Sherlock is sitting in the flat he shares with his best friend; he's been sitting in the same spot for hours now thinking about a case he has. He stands up all of a sudden and shouts.

"John I've got it! There was no murder. Mr. Gather committed suicide. Oh, he was clever pinning his suicide on the maid." Sherlock looks around, John was nowhere in sight. This was strange because it is apparently 10 o'clock and he isn't going out with anyone.

Sherlock's joy turns to worry; he knows that there are three explanations to john's disappearance. One, he went out, unlikely; Two, Mycroft kidnapped him again, not at this time; And the most terrifying, Moriarty took him. Now Sherlock's brain goes into over drive, looking at everything in the flat as if it would tell him where john is. John's coat is still here, if had gone out he would have taken it with him. That excludes explanation one.

Sherlock grabs his mobile from his pocket a texts Mycroft.

"Where is John? –SH"

"I don't have him." Sherlock now has only one explanation. A few minutes later Sherlock's mobile rings. The number is block, he picks up.

"Where is John?" Sherlock says this with a hash tone.

"Oh, Jonny-boy he's right here. Do you want to say 'hi'?" Sherlock will never forget that voice.

"Give him back!"

"If you want him come and get him." The other end hangs up leaving Sherlock quietly standing in his flat. A text arrives on Sherlock's mobile, it's an address.