KG: Hey people I've got a new story. Sorry if you were expecting an update, but I wanted to try and press my limits. I want to see if I can handle four stories instead of three. I know I just brought out Contract of the Shinigami, but this just stayed in my head the entire time so I just wanted to see about it. I hope you enjoy it.

KG: Oh and for this story I have to play with ages a bit. All of the current jonin are three years older than in canon that's it. Enjoy, but it's set before the chunin exams so their younger for now.

A woman walked down the Konoha streets road. She had just come from a small get together with her best friend Anko Mitarashi or the famed Snake Mistress of Konoha. She had on a hard glare across her face while some of the men around the village leered at her. Her gaze was cold, but how could it not be? She hated perverts and the like. She was in her mid-twenties while her red eyes showed the unrelenting coldness. She went by multiple names. People called her the Genjutsu Mistress, The Untouchable Woman, and her personal favorite, The Ice Queen of Konoha. Her name was Kurenai Yuhi and she was currently walking back to her apartment. She ignored the glances of the male population while she brushed her hair.

"Sigh, why did I stay out so late with Anko? Man, she can drink. Now I have a headache," Kurenai said as she rubbed her head. She hadn't really drunk so much as her friend since she was never much of a drinker to begin with, but she still felt the after effects of the alcohol.

Kurenai continued to walk towards her apartment while mentally cursing Anko for persuading her to go for a drink with her, but those thoughts were immediately put to rest when she saw a multitude of people come out of a dark alley. She might have been slightly drunk, but even she could get serious when even if she was under the influence of alcohol.

Kurenai raised an eyebrow as she saw them run away fast, but she also saw that they had weapons in their hands. Kurenai, being curious, walked into the dark alley and after a few seconds she widened her eyes. She saw a blonde boy around the age of six on the ground with his body torn and beaten. Kurenai narrowed her eyes as she carefully flipped him over and slowly checked his pulse. She was so happy he was alive, but just barely. She noticed the whisker marks on his face and widened her eyes again. She was staring at Naruto Uzumaki or as she knew the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Kurenai knew about Kyuubi. She remembered how she wanted to fight with her father to stop it from destroying the village, but she and her friends were too young so they couldn't go. It was one of Kurenai's most memorable moments even if she didn't like it.

Naruto winced at her touch, but slowly calmed down while Kurenai clenched her right fist. She might not have seen Naruto that much, but she didn't hold anything to the blonde. More or less she felt sorry for him and having to carry such a burden.

"He's only six and they do something like this. Hokage-sama is this really the village we all fight to protect?" Kurenai wondered as she slowly picked up the blonde boy and walked him towards the hospital. She wasn't about to let him die like this. Kurenai could feel something when she touched him. A small feeling that made her drop her cold gaze for a bit.

People watched the Ice Queen of Konoha carry the famed demon brat to wherever she was going and most scowled and whispered things that didn't fail to enter her ears. Kurenai turned to the people talking and glared at them making them all shut their mouths while she continued walking. Some people wanted to smack the demon brat out of her hands, but people knew that she might have been a chunin, but Kurenai was quickly quickly gaining a reputation even with amongst the jonin shinobi so all the civilians backed off and allowed the woman to run towards her destination.

Somewhere else

He was known as a lot of things. He was called the God of Shinobi, the Professor and besides the Nidaime Tsuchikage, he was the oldest Hokage in office to date. His name was Sarutobi Hiruzen and he was walking down Konoha's streets enjoying a nice walk.

He was on his way to Naruto's house to check up on the blonde. Sarutobi wondered what he was up to and simply decided to surprise Naruto with his arrival.

Hiruzen continued to walk as he greeted the citizens of Konoha before he heard a yell along with a sharp rise in KI.

"What do you mean you won't help him!" someone yelled and Sarutobi turned around to see the noise came from the hospital that Konoha was slightly famous for. Wondering what the problem was, Sarutobi walked towards the building and hoped that whatever happened he could resolve it peacefully and with no conflicts.

