"Now listen here, no messing up" said the old woman sternly "This is you one and only chance, so fuck this up and you can forget doing this" the old frailed woman looked over her notes on her clipboard

It was chilly today, it was 8 in the morning and the world only began to wake up.

The younger girl walked beside her as they walked up to the hospital together.

The girl looked up to the large sign "Sacred Heart"

She looked inside and saw an eerie quite. A few patients walked past in a trance but not much else happened.

"I know you are on Work experience and it can be quite daunting but that won't help you court when you've being held up for theft" the lady chuckled as she faced the young girl

The elderly woman looked over her notes again "Once you get in there ask for Perry Cox, he'll then tell you where to go and what to do" she muttered before walking away "Good luck!"

The girl watched the woman leave before looking back up to the sign and her heart began to race.

Don't fuck this up, this is your last chance.

She slowly walked into the hospital, not knowing what this month would bring.