Chapter 10

It's nearly midnight and we barely make it to Veilstone City. Both me and Jordan look tired as hell. Everyone else looks like they just took an energy drink, guess the people in this world are just used to walking long distances. But damn, does anyone know how to drive a car around here...oh look a car. A car drives past us and leaves the city with quick pace.

A young-looking woman walks over. "There goes another one," the woman said. Ash turns toward the woman, his face full of confusion.

"Maylene," Ash called over. "What's going on?" Maylene looks over to our direction. She smiles happily and waves.

"Oh Ash, didn't see you there," Maylene said. "Good thing you came to cause I've been having some trouble here."

"Trouble?" Ash said. "What trouble?"

"I'll tell you, but first you need to introduce me to your friends here," Maylene said. "I already know Brock, but I never meet these two."

"Maylene, this is Jordan and Christina," Ash said.

"Hello," Jordan and Christina said together.

"It's nice to meet you," Maylene said. "Now back to our problem. The news that Team Galactic is back has brought many to leave town, some even leave the region. News report say that a dozen of trainers are leaving Sinnoh and going off to Kanto and Johto."

"News travels quickly here I guess," Jordan said.

"The fire that destroyed Jubilife City has got people believing that Team Galactic is back and more destructive than last time. Some are wondering which city is next and if Sinnoh is even safe anymore," Maylene said.

"Has Officer Jenny done anything to calm down these rumors?" Brock asked.

"Arceus knows they're trying," Maylene said. "But the people are smarter than to believe Officer Jenny and her attempts. There's also this news about this person that Team Galactic is hunting and that they were reportedly at Jubilife City the day before the fire, that says things."

"Says things like what?" Jordan asked.

"Like Team Galactic is on a mission," Maylene said. But Team Galactic isn't the only thing that is making the people of Sinnoh uneasy."

"What could be worse than Team Galactic?" Christina asked.

"A group that call themselves "The Keepers"," Maylene said.

I widen my eyes. My meeting with that Espeon named Mary. She said she was from a group called The keepers.

"We are ex members of a terrorist group known as the "Keepers". The group has done what any thing a terrorist group could do; bank robberies, car bombings, Pokemon smuggling you name it they've done it," Mary said.

"How could I forget," Ash said. "Me and Officer Jenny are doing all in our power to arrest as many members each day, it's just that they add more members each day. Unlike Team Galactic, The Keepers have been spotted in other regions than Sinnoh. All we know is that their headquarters is somewhere in Sinnoh and each time we get close, it slips from out fingers."

"Wait, Ash. You never told us about this other terrorist group!" Jordan said.

"That's because Team Galactic is the only terrorist group you and Hunter should be worried about," Ash said in a harsh tone.

"What do you mean worried about?" Maylene said. "Everyone should be worried about both of em."

Ash sighs. "It's such a long story, and it's a story best told behind closed doors," Ash said.

"I understand," Maylene said. "Let's take this talk back to my place."

"That would be better," Ash said.

"Are we going to your gym?" Christina asked.

"No, I'm one of the few gym leaders that lives outside their gym." Maylene said. "My home is just on the west-side of the city, my boyfriend, Scott, is probably home now, but we can go to my office, he never goes near there," Maylene said.

We reach Maylene's house that is just a block away from her gym. She unlocks the door and we all walk in to be greeted by a tall and masculine man. He has beady brown eyes and short, black hair. He walks over to us.

"Hey hunny, you came home early," Scott said."And you brought guests."

"Hey Scott," Maylene said giving Scott a soft kiss on the lips. "You've met Ash and Brock before, but these two are new to my eyes."

"My name is Jordan and this is Christina," Jordan said.

"It's nice to meet you," Christina said.

"Good to meet you two, so Maylene. Why come home so soon?" Scott asked.

"It's private," Maylene said. Scott looked worried, but smiles softly.

"Okay then, I'll leave you all to talk. I gotta go to the store and by some Moo Moo Milk, we've run out."

"Oh thanks," Maylene said. "Oh Scott, before you leave, can you run over to Susan's apartment, she's got a Hitmonlee that she borrowed from me.

"Sure," he said walking out.

"Now...we can finally talk again," Maylene said.

"Good," Ash said.

"So Ash, you never really said why you came here," Maylene said.

"Me and the others are headed back to the Pokemon HQ to train to defeat Cyrus for good," Ash said.

"Your going to try to defeat Cyrus again," Maylene said.

"No, not this time," Ash said looking at Jordan and me. "They are going to take a shot at nailing the bastard for good."

Maylene points at Jordan. "He's going to defeat Cyrus."

"Nope," Jordan said. "My Poke-friend here is."

"I swear to god if you call me that one more time, your going to get a Shadow Ball to the chest," I said.

"Holy shit!" Maylene jumped. "That Umbreon just spoke!"

"Why do I feel like there is a pattern going on," Tia said. "We go to a city, we meet someone, Hunter speaks, that someone jumps out of their skin, after a half-hour they calm down and we move down to the next city."

"You hit the nail on the head," I said.

"But that doesn't explain how your Umbreon is speaking!" Maylene said.

"It's a long story so we better sit down," Ash said.

Rain falls violently as Margret walks down the wet path. An invisible barrier stops the rain from touching her. She stops near a sign that is being violently beaten by the strong storm.

"Veilstone City," the sign read with a small arrow pointing forward.

"I'm wondering why you don't just teleport yourself there," a mysterious voice calls. "A powerful witch like you could do that in an instant."

"I could, but I need to be rid of an insect like you before I see Hunter and the rest," Margret said.