He entered the door and saw Kurenai at the front desk and he was about to intervene before he looked a little lower and saw the Genjutsu Mistress holding a beaten Naruto in her hands. Sarutobi widened his eyes and quickly ran to the front desk surprising both the receptionist and Kurenai at the same time.

"Naruto-kun!" Sarutobi said as he looked over the passed out blonde's bruises and injuries. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes and his KI completely suppressed Kurenai's making all the staff members drop their things.

"Get him a doctor right now!" Sarutobi ordered and knowing how people were with the Hokage, the receptionist quickly agreed and immediately a small team of medical nin took the blond and started to heal his injuries while Kurenai and Sarutobi sat near the window to make sure no one tried anything with Naruto which Sarutobi knew might happen while Kurenai had a woman's hunch that it could happen.

As they watched the medics work on Naruto, Sarutobi leaned forward and rested his chin on his arms while looking at the blonde.

"What happened Kurenai?" Hiruzen asked making his voice strangely calm, but Kurenai knew better. She could tell that Sarutobi was angry and he was ready to lash out at the first thing that he directed his gaze on. Meanwhile Kurenai narrowed her eyes and sat in an upright position as she felt the alcohol leave her body with her becoming more and more sober.

"I don't know it all Hokage-sama. I saw about ten people come out of a dark alley and they ran off immediately. I thought it was strange so I investigated and saw Naruto on the ground beaten. I rushed him to the hospital. I demanded that they heal him, but people said that they had too many people to take care of and couldn't tend to him at the moment since they were understaffed, but I knew it was a lie because I saw the other doctors and nurses taking their time and writing documents so I was angry," Kurenai explained and Sarutobi gritted his teeth. His hands clenched upon each other as he tried to get his anger under control. Kurenai sighed and turned to Sarutobi.

"He's only six. How could they do that to him?" Kurenai asked and Hiruzen wasn't even sure how to answer that question even if he was called the Professor.

"It's all my fault. I should've watched him better. I can't believe it got to this point," Sarutobi said and Kurenai sighed. She had been guilty of not paying Naruto much attention either.

"Where are his parents?" Kurenai asked and Sarutobi shook his head before rubbing the bridge of his nose with his fingers.

"He doesn't have any. He's an orphan, but I was told how he was treated back at the orphanage so I tired to see if he would be okay on his own," Sarutobi said and Kurenai's hair covered her eyes. If one looks closely they would see that her red eyes showed anger and slight resentment.

"How was he treated in the orphanage?" Kurenai asked wondering if she would dread that question. Sarutobi sighed and while they watched the medics work he told Kurenai the entire story. Needless to say Kurenai had to keep all of her KI under control and not go straight to the orphanage and put everyone under a fuckin' strong genjutsu that would leave them with mental trauma for years. He was only a child as they did all that to him? They isolated him from other kids, they stole ignored his needs, he was given a pathetic excuse for a bed, and he was barely given any food. This was unacceptable.

"And you thought it was okay for him to live on his own? He's six!" Kurenai yelled out shocking Sarutobi. Hiruzen narrowed his eyes and glared at the chunin woman.

"There wasn't much I could do at the time!" Sarutobi yelled back while Kurenai looked at Naruto.

"Why couldn't he be adopted by anyone?" Kurenai asked and Sarutobi sighed while looking at Naruto also. They saw the blonde's breathing ease after a while they calmed down and Kurenai sat back down looking at the ground.

"I'm sorry Hokage-sama," she said knowing she showed disrespect to her village's leader and her leader as well. Sarutobi gave a small smile and shook his head.

"No you're right Kurenai. The council breathed down my neck about Naruto and it was hard to come to a solution to it all. I know I probably made the wrong choice," Sarutobi said and Kurenai mentally nodded in agreement with him, but she could tell he was regretting it.

"You're the Hokage, if you did something they couldn't stop you. Don't you know that Hokage-sama?" Kurenai asked and Sarutobi nodded. He did know that, but he knew that people's hatred was a dangerous thing and he didn't know what family would be put in that line of fire just for being Naruto's adoptive parents.

