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Fairy where you going?

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The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky, it was another great day in the land of Fiore. It was a beautiful day, the forest was alive; a soft breeze blew through the forest that surrounded the city of Magnolia. In a small clearing, slept a girl with almond skin. It was a rather odd site to see. Since what stuck out most on her besides her bright blue hair, were the pitch black wolf ears and matching tail.

As the sun shone on her face, her eyelids began to flutter and she opened her bright green eyes, taking in her surroundings. At first she seemed, to be dazed but then a look of shock and realization crossed her face. This wasn't where she went to sleep last night.

Her name was Nicole Grey, she was eighteen and a graduate from high school. But as she inspected her surroundings, and the herself after finding a small pond, she realized; none of that matter here. Nicole Grey was nobody in the land of Fiore.

So who was she now..."Nicole Lightzen.." she said to herself, smiling that had been the name she'd given her on OC when she wrote fanfictions in her world. Now she was living, that very life, but she was scared and alone. Unlike in her fanfictions where she could write things out to happen, this was life now.

"How will I get do I get to Fairy Tail!" she shrieked, scaring some birds and other animals, and unknowingly making her presence know to another being, that wasn't afraid of her. As Nicole went over these and other questions in her mind, she got the feeling that she was being something or someone.

At first she ignored it, thinking that it would go away; but it didn't it only got worse, so she decided that it'd be best if sh moved from her current spot. Though she had no clue where she was going she knew that she had to get away from there.

Nicole wandered through the forest, still a bit dazed from knowing that she fell asleep in her home in North Carolina, and was now wandering in the forest in her favorite Anime, with Natsu...the boy she called her Anime husband.

"I just realized I have no damn clue where I'm going..." Nicole said to herself stopping in a clearing she sighed and looked around. Everything looked the same, she covered her eyes and watched the azure sky. A sigh escaping her lips, "I'm lost and have no idea where to go."

Nicole sat down pitifully and began to think, she'd actually never seen Natsu and the others in the forest that surrounded Magnolia, only twice maybe and they were always beside a river; looking around she could not see a river. "I'm screwed." she said hanging her head and blowing a raspberry.

Nicole had managed to get herself out the forest, and stood before the gates of Magnolia, she smiled happily to herself. The forest hadn't exactly been too kind, there was a forest Vulcan in there that had chased her until she id something and it went flying.

After that she just ran in the opposite direction of where it'd come from, she exhaled and stared at the gate, it wasn't menacing but she somehow felt nervous like she had days before giving an oral presentation. "Why is this so scary?" she asked herself as she stood there, several people had gone in and out and here she was just standing there.

"It's now or never.." she told herself after taking a deep breath she marched into town, she looked around in awe, Magnolia was a beautifully drawn city but now that it'd become her reality it was even more beautiful. "Amazing..." she mumbled as she walked around just sight seeing.

While she was too bust looking around she didn't realize that she was about to walk right into someone. She didn't see the person in front of her and they didn't see her and so all meetings of this kind end the same way, collision!

"I am so sorry I didn't-" Nicole stopped and stared that's all she could because there sitting a few feet away from her was her very favorite rosy-pinkette and a familiar blue cat.


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