Hiya peeps! So I know it's been a while. But I feel like people have just come to expect that from me. But here's another chapter! *yaay* It's not mah best, but it'll get me back into the swing of things. So enjoy and please please update! :)

The phone was ringing. The phone was ringing, and her heart was pounding, and Jackson was too close, his cologne was too strong, she was going to pass out, she couldn't do this, what could she say?…

"Lux Atlantic Hotel, this is Cynthia speaking, how may I help you?"

Lisa was drawn out of her daze by the ever so perky voice of her coworker. She took a deep breath and pictured her father sitting at home, oblivious to everything happening, and cleared her throat. "Cynthia, it's Lisa."

"Oh hi! You're up late, is everything ok?"

Her nerves were so high she almost laughed, but caught herself just before the noise escaped her lips. "Yeah, I'm fine."

It was quiet for a second before Cynthia prompted her. "Sooo, what's up?"

Think, think, think…Jackson's grabbed her arm tightly and Lisa glanced over at him, eliciting a "hurry the fuck up" look from her captor. She tried pulling out of his grasp but he wouldn't give in, so she gave him a frustrated look in return and decided to stall for as long as possible. "How's everything for the Secretary?"

"Same as before, I think we're pretty set. Honestly Leese, I know you're worried but I have it all under control."

"I know." Suddenly a thought occurred to her. The phone was on the opposite side of her face, out of Jackson's line of sight. She didn't know if he could hear Cynthia on the other end, but after a quick prediction of the possible consequences, decided it was worth a shot. She slowly moved her thumb up the keypad, keeping it close to her ear, in an attempt to find the 'end' button. Her voice became louder and more determined as she focused on keeping Jackson distracted from her movements. "There's a small problem, though. Nothing huge, I just need you to do me a favor."

"Alright, what's that?"

As her finger found the desired button, Lisa took a breath, looked at Jackson who gave her an encouraging nod, and held down the button. There was a brief beep and as the line and eventually the phone went dead, and an odd combination of relief and anxiety filled her body to the point where she wasn't sure she could remain conscious for much longer. She kept her gaze focused on her knees, hoping she could convince Jackson for just another minute.

"I need you to switch Keefe's room from 3825 to 4080…..yeah….no, there's just a plumbing problem. It should be figured out by tomorrow but I don't want to take any chances….the code? It's 70482….thanks Cynthia, you're the best. I'll call in the morning."

She shut the phone fast and handed it to Jackson, her heart racing, hoping more than anything he would believe she went through with it. She sat still on the bed, waiting for him to yell or hit her or call the man outside of her father's house, but none of that happened.

"See Leese?" Jackson said, pocketing the phone, "it wasn't that hard, was it?"

She let out a sigh of relief as the tears threatened once again to spill down her cheeks. She shook her head and gripped the edge of the bed, sliding away from him after realizing he had let go of her arm. "It's your turn."

"My turn for what, exactly?"

"You know what. Call off your man at my father's house."

Jackson looked away for a moment and pursed his lips thoughtfully before shaking his head. "Sorry Leese, can't do that. Not yet."

The tears couldn't be contained anymore, but now they were due more to anger than fear. "I did what you asked, you don't need me anymore. I need to know my father is safe."

"As much as I'd love to leave you to yourself and get on with my life, I have the unfortunate task of babysitting you until I receive confirmation from my man at the hotel. The alternative is much less pleasant, Leese, so I suggest you shut up for now and get some sleep."

Lisa shuddered at the thought of what the "alternative" could be, but decided not to argue with him at the moment. She clenched her jaw and slid back against he headboard of the bed, crossing her arms and keeping an eye on Jackson. He seemed incredibly relaxed and at home in her room, sliding off his jacket and reaching for the remote control. He pulled a chair across the room so it sat between the bed and the door, and plopped down in it, seemingly paying no attention to a growingly anxious Lisa.

In an attempt to calm down, she closed her eyes and rested her pounding head against the wooden headboard. She was happy Jackson seemed to believe the phone call, but was terrified he would somehow find out she had lied. She needed to find some way to call her dad and tell him to leave. The problem was that her phone was currently in Jackson's pocket, leaving her with very little options. Getting out of the room was her best bet, but then she would need to find a phone before Jackson had a chance to call his dog. And there seemed to be no way out now that he was sitting in front of the door. But she was far from giving up, and she absolutely did not want to stick around for when Jackson got a call confirming she had not gone through with their bargain.

She glanced around the room looking for anything she could use to fight, or escape, but nothing seemed to jump out at her. But then she noticed the placement of the bathroom. Like any standard hotel room, the bathroom was right next to the exit. If she could somehow get out into the hallway, maybe she could get someone to help her. She couldn't imagine Jackson would risk getting caught by the other hotel residents by following her. But he still had the phone…

Fuck it, it's worth a shot. She scooted over to the edge of the bed and stood up, her heart racing with anxiety. Jackson did not miss the movement and immediately looked over, giving her a hard but amused stare.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"I have to use the bathroom."

Jackson pursed his lips and stared at her for a moment longer, deciding whether he would allow that. It wasn't long though before he stood up and walked over to her. Lisa flinched backwards when he went to grab her arm and pushed him away. "I can walk by myself, thanks."