"It's complicated Kurenai-san so I'd rather not say," Sarutobi said and Kurenai was visibly losing her patience as she wanted answers. She wasn't sure why she cared so much about the blonde, but this whole thing left a bad taste in her mouth when she kept hearing about all the things that happened to Naruto. He didn't deserve this. None of this was his fault and she knew it. She was mad. Mad at Konoha for being this was to a four year old boy, mad at her Hokage for allowing this to happen and...mad at herself for being a part of that group that ignored him. She should've realized it. Naruto was the male version of Anko. Her best friend had the same childhood when she was betrayed by Orochimaru she was given almost the same treatment and still had to deal with most of it. Kurenai felt ashamed of herself for not seeing it all this time and looked at the ground.

"He's got no one taking care of him right?" Kurenai asked and Sarutobi nodded. He turned to her and saw Kurenai look at Naruto with absolute conviction and resolve in her eyes.

"Then...I'll take care of him from now on. Hokage-sama I would like to adopt Naruto. He needs parents and I refuse to see him like that again. It will be tough, but I'll do it," Kurenai said and Sarutobi widened his eyes at the Genjutsu Mistress. She wanted to adopt Naruto?

"Kurenai think about this. You're a shinobi and I don't think it would be wise to-," Sarutobi stopped when he saw Kurenai's eyes. The fire burning in them that showed no room for discussion even if he was her Hokage. Sarutobi widened his eyes as Kurenai gave him a pleading look. The Hokage sighed and thought it over. He knew things couldn't stay with Naruto and maybe the blonde would be better if he had someone capable to look after him. He couldn't really see anything wrong with Kurenai doing it since even if few women her age had children when they were that young.

"Are you sure about this Kurenai-san? You will have a lot to do," Sarutobi said and Kurenai looked back at Naruto. She knew next to nothing about the blonde, but she felt her heart tighten when she heard of all the things that happened to him. In her mind it just wasn't fair for the blonde to have to experience that.

"I'm sure Hokage-sama. I'll manage with him. I always wanted company," Kurenai said and Sarutobi chuckled drawing the Ice Queen's attention to him.

"I never thought you would be so open. Especially with how most of Konoha talks about you," Sarutobi said and Kurenai gave a small smile.

"I suppose so. Don't ask why though Hokage-sama," Kurenai responded and the Hokage laughed with a nod. He normally wouldn't pry into anything if it wasn't life-threatening so he left it alone before sighing.

"Take care of him Kurenai-san. He's been through a lot," Sarutobi said and Kurenai nodded with a smile. She could honestly say that she was looking forward to having Naruto around.

"I know he has Hokage-sama, but I'll raise him right," Kurenai said and Sarutobi nodded. He was sure that Kurenai would do a good job for the blonde.

A few hours later

Naruto groaned as he woke up and looked at the ceiling. He didn't remember much of what happened and or maybe he didn't want to remember. The blonde covered his eyes and cried at his misfortune. Why was he hated? What did he do that people hated him for? Naruto could only cry his distress away, but soon he felt a small side of his bed support something other than him and the blonde opened his eyes to see Kurenai staring at him with a gentle smile on her face.

"Hello Naruto-kun," Kurenai said and the blonde looked at her for a bit. Kurenai could tell he was confused. She could understand that much and she knew he had every right to be confused.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked and Kurenai continued to smile.

"I'm Kurenai Yuhi or if you want you can call me Kaa-san," Kurenai said and Naruto seemed even more confused, but Kurenai didn't mind it at all.

"Naruto-kun I know what they did to you and I'm sorry you had to go through that. You didn't deserve any of that. Hokage-sama allowed me to adopt you. It might be confusing now, but you'll understand someday. For now I want you to know that I'm here for you," Kurenai said and Naruto stared at her. He almost couldn't believe his ears when she said that. He almost hoped it wasn't a dream when she spoke to him like that.

