Cox watched the Work experience kid…. WEK, who was talking with Carla as if they knew each other their whole lives.

The began laughing and Turk began talking too as well instead of doing his job

She likes the others and never talks back at them. She never even gives them attitude, why me?

"Oi Cox!" WEK shouted out waving to him "Knock Knock?"

I rolled my eyes and turned to walk away from the idiots

"Come on" WEK yelled again making me want to laugh impatiently

I walked up to her, ready to shout her down "Might I remind you we are in a hospital"

"The patients seem to enjoy it" Carla muttered pointing out the children who were patients of the hospital behind herself and Turk with large smiles

"Knock Knock?" asked WEK once again giving a defiant smile to myself

I rolled his eyes once more before walking off

Of course she would give me attitude, I hater her, she hates me… It's the way it works around here… The young delinquent hates the rules and authority I have, so they try to make my life a living hell… That's how it works, and always has…Why should I care anyway? She's only the Work Experience Kid

He walked away and tried his best to avoid talking to others throughout the day. He was sick of having to deal with them, especially when they seemed to be happy and acting young. Just like WEK. He reluctantly had to walk into the nurses' station to retrieve a file for a patient.

He saw WEK working hard in the corner, her tongue was sticking out and she kept tapping her foot underneath her chair as if she was counting down the seconds till she got to leave.

She seems so normal but why doesn't that girl get upset when I made fun of her?

I even laughed at her clumsiness, her neighbourhood, her mother? What was going to break the girl?

The tough look wasn't going to last with that girl. I was the tough one, not her and she had to learn that if she wanted to survive here. But how to do so?

"Bitch" I muttered to WEK as he passed her

WEK gave him a weird look "Dickhead?" she asked as she stopped her work



I looked at the girl waiting to see hurt or fear

WEK looked back confused "Sorry but you going to have to explain to me what's going on"

"You don't get upset when I bully you"

Will she crack?

WEK looked at him about to laugh "Is this all it is? The names and swearing? Your trying to break me down? Oh Cox, that is so low" she laughed "Your trying to make a 16 year old girl cry!" she laughed

She's right, I'm a monster

"Oh dear" she finally stopped laughing "Honey, you're going to have to find another 16 year old to make her cry cause it won't work here"

Yeah right, I make grown man cry, this should be a piece of cake.

"I'll get to you-"

"When hell freezes over" she muttered straight back "I think I'll make you cry first before you can make me cry"


"Okay" muttered WEK "I don't understand why you're doing this" she replied annoyed from being distracted of her work "You getting bored Cox? You could do my work for me"

"Pulease!" I laughed back at her "I don't go out of my way to annoy you" I lied through my teeth "You just are so much fun to pick on"

She smirked before returning to her work "Cox?" she asked

"What?" he muttered

"Fuck you boss" she hissed at him "You've got issues" she laughed as she went back to her work

I laughed myself trying to annoy her before running into JD "Stacey, what are you doing standing around?!" he shouted on his way out shouting at each person he passed

What a dickhead WEK thought pissed off