Jackson smirked and stepped aside, allowing her to pass with mock politeness. As soon as Lisa walked forward though, she almost wish she had allowed him to stand next to her as it was immensely more frightening not being able to see where he was.

Jackson reached forward and opened the bathroom door, walking in first to scan the surroundings. After deciding there was nothing weapon-like in the room, he walked out and leaned against the wall. "Two minutes." He said.

The door slammed shut as Lisa hurried to gain some privacy. Immediately after the lock clicked, the stress from past hour washed over her and she slid down on the ground, allowing her tears to finally flow freely. She put a hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle the noise from her panic attack, fully aware of how close Jackson was standing from the door.

Out of all the hotels in America, Keefe had to come to the Lux. She had already felt like karma owed her a solid, but it didn't look like life was ready to stop shitting on her quite yet. She was tired of it. She would not let Keefe or her father die, and she absolutely would not give Jackson the satisfaction of her obedience.

Slowly, she calmed down and dragged herself up from the floor. She grabbed the edge of the sink for support and stared at herself, disheveled and tear stained, yet looking more determined than she had felt all night. As she turned on the faucet and soothed her red cheeks with cool water, she contemplated her options. She figured she had maybe another hour or so before anyone would notice the switch had not been made. That didn't give her a lot of time, but she also wasn't planning on sticking around too much longer to test out that time frame. Leaving the water running, she looked around the small room for anything she could use against Jackson. There wasn't much- a few complementary bottles of shampoo and conditioner, some towels, a ceramic soap dish…that might work. She held it in her hand and weighed it. It was small and light, but she figured some damage could be done. Keeping it in her hand, she quietly opened a drawer to her left and found something more useful. Inside was a small plastic hair dryer, heavier than that of the dish and hopefully something that could inflict more harm. She wrapped the cord around her hand and held the handle, feeling the adrenaline begin to course through her body. It would have to do.

She turned off the water and faced the door, taking a deep breath. Before she could chicken out, she slowly turned the handle and found Jackson closer than he had been when she had entered. He had the phone in his hand with the screen facing Lisa, anger flashing through his cerulean eyes.

The phone had been turned back on, and listed there for Lisa to see was a list of four missed calls from the hotel, and one missed message. In her shock, Lisa forgot for a moment about the dryer behind her back as Jackson pressed the 'play' button.

"Hey, Lisa, it's Cynthia. I don't know what happened, you got cut off before I could hear what you wanted me to change. I hope it wasn't anything too important, if you get this-"

Finally she snapped out of her daze. As Jackson stood there listening to the message, Lisa whipped her arm out from behind her and whacked her captor in the face with her makeshift weapon. It was harder than she had thought possible, and even though Jackson was able to lift his arm up in a belated attempt to dull the force, he fell back against the wall, gripping the side of his face with a groan. Without hesitating, Lisa stepped forward and hit him again, this time successfully sending him to the floor. A small trickle of blood fell from a gash on his forehead and he seemed, for now, to be unconscious. Shakily, and grateful she had had surprise on her side, she knelt down and picked up the phone, never taking her eyes off of the immobile Jackson, and slid over to the door.

She fumbled with the handle before realizing it was bolted shut, and just as she turned the lock she heard Jackson move behind her. She let out a whimper as Jackson started to stand again, and threw the door open and ran down the hallway just in time.

She heard Jackson yell incoherently behind her, making her move faster. The elevator was too far away, so she flew to her right down another hallway towards the stairwell, slamming the door open with an echo and jumped the stairs two at time. She flipped the phone open as she ran and held down her speed dial, effectively dialing her father.

"Come on come on!" she yelled, hoping beyond anything he would answer. She still had eight flights of stairs to travel down before she hit the lobby, and Jackson couldn't have been far behind but she didn't dare look. Finally, after racing down another floor, her father answered.

"Hello?" He said, sounding groggy and half asleep.

"Dad! You need to get out of the house, get out now!"

"What? Leese, what's wrong? Are you ok?"

She turned another corner, stumbling over the stairs, trying to focus on moving and talking at the same time. "No just please, don't use the front door, you need-"

The phone flew from her hand as Jackson finally caught up with her and she was pushed against the wall with violent force. She blacked out for a moment as her head hit the stone, and the next thing she knew Jackson had her wrists above her head with one hand and her mouth covered with his other, keeping her pinned tightly to the wall.

"Do not mess with me, Lisa." He said in a menacing whisper, his face barely an inch from her own. She struggled in his grip, her screams for help muffled behind his hand but hopefully loud enough to get someone's attention. He quickly switched positions and grabbed her throat, silencing her further.

"We are going to walk back up to your room now, quietly and without causing suspicion. If you behave-" he tightened his grip for emphasis "-I will think about sparing your father's life. Do you understand?"

Lisa tried nodding her head, but even then he held on longer than necessary. Just when she thought she would black out, he let go and she fell to the floor, tired and gasping, her vision bombarded with colorful dots. After a moment he lifted her up again, keeping a vice like grip on her arm. He leaned in close to her ear, his breath tickling her neck. "You're going to regret doing that."