"Why would you want to help me?" The blonde asked and Kurenai was more than happy to respond to his question.

"Because I care about you. I promise I'm not lying when I say this to you. Trust me Naruto-kun," Kurenai said as she grabbed Naruto into a gentle hug. The blonde seemed stunned by her offer and felt overwhelmed, but at the same time very happy. For some reason he could feel she was telling the truth and he believed her. It felt good to have someone say that to him after all he had been through. Naruto slowly raised his arms and hugged his new adoptive mother and cried like it was a dream. Kurenai smiled and let down her cold gaze since she had no need for it with her new son.

"Is it really alright if I call you Kaa-san? I mean our hair color is so different and so are our eyes and-," Kurenai placed a finger over Naruto mouth and simply continued to smile.

"Don't worry about those details Naru-kun. You're my new son and I'll take care of you. I might not know a lot, but I know I can help you," Kurenai said and Naruto smiled. The blonde crashed into Kurenai again and showed his smile to his mother.

"K-Kaa-san thank you," Naruto said and Kurenai smiled again. It warmed her heart to see Naruto so happy for a change.

"Alright then you get some more sleep. I'll be right in that chair if you need or want me," Kurenai said as she took a chair near the window. Naruto yawned and went back to sleep while Kurenai turned out the lights. She slowly drifted off to sleep also as she folded her arms around her body and plopped on leg over the other in her chair.

Two Days Later

Kurenai shook Naruto awake and the blonde groaned as the sun shined on his face while Kurenai took in his appearance. So much happened last night, but she didn't care at all.

"Wake up Naruto-kun. It's time to go," Kurenai said and the blonde slowly opened his eyes. He turned to see his adoptive mother in front of him and Naruto smiled as he yawned.

"Good morning Kaa-san," Naruto said and Kurenai nodded.

"Good morning Naru-kun. Are you ready to leave?" Kurenai asked and Naruto nodded. He had spent the last two days resting his body and it amazed Kurenai that he was already better, but she knew it was from Kyuubi and its healing abilities.

"Yeah Kaa-san, I'm ready to leave dattebayo," Naruto said and Kurenai raised an eyebrow at the last word, but it seemed to be kind of cute so she didn't mind it at all.

"Alright then, let's get you signed out," Kurenai said as she took her son's hand and the two left the hospital room. Naruto was more than happy to leave the hospital as he had always hated it there. He felt that they were always out to get him, but he felt much better with Kurenai with him.

After signing her son out, Kurenai took Naruto through the village and almost immediately they drew attention as most of Konoha went wide eyed. They saw Kurenai, the Genjutsu Mistress and Ice Queen of Konoha, holding the demon's hand with a sure smile on her face. People were stunned at the scene. Some women called Kurenai a 'demon lover', but it didn't matter at all to the woman. She was happy with her new son.

Naruto felt the stares on them and it unnerved him slightly as he unconsciously moved behind Kurenai as if he was trying to hide making the Genjutsu Mistress smile.

"Naru-kun what are you doing?" Kurenai asked and the blonde gave an embarrassed smile.

"Everyone's staring at us Kaa-san," Naruto said and Kurenai nodded, but she didn't care. Not in the least of what people thought before she smirked.

"So you care about what they think instead of being with me?" Kurenai asked and Naruto panicked.

"N-No Kaa-san it's just sort of weird," Naruto said and Kurenai nodded.

"well it won't matter soon. Cause you'll be with me from now on," Kurenai said and Naruto couldn't help, but agree with her. Soon Kurenai's first test came up as a jonin narrowed his eyes at her and stepped forward. Kurenai and Naruto stopped in front of the man as the Ice Queen narrowed her eyes at him while he spoke.

"What do you think you're doing with that thing?" the jonin asked and Kurenai's gaze got colder while she tightened her grip on Naruto's hand. The blonde looked at his mother while the citizens of Konoha whispered to each other.

"One don't you dare call my son a thing and two, what I do with MY son is none of your business," Kurenai said shocking everyone who heard her. The jonin narrowed his eyes even more while Kurenai pushed Naruto a bit more back behind her.

