his style. It wasn't until the boy made a turn down an alley and ran into another person did he start to worry, especially when said person was glowing red.

Vanishing from his perch, Naruto quickly made his way over to find Konohamaru being held up by his shirt while a young man wearing a black cat-suit looking thing with make-up on his face.


Konohamaru wasn't having a good day, first off when he woke up this morning his grandma made him take a bath, his uncle Asuma had gotten in there first so half way though it the hot water ran out and it felt like swimming in ice water. Then he had to clean his room before his grandma would let him go out and play with Moegi and Udon.

So by the time he finished, it was close to noon so they set out to scour the village and try to find their boss, the 24 year old Uzumaki Naruto who played with them and showed them cool things every once in a while. But they couldn't find him and ended up running into a pink haired girl who was swooning in the middle of the road, saying something about a Sasuke-kun or something like that.

She bumped into him and he made a comment about her forehead, causing her to glare and start chasing after him. And low and behold, here he was, having run into some weirdo wearing makeup, the guy picked him up and started threatening to beat him up.

He was scared, who knew was a freak wearing girls make-up would do? But all that fear vanished when a figure appeared behind the strange person with a small, soundless flurry of leaves.

The slightly older girl a few feet away from the one holding him jumped at the sudden, silent arrival of this new person, obviously a ninja of the village if the Leaf Body Flicker was anything to go by. But she had warned her brother that he could get in trouble for this so as far as she was concerned, he was getting what was coming to him. After-all, this hooded man wouldn't harm him too bad she figured.

The teen holding him saw the fear fade away and raised an eyebrow at the boys sudden grin, "What're you smiling at you little-"


Naruto arrived via a silent body flicker and stood behind the genin holding and threatening the young academy student, the sun was facing them and he was suppressing his chakra to the point where he could hide from a ANBU-level chakra sensor so as far at the teen knew, nothing was wrong.

Konohamaru saw him and grinned, knowing that he was safe from this genin.

The assassin reached out to take a hold of the Suna ninja's shoulder with his thumb and middle finger.

"What're are you smiling at you little-" started the foreign genin before throwing his head back, tensing his neck, and emitting a strained cry as a sudden pain in the junction between his neck and shoulder nearly crippled him as he yelped "AHH… Let go! Let go!"

The sudden surprise attack caused him to release Konohamaru, letting the boy drop to the ground where he landed on even footing and back off to where his friends were standing with Sakura close by. The black clad teen arced his back, face twisting and contorting with each movement causing varying levels of pain to course up and down his spine while his knees were on the verge of giving out.

"Attacking civilians in a foreign village is one thing," Naruto mused evenly while keeping a steady iron-like grip on the teen as he tried to escape or at the very least find the least painful position to stand in, "But your threatening the child of a very important figure here in our village, that could end very badly for both you and your village, especially with said child being the Hokage's only grandson."

The hooded assassin turned, making his temporary prisoner cry out like a wimp as he was forced to quickly sidestep like a crap to keep up.

The sandy blond female standing a few feet away finally saw part of the hooded male's face as he turned with her brother in tow and got a better look at this man.

Dressed in a pair of dark gray pants that were very faded along the legs to the point of seeming off white near the bottom, a brown belt around his waist, and a white long sleeved hooded coat with the inside being lined in red cloth that was open near the top to show his grey shirt underneath, the only part of his face that she could see that wasn't hidden underneath that white hood was his smirking mouth and about the lower half of his nose and about the middle of his cheeks, the rest was obscured by shadows and cloth. He had a light shadowy beard growing on his face, as if he skipped shaving that morning and if she was correct, he'd most likely be in his early to mid twenties.

"You should be ashamed of yourself, acting like a child…" he spoke while releasing the ailing teen and lightly pushing the boy towards the sandy blond. The teen had already thrown himself forward to get away at the first chance he got so the shove made him stumble.

"Why you-" started the make-up wearing teen as he turned, glaring hatefully at the hooded man as he held his aching neck, he looked like he wanted to fight but the blond girl grabbed his other shoulder and pulled him back.

"Temari?" he exclaimed, sounding annoyed and slightly betrayed.

The girl, Temari shook her head, "Stop it Kankuro, we don't need any trouble with the Chunin exams only a week away. Besides, he already beat you." she replied before leveling him with a glare of her own with her dark green eyes, making her brother flinch away.

