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Chapter 17

Right in between Foxface and Rue.

"Well then who should I pick…?" Katniss murmurs to herself.

"You don't get to pick it! Just spin it again!" Finnick commands. Katniss turns to Finnick and glowers at him.

"Do you make the rules here? No. So shut your pie hole, if I want to pick, I get to pick!" Katniss narrows her eyes at the quickly retreating blonde man.

"Never argue with a woman who is PMSing if you know what I mean," he winks to Annie. He's rewarded with a giant bump on his head. He starts rolling around; crying about how mean his girlfriend is to her. Annie just rolls her eyes and mutters something along the lines of, "if I knew that he'd be such an idiot, I would have never dated him in the first place…" Katniss stares at the two girls, both looking at her, slightly fearful at the moody lady. No one dares to tell her that she's not allowed to pick who to ask "truth or dare" to.

"I pick… Foxface!" she shouts. She merely lifts an eyebrow bored.

"I have a name you know? It's called Evie," she replies, flicking her hair to one side.

"Yeah, yeah whatever Foxface. Truth or dare?" Katniss waves her off. Foxface's eye twitches slightly at her nickname.

"Truth," Foxface mutters, still annoyed by her nickname.

"Foxy, you're smart right?" Foxface clenches her fist, face turning red.

"Hey looky, Poopsy bear, the fox is constipated!" Cato giggles, nudging Clove in the stomach. Clove's eyes also start twitching.

"Don't ever call me Poopsy bear ever again, unless you want your family jewels attached to your body," she threatens.

"Sorry, I didn't catch that, Poopsy bear!" Everyone saw it coming except him… Clove slams her foot into his rather sensitive area. Instead of screaming and groaning from pain, Cato just sits there completely unaffected.

"Does… does he have no, you know…?" Rue whispers, eyes wide. After a minute or so, Cato starts howling in pain, clutching his crotch.

"AHHH! THAT HURT SO MUCH!" he shrieks.

"Oh my god… is it even possible to have such slow reactions?" Clove face palms herself.

"Indeed it is possible. And yes Katniss, I am quite intelligent," Foxface says in a posh voice, recovering from getting called by that nickname.

"Okay, then tell us one way to annoy the hell out of each person in this room, except me," Katniss says. Foxface lifts an eyebrow but is satisfied that she hasn't used the word "fox".

"Oh yes and why do you look that much like a fox?" Katniss adds. Her face turns completely red again.

"My dad's a plastic surgeon okay!? I told him I wanted a foxy look so that boys would like me but I didn't mean like this!" she shouts, her eyes glazing over dramatically. Katniss puts her hands up, surrendering.

"Sorry…" she says.

"Sorry I asked…" she mutters quietly so she can't hear her.

"Well let's see… This is quite simple actually. Let's start with Gale. All you have to do is write the words "Snow wuz here" on his face while he's sleeping. Now for Prim… She seems like an innocent person. Ah! Whenever it becomes very quiet, put your head near hers as if she's whispering to you then shout in a very loud voice, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE GOING COMMANDO?"" Prim goes twenty-five different shades of red while frowning.

"Who is next?" Everyone tries to hide their face so the genius won't pick on them.

"Ah Finnick! Super glue his trident to the floor and tell him that today is going to be a good fishing day and watch him try to retrieve his weapon. And for his girlfriend Annie, every time she walks into a room, start saying "coo coo, coo coo!" and blame it on a broken clock," Foxface says nonchalantly. Annie is furious. Looks like her theory has worked.

"Effie is quite simple; just call her baldy." Effie gasps incredulously while adjusting her wig.

"Haymitch is even simpler. It should be quite obvious; just take away his liquor. For innocent Rue, sing, "I know a song that get's on everybody's nerves" nonstop. She'll crack within minutes. For stoic Thresh, whenever he gets near a rock or pebble run around screaming, "HE'S RETRIEVING HIS WEAPON! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"" Thresh narrows his eyes at her, in a threatening fashion. Foxface completely ignore all the looks she's getting.

"For Cato, after he takes an hour doing his hair, tell him that there's one small problem with it and ruffle it completely. For Clove, congratulate her for impregnating Cato. For Marvel, whenever he's having a meeting with the careers, tell him that there's an emergency and then claim that you're going to show him an important website which doesn't actually work and make them wait all day. For Glimmer, get a bunch of bees and throw them at her and say that she's the queen bee isn't she. For Peeta, claim that the song "If I were a boy" is the song of his life. Is that all?" She scans the circle. Katniss is the only one, bursting with laughter. In fact, she's on the floor clutching her stomach, chortling non-stop. Everyone else is glaring at Foxface. She just shrugs then spins the bottle. As it spins someone starts coughing while saying something that sounds weirdly like "Foxface, the foxy girl gone wrong". The bottle comes to a stop and it lands on…

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