"Is that all you wanted to ask?" Kurenai asked making the jonin mentally curse. She then continued to walk as she passed the jonin without anymore conversation. Naruto widened his eyes as Kurenai dragged him away from the scene.

"Kaa-san you were so cool dattebayo," Naruto said making Kurenai smile. That was the only time that someone had complimented her on her intense gaze that she fed people.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Now then let's head to your new house then we will get some scrolls so we can get the things from your old apartment," Kurenai told him and Naruto nodded so Kurenai quickened the pace.

After fifteen minutes of walking, Kurenai took Naruto to a nice apartment that didn't look rundown at all. It looked brand new actually. Kurenai and Naruto climbed up the stairs and came up to her door.

"Welcome home Naruto-kun," Kurenai said as she opened the door. Naruto walked inside and gasped. It was nothing like his old apartment. It was larger, had more than one room and looked amazing. Naruto thought it might have been a dream had he not been experiencing this for himself. The blonde ran around the room while laughing making Kurenai giggle.

"Kaa-san it's amazing. My apartment is nothing like this. Am I really going to be staying here?" Naruto asked making Kurenai chuckle.

"Of course you are silly. Now then wait here and I'll get some scrolls then we'll leave," Kurenai said walking away while Naruto looked around the room. He was surprised that it wasn't as girly or womanly as he thought it might've been, but Naruto was sort of relieved. He looked around and sat on the couch that we in the living room next to the coffee table.

"Wow Kaa-san's place is really neat," Naruto said as he sank into the couch. He'd never felt anything so comfortable in his life. Just before he could submit to the softness of the couch there was a knock on the door and the blonde raised an eyebrow. He wondered if he should answer it or what Kurenai would do. Naruto shrugged his shoulders and opened the door and was greeted to a woman a few inches shorter than his adoptive mother. She was wearing a trench coat and fishnets around her body and she had pink hair with a dango stick sticking out her mouth.

"Hey kid who are you?" the woman asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure how to answer that, but luckily he wouldn't have to as Kurenai came back.

"Naruto-kun who's at the door?" Kurenai asked only to see her friend at the door in front of her son.

"Anko!" Kurenai said making Naruto and Anko turn to her. Naruto turned back to the woman and widened his eyes in realization. So her name was Anko.

"Nai-chan I came to see you. Who is this little guy?" Anko asked and Kurenai smiled as she knelt down and wrapped her arms around the blonde before smiling towards her best friend.

"This is Naruto Uzumaki. He's my son," Kurenai said and Anko nodded. Silence came over the room as the information came into Anko's head.

"He's what!" Anko said making Kurenai smile with a nod that she wasn't kidding. Anko gasped and looked at Naruto.

"Nai-chan this is huge. Are you sure you can handle that?" Anko asked and Kurenai nodded.

"Of course Anko. I take care of you just fine on occasion," Kurenai said making Naruto snicker at the purple haired woman's shocked face.

"How did he become yours?" Anko asked and Kurenai told Anko the whole story of how she found Naruto and her talk with the Sandaime Hokage about adopting Naruto and needless to say Anko was even more surprised.

"Whoa Nai-chan. I didn't know you had it in you," Anko said while Kurenai's eyebrow twitched. The chunin huffed while Anko smiled at Naruto making the blonde smile back at her.

"So if he's your son then can I be his sister?" Anko asked making Kurenai raise an eyebrow. Anko's eyes gave a pleading look while Kurenai sighed. Somewhere in her head this was a horrible idea, but she relented.

"Fine Anko, you can be Naruto-kun's sister I guess though I don't see why," Kurenai said and Anko's grin got bigger.

"Are you kidding Nai-chan?" Anko asked as she sped to Naruto and gave him a hug making the blonde blush.

"I've always wanted a little brother with whisker marks," Anko said and Naruto's face turned blue.

"Can't breathe nee-chan," Naruto said before Anko dropped him with a smile while Kurenai sighed.