She then turned back to the others, "Sorry about my brother, he's just an idiot."

Naruto gave her a smile and approached her, making her cheeks heat up as she got a closer look at him, "It's no problem, after all kids will be kids…"

Neither Temari or Kankuro missed the thinly veiled barb directed to the make-up wearer.

"I heard that your name was Temari, I'm Naruto… it's so nice to meet such a cute desert flower so far from her home." He continued while taking her hand and kissing it, making her cheeks darken slightly despite her effort to hide it. "I'm shocked that no one has offered to show such a beauty around the village, I'd offer to take you on a tour now but we both seem to have a child to take care of. How about tonight around eight, after our respective children are put to bed, I'll meet you and show you the highlights of the Hidden Leaf Village…"

All she could do not to embarrass herself was nod, making the blue eyed blond smile at her.

"Good, how about I meet you in the village square tonight… Temari-chan?"

A nod.

He took her hand again and kissed it again, "Then I shall see you tonight…" he cooed before glancing at her brother, "If you need, I may know someone who'd be willing to baby sit your baby brother-"

Kankuro snarled and lunged, foregoing any ninja training and going for a tackle only for Naruto to vanish, his mocking laughter echoing around them before he appeared next to Konohamaru and company, "Farewell for now Temari-chan, I'll see you tonight." he called before motioning to the young children, "Come along you three,"

Moegi, Konohamaru, and Udon nodded and happily followed the blond as he walked away from the two sand ninja and turned the corner, leaving Sakura alone while Temari and her younger brother went the other way.

Minutes after the alley was cleared, a red head appeared in a tree, landing on a limb that hung over the fence. With an uncaring look, the person looked around with their arms crossed before vanishing once again, leaving only a small cloud of sand before it fell to the limb and dirt below.


The Hokage sat back in his chair, pipe in hand while slowly exhaling a puff of smoke from his mouth. In front of him, around twenty ninja stood in front of him as they occupied one of the secure meeting rooms designed for him to address larger groups of his ninja at once.

It was rather bare but at the same time why waste money making the room look nice when it wasn't used as much? The floors were smooth and made of pieces of stone that had been fitted together perfectly, the walls were the same but had green cloth draped over most of it. His desk sat close to the back wall, centered on a large red carpet with gold edges while a massive chair that could double as a couch sat behind it. There was also a smaller desk next to his where a well known and respected Chunin sat with a stack of forms and a clipboard.

The man's name was Iruka, a Chunin sensei that taught the fresh batch of genin that just graduated a few months back. He was to be the Hokage's assistant for the day seeing as the academy had closed for a small break.

The meeting had been a little slow to start, with him beginning by reminding them that it was time for the village to host the Chunin exams and the rules they must follow as sensei, stopping to give a few of them stern looks. He then asked who wanted to sign their teams up and listened to their reasoning before nodding, giving his approval and signaling the sensei to walk over to Iruka and get the forms that their genin would have to fill out while he found and marked said team on his clipboard.

"Enough," he stated firmly, opening his eyes and looking at both Kakashi and Iruka, who had been going back and forth over the Jounin sensei's choice at nominating their fresh faced teams, rookies which Iruka had taught. Asuma and Kurenai had also nominated their genin, but the shock hadn't worn off until Kakashi did the same, leading to the verbal match between the two.

His voice wasn't loud, if anything it was a whisper compared to those two, but the effect was instantaneous and both shut up. He had listened to both sides as they went back and forth, Kakashi believed that they were ready while Iruka challenged his decision by pointing out the sad fact that Sakura was one of those few fan girls that managed to avoid the chopping block.

The three Jounin stand by their decision firmly, Kakashi's reminder that the genin were no longer Iruka's students but ninja under their respective Jounin's and by default, the Hokage's command being a major blow to the Chunin teacher's case. Not only that but the fact that Iruka hadn't seen them in quite a while also played a role and as far as he knew, they could've improved by leaps and bounds while he still thought of them as students at the academy.

But in the end, the decision was the Hokage's to make, only he could approve of them entering, which he did.


Gate duty wasn't much of a mission, in fact it was usually assigned by the month to two Chunin teams of two who would be posted at their assigned gate from seven in the morning when the gates were opened until they were closed again twelve hours later. They were mainly messengers to tell the truth, ANBU patrolled the walls and were usually posted nearby to handle any real danger that may come up, their duty was to alert the Hokage should anything noteworthy happen. But they were allowed to stop any suspicious people and question them if they had to and were required to stop any foreign ninja and ask for identification and their reason for coming.

