Birthday Surprise

Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. Mick/Gina fic.

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"Ugh. You know mates, we never did this much paperwork back in Interpol. Or in Special Forces." Mick complained from his seat at the table. He wasn't really working anymore, besides, after the third straight hour of working the team got antsy.

"Tell me about it." Beth grumbled, shaking out her hands. "After every case, there is so much paperwork. We probably have more paperwork per case than serial killers in a whole year."

"Especially if we discharged our guns." Prophet mumbled, spinning in his chair. "And of course our previous case had to deal with guys with automatic weapons."

"Yeah I know guys. At least it's almost lunch." Gina tried to smile optimistically. But failed.

"Let's just get this over with. If we work hard enough, we will finish before the weeks over."

"Yeah right." Beth butted in. "We will probably just get another case. And then have the paperwork from that case roll over to this one."

"And then we will forget all the details about the case before we even finish the paperwork." Prophet sighed, while writing the smallest detail the hundredth time.

Hearing them all complain, Coop came out of his office and looked across the room at his team. "Hey someone should order some take out. Before you guys become serial killers out of boredom." He stated. Grabbing his keys and jacket he said, "Prophet, come on let's go get lunch. Mexican from that place across town sound good guys?"

"Yup." Gina called out. "Just get me my regular stuff. You know it right?"

"Yeah, yeah." Prophet said, while grabbing his wallet, excited to get out of the office. "I'll get everyone's regulars."

"Okay, thanks mates." Mick shouted out as the pair left the office. "So now what." He started to say.

"Now we get back to work." Beth muttered semi-angrily. "There is nothing better to do. It is only April 10th. No breaks insight."

"Wait, did you say it was April 10th?" Gina asked, getting up out of her seat and walking towards some files.

"Yeah, what is it love?" Mick questioned, looking up from the desk. Partly because he wanted anything else to do except for paperwork.

"Isn't Prophet's birthday sometime in April?" Gina asked again, looking through their personnel files.

"Hey, you know you are right." Beth said, getting up from her seat. "Actually his birthday is in about a week."

"Really?" Mick asked, moving out of his seat, now intrigued himself. "Why wouldn't the old man say anything?"

"Hmmm I don't know." Gina mused, leaning back against the office wall. "You know though, we should plan a birthday party." Looking back up at her two teammates and seeing their skeptical faces, she continued on. "It would be so much fun guys. Drinks, food, and interaction with people other than the five of us. We have no lives other than work, and barely talk to people outside our little group."

"You know, that would take a lot of work..." Beth started to say. "and we do have lots of paperwork to do. Why not just take him out for drinks instead?"

"Oh come on Beth." Mick grinned, almost as excited as Gina to Gina's delight and Beth's annoyance. "I hate paperwork. Besides the old man deserves a party. We deserve a party."

"Are we seriously going to have a surprise birthday party for someone who is over the age of 10?" Asked Beth grudgingly. But she already knew that she would lose. Gina seemed adamant about throwing the party. How could she not be, Beth mused. Being so young and having nothing to do other than working to catch serial killers. And Mick probably do anything Gina told him to. Plus Prophet was one of his friends. These two could probably convince Penelope in seconds. Actually, it was surprising that their quirky tech girl didn't come up with the plan herself. With half of the team onboard, Coop would probably agree to it. Prophet, being the surprised one, would be forced into it. And that would mean unless she wanted to be left out, Beth would go along with the party too.

Studying Beth for a while and knowing that she was caving, Gina started with her plans, talking a mile a minute. "Let's get started now while Prophet and Coop are getting lunch. Well, we have a week to plan. We need a place to host the party, time off, food, drinks, guests, presents, decorations, games… "

"Woah there Gina," Beth complained, already thinking about how they would handle adding more work on their current work load. "That seems like a lot of work. Let's skip out on the decorations and games. We aren't 10."

"Yeah. I agree. No embarrassing games. But we should have the party at the office. Maybe decorate the gym a bit, and drag the plasma in." Mick added, deciding on the venue. "Everyone else lives in flats, so this place is the biggest. We can figure out how to sneak everything in here later."

"Okay, that sounds good. No one else uses the place, so we can get permission to do so. Let's get Garcia into our plans and she will have ideas of course. And we can trade time off with another Red Cell team." Gina grinned. "You know, this actually might work."

"Yeah, yeah." Beth muttered, trying to hide a half smile. No matter how much extra work her they created, seeing her team excited and happy still kind of amused her. "I'll go call her."

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