Summary: Kanata had already learned not to expect. Five years of Miyu's absence — how could this year be any different? "Hey, long time no see, Kanata." — Actually, it was wildly different.

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Waning Moon


It was Christmas once again, not that they particularly celebrate for that reason — his old man was a Buddhist priest after all. (Maybe someday even he would become one too, but he still wasn't sure what to do with his life at this point.) Of course, it also happened to be his birthday, but since six years ago, the date had become a lot more significant for him.

Kanata sighed. If only a certain someone would miraculously decide to show up this year, then this annual tradition of theirs would become even dearer to him, he thought bitterly. Ah, but that was more of a wishful thinking really; he didn't expect that of her anymore — at least, he constantly told himself not to.

The brunet was still deeply buried in his thoughts when he realized that he had already arrived at the train station. The slight buzz of the countless activities within the station momentarily jolted him out of his reverie. Today, the place was bustling with people leaving or coming home for the holidays. He spied a man and a woman lightly sprinting towards each other, a family smiling obliviously in one corner, a lady with a lovely red scarf hurrying to the train with her baggage in tow.

He thought those scenes were heart-warming and all that, but right now he needed a place to sit. The giant digital clock overhead showed 09:21 in glowing red light. He was a little early, he realized, he had more than an hour of waiting left. The thought made him scowl — the anticipation was actually killing him.

But as soon as he was perched comfortably on a nearby bench, he was consumed by his own thoughts again.



To be exact, today was only the Christmas Eve. The actual Christmas Day was still a few hours away. But to him, these two days bleed together; he looked forward to these two days every year. To him, the eve of Christmas was just as important as the day itself.

It had already been snowing since he left the temple shortly after they ate their breakfast. His dad, Hosho, had taken care of the dishes and asked him to walk to the station to fetch their guests instead. It was their Christmas-eve-morning-routine that they've stuck to for five years. Now was the sixth year of carrying out that tradition. The only difference was that today they had finished their breakfast early, and Kanata opted to start the next task immediately after instead of idling around the house.

So now Kanata was at the train station, waiting for his father's friends to arrive; Aunt Miki and Uncle Yu were coming from Tokyo via the next train. Every year, they would visit the Saionji Temple during Christmas Eve and would stay overnight. They did this every year since the couple decided to stay permanently in Japan and whisked away Miyu with them to their new residence.

Sadly, only Aunt Miki and Uncle Yu came every year. Miyu was supposed to come too — she was more than welcome even to overstay — but since the first year of their tradition, she had yet to show herself. Aunt Miki told him during the first time that Miyu had already made plans with her boyfriend for Christmas that was why she could not come. And every year since then, Miyu would be absent for the same reason, which left Kanata to wonder, "Was it the same boyfriend all these years?"

Maybe he was jealous.

Of course, any guy that managed to catch Miyu's attention was subject to his envy. Miyu was a fine young girl and any guy would be lucky to have her. And if this particular guy — that bastard! — was her boyfriend of six years (he maintained it was the same guy; Miyu wasn't the type to jump from a relationship to another carelessly, he rationalized) then it was six times the envy he would usually feel.

Also, it hurt him gravely that Miyu managed to find love as quickly as she did, when he, on the other hand, still could not get over her many years after.

But he wouldn't know, would he, how she actually felt about him. Neither of them confessed before she moved away, after all. Sometimes, he doubted his decision to keep mum of his feelings was the right one. True, she was going away, and he didn't want to burden her with his feelings.




If he'd only been selfish for once, she would probably even be looking forward to her trips to Heiomachi, and she'd be making Christmas plans with him not with some other guy.

Now however, the only communication he had with Miyu was through the Christmas cards — and his additional birthday card — she never failed to send for him and his father. And every year, she also gave them gifts. Aunt Miki would hand those over to them after the Christmas Eve dinner, and exchanged them for Hosho's and Kanata's presents for Miyu. If he was reading those letters correctly, he could safely conclude that Miyu was still the same girl he parted with, and for that he was thankful.

He was looking forward to her letter this year too. He would have also hoped for her arrival this year had he not been constantly disappointed every year before then. Now, he had already learned not to expect. Five years of her absence —how could this year be any different?



Kanata let out another sigh (he'd been sighing a lot more today, he only just noticed) and proceeded to straighten up. The train from Tokyo finally arrived. He craned his neck to look for his guests. It took him little effort to find them. With a slight smile, he promptly walked towards them.

They were carefully alighting the train. Uncle Yuu was guiding his wife off the platform, his hands on her elbow. Aunt Miki's cheeks were puffing slightly. Like she was pouting. By now, Kanata's smile had grown. He also missed the couple in their absence; they always made the temple more interesting. His father was also more alive during their visits. Kanata could never be more grateful to them.

"Hey, long time no see, Kanata."

The voice came out of nowhere, and it was oddly familiar. Kanata spun around. And there she was, already beside him, smiling, blinding like the sun.

It was Miyu.


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