But at the same time, it was considered to be the toughest for some. Sitting in a small guard station for twelve hours, watching the travelers come by, arguing over who got the chance to run down the street to pick up their lunch or dinner which was usually free.

Aside from the mission pay and the free food, one of the other things that made this mission worth it to some was that after your shift, you got the next day off while the second team took guard duty at the gate.

The first had long, spiky, black hair and dark eyes. He had a strip of bandage running across the bridge of his nose and what seemed to be a clan mark on his chin that looked like a painted beard. He also wore a standard Konoha uniform of dark blue pants, a matching shirt with long sleeves, his Chunin vest, and a standard forehead protector. His name was Kotetsu Hagane.

The second had brown hair that was combed down to cover the right side of his face, covering one of his dark colored eyes. Like the other Chunin, he wore a matching outfit but wore a bandana with the forehead protector on it while his dark blue shirt had a longer neck that reached his chin. His name was Izumo Kamizuki.

"Why do we always get this job?" huffed Kotetsu as he sat in the guard station with his partner next to him, "It seems like we've done this mission more than anyone else in the entire-"

But before he could continue a sudden voice from behind cut him off, "Hey what you guys doing?"

Jumping and looking like scared little genin, the pair all but ran a few feet before turning to see Naruto smirking at them with his hood down. But their fright wasn't unfounded, the guard station only had one large window and one door, both of which were in plain view.

"Damn it Naruto, how the hell do you do that shit!" continued Kotetsu as the pair returned, "There's no way you could've got in here!"

The blond looked around, "And yet… here I am, I'm starting to think that you lied to me back when I asked why your both still Chunin."

Izumo shook his head, "I'd rather stay a Chunin, guard duty is fine for me," he spoke before adding sagely, "Guarding Konoha and the villagers is the best mission you could get,"

The assassin couldn't really argue with that, it was a belief he also heard and believed although at the same time he kinda went about it in another way. While they were content to sit there and people watch, he guarded the village and it's inhabitants by hunting and killing those deemed a threat to it by the Hokage.

"True… but I didn't come here to discuss philosophies, I know what you two are doing in seven days," he stated, telling them that he knew that they would be helping Ibiki with the first exam, something that they were about to deny as they were suppose to hide it. "Don't worry, I'm doing the same… in a way. But listen, I need you to do something…"


Looking at the clock in her hotel room, Temari couldn't help but feel excited as 8:00 rolled around. She had never gone on a date before with her being the Kazekage's daughter and all, especially with her little sister Gaara being a murderous psychopath who'd kill someone for no reason at all. Honestly, she didn't know what to expect, a few years back she had read this book that she found while snooping through her dads room that had been about man taking a girl out on a date.

She had been young at first and didn't know better when she read it but it had been an erotic book called Icha-Icha, one of the oldest ones to come out. The main character had taken this girl out on a first date and of course, fifteen pages later the date was over and the girl was doing more than giving her date a peck on the cheek for the next forty plus pages.

She went on for the next year thinking that you always had sex after a date until her caretaker explained things to her after she had found the blond reading said book, leading to the most embarrassing period of her young life.

Getting dressed, she walked out of her room and started off to go meet the handsome older blond, never realizing that her little sister had spotted her leave.

-Five hours later-

Cursing as she opened the door to her room, which loudly creaked and echoed down the silent hallway, Temari tiptoed in and shut the door before sighing and turning the light on. But when she turned, she froze, there, sitting on the foot of her bed, was Gaara.

"G-Gaara… what are you doing here?"

The girl was rather tomboyish with her short red hair and flat chest, if one were to look they'd confuse her as a boy at first until told otherwise or hearing her cold yet feminine voice.

"I saw you earlier…" she started in a dead tone, looking at her sister with her cold light acid green eyes ringed with dark black circles from her lack of sleep, "With that blond man… what was it that he did to you… to make you scream so loud yet… beg for more."

The girl nearly fainted, her sister had followed… no watched as she lost her virginity and was now asking about sex. Could things get any more embarrassing... or scary?

To be continued…



Oh and Temari is seventeen almost eighteen, I don't know if I put that there or may have put the wrong one on before.