"So what are you two going to do?" Anko asked while Kurenai took out a scroll. She turned to see Naruto next to her and smiled.

"We're going to start packing Naruto's clothes from his old apartment. I have an extra room near mine that I never use though it was mainly used for you when you passed out drinking," Kurenai said making Anko give a nervous laugh while she scratched her cheek.

"Well I've got nothing to do so can I come?"Anko asked and Kurenai shrugged her shoulders.

"I suppose. Come on Naru-kun and show us to your apartment," Kurenai said and Naruto nodded. He immediately ran off and they followed him.

It turned out that Naruto's house wasn't so far from theirs maybe about ten minutes and the sight of it made Kurenai and Anko narrow their eyes. It was old and seemed like it could be reconstructed, but it held out just fine. They all walked up the creaking stair boards until they came up to Naruto's door. Anko widened her eyes and Kurenai's gaze grew cold. Naruto's eyes turned sad as they saw that his door had been broken down. Across the walls were hateful remarks about the 'demon and how it could die or go to hell' something like that. Kurenai saw that Naruto's room was mostly clean if not for the random kunai marks and notes which Kurenai and Anko tore down. Kurenai turned to her son and smiled.

"Don't worry Naru-kun. I won't let anyone or anything hurt you I promise," Kurenai said and Naruto's mood instantly changed. He thanked his adopted mother and the three go to work on sealing the blonde's clothes into the scroll. He didn't have much and most of his clothes were old so Kurenai decided to take him shopping after this while Anko would have some 'fun' with whoever did this to her little brother's room.

It took about half an hour, but everything of importance was sealed and the three left the old apartment.

"Alright I'll take before we head back home I think we'll take him shopping for some clothes then we'll get something to eat to end the day," Kurenai stated while Anko and Naruto nodded ignoring the many glares they got from people.

"Gotcha Nai-chan. Come on Naru-kun let's get you some clothes," Anko said as she grabbed Naruto's hand and the three walked for a clothes store.

As soon as they came to one, all three entered the shop and were met with a smile that quickly turned into a frown when he saw Naruto. Obviously Kurenai and Anko noticed his frown and glared.

"That thing isn't allowed in here," the man said simply while Kurenai's hair covered her eyes again.

"Anko take Naruto-kun outside. I've got to teach this man a lesson," Kurenai said and Anko nodded as she grabbed Naruto and took him outside while Kurenai smiled.

"Let me show you why I'm called the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha and why you never insult my son," Kurenai said as the man was about to find out that he made the worst mistake of his life.

Anko and Naruto waited outside for a few minutes before Kurenai smiled and allowed them inside. Naruto and Anko smiled and walked inside while the man was smiling like he just saw death flash before his eyes.

"T-Take anything you w-want. I-It's on the h-house," he said and Kurenai nodded. She and Anko grabbed countless clothes and had Naruto try on a few of them for their amusement.

After about an hour, the three left and Naruto's stomach began to rumble. It was the middle of the day so that was understandable.

"Are you hungry Naruto-kun?" Kurenai asked and her adoptive son nodded. Anko's stomach grumbled too which made Kurenai sigh.

"Great so are you. Well I don't have my supplies so I can't really cook," Kurenai said with a sigh while Naruto's eyes gleamed.

"Kaa-san can we get some ramen?" Naruto asked making Kurenai and Anko raise their eyebrows at him.

"Ramen would be a good change of pace Nai-chan. Let's get some," Anko said agreed with her new little brother. Kurenai looked from her son to her best friend and sighed.

"Well alright. I don't mind. Let's go then," Kurenai said as Naruto pointed his mother and sister towards his favorite.

With Sarutobi's

The God of Shinobi was currently in the council room dealing with the ramblings of his council members which irritated him to no end. Sarutobi sighed as he placed his chin on his elbows and his elbows on the table.