"Oh, such hurtful words to such a humble Legendary," the mysterious voice said.

"I used to think Regigigas was the mindless tool of Arceus," Margret said. "But I was mistaken, you Darkrai, you are a mindless tool to a mindless god."

"Even meaner words to your superior," Darkrai said.

"Ha, Arceus is not in control of me," Margret said. "That foolish dumbass has tried and failed to put chains on me, but I am smarter than all of you pitiful Legendaries."

"You are such a hateful person," Darkrai said. " What nightmarish things have you seen that has brought you so grim."

"Your very creation for one," Margret said. "I just hate how you Legendaries, the great and powerful, the ones that moved mountains and created volcanoes, are to afraid to face the outcast of your group."

"Cyrus," Darkrai said in a low moan. "A disgrace on the word Legendary. Is he truly why you hate all Legendaries?"

"Oh please, I don't hate all of you," Margret said. "Mewtwo, his genetic sister Mew, Celebi, Latios and Latias, even the annoying Lake Guardians have some nice qualities. But dogs like you make me sick."

Darkrai reveals himself in front of Margret. "I just follow orders given to me by Arceus," Darkrai said.

"And I'm guessing your new orders are to protect me," Margret said.

"Yes," Darkrai said. " I am to..." Darkrai is thrown through a dozen of trees finally landing to the ground. Margret's eyes are glowing red. 9 blue flames circulate around her. She teleports in front of Darkrai who is still on the floor.

"You put people to sleep to give them nightmares," Margret said. "I can do the same thing, without putting you to sleep."

"Touché," Darkrai said. Darkrai stands back up. " But like you said, I am Arcues's dog. I will stay by your side."

"You are annoying," Margret lashed out. "If you must...fine. You can come with me to see Hunter."

"The prophecy," Darkrai said.

"He has a name you jackass," Margret lashed.

"My apologies," Darkrai said.

"Well I'm off," Margret said. "Follow me if you want."

Margret teleports away. "I will not," Darkrai said evaporating through the ground.

Mary and Lucy walk out of the bushes. "What was that about?" Mary said confused.

"All I know is that Darkrai got his ass handed to him by an old woman," Lucy giggled.

"That old lady," Mary said intrigued. "She said she was going to see someone named Hunter."

"You think it's the same Hunter we saw back in Hearthome City?" Lucy asked.

"Possibly," Mary said. "Let's go."

"Go where?" Lucy asked.

"Where that old lady is going," Mary said. "This little Umbreon has fascinated me to the core."

"You thinking of dating him?" Lucy giggled.

"No I'm not!" Mary said. "I told you before I'm not the mating type."

"Suit yourself," Lucy said. "I on the other hand can't wait for prince charming."

"Have fun with that," Mary said. "Come on, she's getting away."

Brock opens the refrigerator and takes out a water bottle. He closes the frig and turns toward the group. "I'm still having a hard time figuring out how the Pokemon HQ is safe to train Hunter," Maylene said. "Team Galactic burned down a entire city for Arceus's sake."

"But out of all of Sinnoh; it's the safest," Ash said.

"Define safe," I said.

"The Police HQ where Officer Jenny works is located near there," Ash said. "The Pokemon HQ also has dozens of strong trainers that have beaten all 8 gym leaders walk through those doors. A regular Team Galactic member won't stand a chance."

"And don't forget the fact Cyrus is nothing but a dirty coward,"Christina said.

"How long will his cowardice last?" Jordan asked.

"We may never know," Brock said. "It's best we train Hunter into a strong Pokemon until then."

The door bell rings. Maylene stands up. "That must be Scott," Maylene walks out of the room.

"Is there a faster way to get to the Pokemon HQ?" Jordan asked.

"Veilstone City has a subway station that goes from here to Sunnyshore City, but a bomb explosion from The Keepers has closed it down," Brock said.

"Damn," Christina snapped her fingers.

"Tell me more about The Keepers," I said.

"The Keepers," Brock said. "A terrorist organization just like Team Galactic," Brock said.

"Their leader is a guy named Dante," Ash said. "Dante is the most abusive Pokemon trainer I have ever seen, worse than Cyrus. The body count of Pokemon he beat to death is staggering."

"Why do they call themselves The Keepers?" I asked.

"They think of themselves of guardians of an old tradition that long died hundreds of years ago," Brock said. "The tradition was that Pokemon were slaves to Humans and that Humans were more superior. This was when Poke-Balls were at their infancy and Pokemon battles were more fierce and at sometimes the losing Pokemon would be killed. It's long dead now, but The Keepers and Dante wish for it to come back."

"And their way of bringing it back is bombing cities and murder," Jordan said.

"The Keepers think that the only way to bring back their society is by killing ours," Tia said.

"That's a bit harsh," I said.

Maylene walks back in. "You guys, this woman wanted to talk to you," Maylene steps away to reveal Margret standing there with a serious look on her face.

"Margret!" Ash said in surprise.

"W..what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Wait, who is this woman," Brock asks.

"She's the witch that brought me and Hunter here," Jordan said. Margret walks closer to us.

"And after a few current events I am beginning to regret it," Margret said. "But what has been done can not be undone. And we have more pressing matters."

"Like what?" Ash asks.

"It's Mew," Margret sighed. "She has been kidnapped."

"WHAT!" The entire group yelled.

"How did this happen?" Christina yelled.

"How did Cyrus capture one of the most evasive Legendary in existence!?"Ash asked.

"Because no ordinary man," Margret said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Cyrus," Margret sighed. "Is a Legendary."