No one gave him a merciful look.

No one spared their wrath on him- he was beneath them.

His father hated him.

His half-sister hated him.

His mother was dead.

The only being who cared for him was worlds away.

He was alone...

"Annar, for these vicious acts, I must fairly punish as is my duty." Astraea said, looking at him coldly. The pale god did not look up from the chains binding his hands and fingers.

"You've murdered, stolen, raped, kidnapped, lied, and will not surrender the location of Thanatos." She continued.

He would kill me and everyone else... Besides, it's not as if he stayed on Asgard.

"I sentence you to solitary confinement for eight cycles. During these eight cycles, you will perform any and all tasks presented to you without assistance or relief till they are completed. After your eight cycles have passed, you will be released into house arrest for two cycles. After the total of ten cycles are over, you will be presented in court again for further decisions based on your actions and behavior. Should you act out of line, I will return you to a mortal planet where you will live out the rest of your earthly life, and die. You will not return to Valhalla, nor will you go to the underworld. You will simply cease to exist." Astraea sentenced, standing tall.

Annar looked up, his face displaying no emotion, and eyes betraying nothing.

"Do you understand your punishment?" She asked. He bowed his head again, and did not speak.

Laufey looked at his half-son. He knew he should have felt something for him, but a child born out of pure hate could not, and would not be loved by the King of the gods. No one could love something so evil.

Annar was taken away by Astraea's two guards. Their white robes skimmed the floor, while Annar's chains dragged and clinked, echoing in the silent justice hall.

He was thrown into his black prison, the chains removed, and the door closed, enveloping him completely in darkness.

He did not know how many hours had passed, or if he had been in the prison for merely a moment.

He only knew he was alone.

He was curled up in the corner when he heard him.

Oh, Annar... The deep voice chuckled, amusement and disappointment evident in the tone. You stupid, simple child.

Annar flinched, hands coming to cover his ears. He wasn't supposed to find me here! He shouldn't be able to talk to me!

You really are a failure. Not even loved by your father. I'm sure your mother would have hated you just as much as all of Valhalla. Loki may have forgiven you, but in his heart, I'm quite certain, he hates you as well.

"DON'T SAY THAT! STOP TALKING!" Annar screeched, trying to fold himself into the corner even more, the hard walls hurting his body, but he was only concerned with making him stop.

No one cares for you- except for me. I raised you, fed you, taught you, clothed you, prepared you- and for what? Nothing. I gave you everything you needed. I put hate and revenge back into your life. Oh, Annar... I made you as much a god as possible in your mortal form. You weren't supposed to fall in love with him- your half-brother, you sick freak. You weren't supposed to forgive him. You killed him, but even then you failed because that brat is still alive. Do you think he's truly forgiven you? You killed his mother, raped him, killed him, and when he learns of all that you've done wrong here... The voice paused, then spoke again. Oh, Annar... It repeated in the same tone.

The god's body was shaking, heaving huge, gasping sobs. He could barely breathe, and tears, mucus, and saliva was running down his face. He lost control of his bladder and soiled himself.

Still terrified of me? The voice chuckled. You're disgusting and weak. I may only be able to reach you by thought in here, Annar. But the moment you are out of your prison, I will ensure you experience something much more worse than the pain I taught you in your mortal lives. No, after I'm done, you will long for something as sweet as pain. It hissed.

You failed in killing Loki, but I won't.

The voice and overwhelming presence left his mind, but he was not calmed.

He cried, whimpers, shrieks, and sobs forcing their way out of his body. His voice grew sore and he coughed, but he couldn't stop the crying and sobs. He coughed up something- blood, he was sure. He then turned to his side and vomited.

He wasn't sure when he had lost consciousness.

He sat up, nearly vomiting again when he realized he had fallen into the puddle of his own waste.

He held it in though and stood shakily, moving away from the foul corner, sitting against a wall.

He brought his knees up and rocked gently back and forth, trying to calm the upset feelings storming around inside him.

The conversation replayed in his head and he sobbed again, before snapping his head up.

He's going to kill Loki!

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