"Now that this matter is over what should we do about that blonde brat?" a civilian said making the shinobi side narrow their eyes. They were comprised of all the clans of Konoha. There was the Yamanaka, Inuzuka, Hyuuga, Uchiha, Nara, Aburame, and Akimichi. Of these clans were Inoichi, Tsume, Hiashi, Mikoto, Shikaku, Shibi, and Chouza.

"That brat has a name just so you know," Tsume said growling at them all.

"I don't care what you call him. The brat is just a brat. Come on Sarutobi, you know about his 'problem' we should get rid of him now," a councilwoman said making Sarutobi narrow his eyes.

"That's Hokage-sama to you and you won't do anything to Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said making Tsume and Mikoto smile.

"Maybe I could adopt-," Tsume started, but was stopped by Sarutobi's old teammate, Koharu Utatane.

"Absolutely not! He should be left alone as he always has been," Koharu said making Tsume growl, but Hiruzen was smirking as he got a drop on the council.

"Besides Tsume-san it hardly matters now," Sarutobi said turning everyone's attention to him making Mikoto and Tsume raise an eyebrow.

"What do you mean Hokage-sama?" Mikoto asked interested in hearing what their Hokage had to say and so did everyone else. Even Konoha's old war hawk, Danzo Shimura, was interested in this one.

"Naruto-kun has already been adopted," Sarutobi said making everyone widened their eyes especially the civilian council members. Tsume and Mikoto seemed more surprised than anyone else.

"What! Who would adopt that thing?" a man said making Sarutobi glare at him.

"He's not a thing and I think the woman who adopted him as her son wouldn't like it if you called him a thing," Sarutobi said making everyone tense.

"Hokage-sama who adopted Naruto Uzumaki? I believe we should know this information," Hiashi said in a stoic form making everyone nod in complete agreement with him.

"Alright Hiashi since you and the other want to know so badly then I'll tell you. As of two days ago, Naruto Uzumaki was adopted by Kurenai Yuhi our Genjutsu Mistress. All of the paperwork has been finalized by me also," Sarutobi said drawing gasps form everyone on the council.

"That woman adopted that brat?" someone said making Sarutobi nod.

"We should stop her right now!" another person said before Tsume slammed the desk.

"I don't think so. If she adopted him then it's fine with me. Kurenai has the support of the Inuzuka clan," Tsume said while Mikoto stood to her feet.

"As well as the Uchiha clan," Mikoto said to everyone. Most people gulped and dropped the issue since the Uchiha's were still quite influential even if it was only Mikoto and her son, Sasuke Uchiha.

"B-But-," someone started.

"No buts. Unless you want to fight me then you'll leave Kurenai and Naruto alone," Mikoto said and Tsume backed her up making Sarutobi chuckle with a nod.

"Well if that's all then this meeting is adjourned," He said and left while most were still stunned at the news.

With Kurenai, Naruto, and Anko

All three were heading back home while Naruto and Anko rubbed their stomach.

"Naruto wasn't kidding. That Teuchi sure can cook some ramen," Anko said and Naruto nodded along with Kurenai.

"It was delicious wasn't it?" Kurenai said and Naruto tugged his mother's arm.

"Kaa-san do you think I can be like you and Nee-chan?" Naruto asked making Kurenai and Anko raise their eyebrows.

"What do you mean Naruto-kun?" Kurenai asked and the blonde blushed slightly.

"I want to make you two proud. I want to be a shinobi. Please teach me Kaa-san, Nee-chan," Naruto said as Kurenai and Anko looked at each other. Anko grinned and shrugged her shoulders.

"It's your call Nai-chan. He's your son," Anko said making Kurenai smile.

"Alright Naruto-kun. We'll train you, but you must work hard and no complaining," Kurenai said and Naruto's eyes beamed as he hugged his mother.

"You got it Kaa-san! I'll make you and Nee-chan proud dattebayo!" Naruto yelled as he grinned. Kurenai ruffled his hair while Anko smiled.

"Things are getting interesting," Anko said and Kurenai nodded as the three walked off to their homes to prepare for the next day and Naruto's training.