Pokemon United Umbreon Edition

I never was into those cartoon shows where people live with monsters and sometimes even battle with them. Truth be told I kinda thought they were boring. That's why I hate being an older brother to a kid that quite frankly lives of them.

My name is Hunter; I am 14 and a freshman in high school. I hate it. The teachers look like they want to fall over dead. The janitors (the few there were) are just lazy and the only nice students at the school are my friends Jordan, Jesse, and Monica.

Out of them Jordan is my greatest friend. My dad is coworkers with Jordan's uncle who Jordan lives with. Well anyway we're going to the park tomorrow like we usually do. Jesse can't come because he has homework, and Monica is going on a date with the meanest man I have ever seen named Keith. I swear I don't know what she sees in him.

I am walking with said Jordan and co. as school finally ends. "Monica why do you have to date that guy. I mean his last girlfriend broke her arm and was so scared of him she said it was an accident," I asked.

Monica looked at me like I was stupid. "This school is a boot camp with people that would love nothing better than to hurt someone. If I go out with the scariest guy in school like Keith nothing bad will happen to me," she said with a smile. Monica is a nice girl. That's why I hate to see her with a guy like Keith.

"But that's what the other girlfriend said and he broke her arm. No matter how many times she says it everyone knows he did it," said Jesse. Jesse told me that he has a little crush on Monica so I guess he hates seeing her with Keith more than me.

"But she got to cocky and forgot he has a temper and she broke it," she said looking at the ground. "A mistake I will not make".

"Whatever, see ya guys. My dad is here see ya," said Jesse as he jogs over to his dad's pick up truck.

We all waved bye as we continued on and soon Monica's "boyfriend" came and picked her up in his dad's Hatchback. Soon it was just me and Jordan walking together talking about the most popular show on TV, Pokemon.

"I hate it!" I said with frustration. Pokemon was about a world were people and these weird little creatures fight together and as I said before…I hate this type of show.

"I on the other hand kinda like it. It's exciting to watch," he said to my astonishment.

"Oh Jordan, not you to. You're becoming my brother, oh the horror," I said making Jordan giggle a bit.

"Stop over reacting. I don't love it I just think it's a little cool. I also like the creator Satoshi Tajiri, the guy disserves a medal for some of his work. All I am saying," he said.

"Am I the only one that hates this type of show," I sighed.

"Pretty much," he said as he began to run. " RACE YA TO THE ENTRANCE TO THE PARK"

This is like tradition for us so the obvious thing to do is…RUN!

As we ran I could see in the distance the park and all its green glory. The park wasn't much it was just a few yards of grass and a small baseball field were our school's baseball team go play when the one at our school is being used by the cheer team. As we enter the park Jordan gets out a football out of his backpack.

"Go far!" he yelled. So I run as fast I can go and he throws the football and I catch it. My grandfather who is a retired football coach said I could join the major leagues, but I already know what I want to do for my life. When I grow up I want to create my own company, I haven't found out what kind of company yet.

As we throw the football around, an old woman is sitting a yard from me. Jordan throws a long one and the woman gets up fast and walks toward me. The football lands right in front of her. She picks up the football.

"Thank you," I said.

"I watched you play. You have good reflexes. I will help you in the future," she said smiling.

"Thanks I guess," I said.

"My name is Margret, and your name?" she asked giving me the ball.

"Names Hunter. So Margret, what kind of things do you do," I asked. When I meet someone knew I always ask what their job is. My parents say it's wrong to do that but curiosity just takes over.

She paused for awhile until she all of a sudden said "I'm a witch".

I have to say I was a little nervous when she said she was a witch. Was she going to turn me into a toad or something. I guess she saw my nervous stare.

"Oh, sorry to frighten you. I am not those witches that fly around on brooms and cast evil incantations on people," she said.

Jordan ran over next to me. "Hello, Hunter who is this?" he asked looking at me.

"My name is Margret, I just told your friend my little secret," she said.

"What is the secret?" he asked still looking at me.

"She says she's a witch," I said not even believing it myself. Who goes around telling teenagers that you're a witch!

"Really, alright Margret, show me some magic…," he suddenly stopped.

Jordan tried to talk but no words came out. He began to yell but nothing.

"What did you do to him," I asked nervous.

"He asked me to show my magic and I have," she said snapping her fingers.

"WHY CAN'T I TALK…," Jordan screams but stops when he finds that he can talk again.

"You are a witch!" I say in astonishment. I couldn't believe it! A real witch right in front of us.

"But it seems I have not come here to do a magic show. What I am truly here for is you," Margret said pointing at me.

"Me , what do you want with me?" I asked with great surprise.

Margret points her finger from me to Jordan.

"You will also accompany him on his journey," she said in a serious manner.

"You are weird," he said as he began to walk off. "Come on Hunter, lets leave this old woman to her dilutions."

As Jordan walks off Margret's eyes glowed as Jordan is suddenly thrust back to the ground.

"Get off of me," he yelled. " Someone help me. I'm being attacked.

No one walking even glanced over like they couldn't here us…like we weren't even there.

"What are you going to do to us," I asked scared, thinking that we are going to be killed by this crazy old witch.

"If you both calm down I will tell you what is going on," Margret said in a less serious voice. But I could see in her eye that she was very serious. So both me and Jordan listen to what she has to say.

"What do you want," Jordan says in a very annoyed way.

"I believe both of you heard the show, Pokemon am I right?" she asked. We both nodded. "Well, the story and everyone in it are real living people, even the Pokemon.

"You go to be kidding, really?" I said. Did a witch I met with my friend say that a cartoon show for young kids is real. REALLY!

"Um, your joking. There's a world somewhere else that has little furry creatures. Come on, you got to be joking," Jordan said.

"There is a world. And that show you are talking about creator…he lived there until he was sent on a mission," she said.

"What mission," I said. I knew Jordan was about to say the same thing but I was faster I guess.

"To make a peace treaty, but things are not going well. An evil dictator named Cyrus and his totalitarian group known as Team Galactic. The leader of the group against Cyrus is a boy named Ash. You should probably meet him when you start your long journey," she said.

Me and Jordan both looked puzzled. Journey, what journey?

"Margret, what do you mean by journey? Your not seriously thinking of sending us there?" Jordan asked. He was scared and I was too.

"I am afraid so young ones. But don't worry. The main character, Ash. He is real. And so are the others as well," she said trying to reassure us.

"This Cyrus guy. Is he powerful?" I asked.

"No, but, we don't know his real plan. All we know is that it involves both the Pokémon's world and this world. I think he plans to destroy both the worlds," she said. Wow, she just went from trying to reassure us. To scaring the living shit out of us. "Time is running short. I need both of you to go to the Pokemon World, stop Cyrus and his group and save the universe from complete destruction," she commanded. She lifted her hands and her eyes turned pure white. A black vortex forms right next to me. "Go now. This portal can't stay open for ever."

The vortex all of a sudden pulls us in until we both are inside falling. I see the opening close as we are now covered in darkness. It seemed like hours passed as we are falling in what seems to be a bottomless pit.

"Hunter look!" Jordan shouted. He must have been next to me the entire time. I look around until I see a glimmer of light in the distance. Hope seeps into me as I see the exit out of this chasm of darkness.

As we got close I had to shield my eyes from the brightness. I was getting groggy as I closed my eyes then…nothing.