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Maylu breathed deeply, tiredly shutting her eyes and leaning her head back. People passing by barely gave the redhead sitting on the bench a second glance. That's what the girl liked about Den City. It was large enough that even late in the night, many people were walking around the streets. She was just another face in the crowd. A face that blended in.

If her father had come out to look for her, it would be awfully difficult to find her in such a busy city. Especially in the dark.

The fourteen year old tugged at her skirt, trying to save some of the warmth in her legs. Cars whizzing by had created quite the breeze, making her wish she had grabbed a jacket on her little escape. The girl had long since stopped crying, and now her brown eyes were only slightly swollen, mostly just bloodshot. She had deemed herself too tired to cry soon after she had left the house.

When she had ran away, it had only been about 7 P.M. Now, after aimlessly walking around, and then having to take a bus to Den Tech, it was sometime around nine. Presently, she was waiting for her ride, for her fall-back plan.

Roll had been mostly silent for the trip. She had spoken out a couple of times before, telling Maylu that maybe this wasn't such a great idea, but soon gave up when she saw her efforts were futile. The pink navi knew from experience just how stubborn the girl could be.

She gazed worriedly up at her Op from her position on the girl's shoulder, trying to discern how much more drama she could take. Perhaps it was a good thing Maylu was getting away for a little bit. It couldn't have been any healthier to stay there. The navi was glad she was on summer break. If school were added to the mix, things would've been a lot worse.

A couple minutes passed as Maylu sat waiting. Suddenly, a car pulled stopped at the curb in front of her. She glanced up, but found it not to be what she had first expected. The window to the pitch black limo rolled down, revealing black and white hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. Her breath hitched a little in surprise.

"Sakurai?" The boy called out in slight disbelief. "What are you doing out in the city so late at night? Much worse, by yourself?"

Maylu struggled to find words. Although she wanted to tell the other boy, she was finding it difficult to understand him. One day, he was really comforting and friendly, and then the next, he was completely disregarding her. Which boy was he now? Relatable, or distant? Helpful, or harmful?

Her head hurt from the confusion and frustration.

Their eyes locked, and she forgot about giving him a reply. The conversation she had had earlier with Roll about the dual-haired boy came rushing back to her memory. A slight blush tinged her cheeks red, but the sharp wind gave her a valid excuse.

They kept locked gazes, as if challenging the other to break first, yet at the same time, inviting them to try and breach the walls. Maylu remembered the vow she had made herself. The one where she promised Chaud would eventually become her friend.

She was just about to open her mouth to reply, when a second car pulled up behind his, effectively capturing their attention. A window of the pink limo was also rolled down, and a shiny forehead greeted them.

"Hey, Maylu!" Yai called. "Let's go!"

Brown and blue eyes met once more before she looked away, standing up and shifting her feet to begin walking to the more feminine vehicle.

"My ride's here. See you around." Maylu said lamely, sliding in and slamming the door shut. She watched as her limo passed his, and then tore her gaze away, clicking her seatbelt in.

"What was that jerk bothering you for?" Yai quipped in a joking manner. When the younger girl didn't get a response, she sobered up, realizing this wasn't the time.

She spoke again, this time in a much softer tone. "Hey, what's wrong? What's going on?"

Maylu avoided eye contact. "It's nothing."

Yai scoffed and narrowed her eyes skeptically. "I hardly doubt calling me up in short notice and asking for a place to 'crash for the night' is hardly nothing." The blonde gently grabbed hold of the other girl's arm. "Please, Maylu. Tell me what's wrong. I've been your friend for years, and I can tell when you're upset. Seeing you so unhappy makes me sad."

Reluctantly, the redhead raised her eyes, straining to see the younger girl in the dim light of the car. She sighed tiredly. "I promise I'll tell you when we get to your house. I just need a second to think."

Yai nodded acceptingly, willing to wait for the answer. They settled into a silence filled only by the sound of the car engine.

Yai stared in utter disbelief. Surely Maylu hadn't kept all this bottled inside to herself!

She didn't deserve any of this. Such a sweet girl shouldn't live in such a broken home. It was unbelievable how much had happened in a week's time.

A parent shouldn't be so cruel to their own daughter.

Yai suspected that the girl's sudden rebellion was really years of pent up neglectance and hurt. This behavior didn't sound anything like the Maylu she knew. This Maylu was much more depressed, weary, and closed off.

The two girl's were seated on Yai's giant, pink and yellow bed, dressed for sleep. Maylu had just finished retelling her troubles, getting quite the surprised reaction from her friend. Even Glyde, who could hear the conversation from his PET, was wide eyed amd left speechless.

Roll hoped for Maylu's sake that the young prodigy wouldn't blow this up more than it needed to be.

Yai blinked, then shook her head. "How come you didn't tell me this earlier? You know I would've wanted to help." She peered intensely into the redhead's eyes. Her next words were whispered, as if she thought too much sound would provoke an outburst from Maylu. "I know that I can never understand what you're going through, and neither can the rest of the boys, but we will always be here for you. Through thick and thin. Next time, you should let us help you. Keeping this locked inside can't be good for you."

The redhead smiled, touched by her friend's devotion and concern. She nodded. "I will. And thank you, Yai. Thanks for letting me stay here, and for making me feel better."

Yai pulled her in for a hug. "Of course. What are friend's for?" Maylu squeezed back. "And you can stay for as long as you want. Whether it's one night, or a thousand, you're always welcome here."

Maylu smiled over the girl's shoulder, although it was a little sad.

Home was supposed to be where one felt the safest. Then, how come Maylu felt safer in Yai's?

The girls talked for a little longer, mostly about nothing special. It was the kind of conversation you would hear in a typical female sleepover. The redhead thought it was nice to be able to talk about nonsense so freely. Maybe she should do this more often.

Hours flew by until they could no longer keep the sleepiness from their eyes. Yawning widely, the girls crawled under the thick covers of the gigantic bed. Maylu moved around until she was comfortable, her mind getting foggier by the second.

"Goodnight, Yai."


The redhead let her heavy eyelids finally fall shut. She'd have to figure out when to go back to her dad, and what to say to her other friends soon... But that could wait till morning...

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