Birthday Surprise

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"Isn't Prophet's birthday sometime in April?" Gina asked again, looking through their personnel files.


"Oh come on Beth." Mick grinned, almost as excited as Gina to Gina's delight and Beth's annoyance. "I hate paperwork. Besides the old man deserves a party. We deserve a party"


Let's get Garcia into our plans and she will have ideas of course. And we can trade time off with another Red Cell team." Gina grinned. "You know, this actually might work."

"Yeah, yeah." Beth muttered, trying to hide a half smile. No matter how much extra work her they created, seeing her team excited and happy still kind of amused her. "I'll go call her."

Beth slowly walked to her office, sat in her chair, and quickly dialed the team's analyst.

"Hello, my favorite short little Red Cell agent. You have reached the magical goddess of awesomeness." Answered Garcia happily. She was certainly glad to be talking to Beth while multitasking for some other boring case.

"Well hi to you too." Grumbled Beth, mentally preparing herself for what she was going to ask. And Garcia's reaction.

"So what's happening Beth. You usually never call just to talk. And I know that Sam Cooper's Red Cell team doesn't have a case right now. You guys are too backed on up paperwork right?" Garcia asked curiously. She really did need something to do after all the long, gruesome cases.

"Oh don't get me started on that paperwork. But anyways, as you know, Garcia…" Beth trailed off, just to toy with her. "We might have a little event coming up…"

"Seriously? Hurry up and tell me." Garcia demanded excitedly. She had stopped whatever she was typing now, and was totally in their conversation. Despite being an analyst, and usually waiting a long amount of time for data, Penelope had some sort of patience problem.

"Prophet's birthday is coming up and…" Beth started spurting out, deciding whether to grin or grimace.

"and you guys are planning a surprise birthday party for him and you want me to help out. I knew it!" Garcia finished for her, wheeling back to her computer. Now she had really stopped what she was doing, and had already pulled up recipes, decorations, you name it. "We need to start right away, it's a good thing I can work fast. Let's see what we need…" As Garcia kept talking, it seemed like the volume on Beth's phone went up. She didn't even know that the crappy old cell phone could go this loud.

"Yeah, yeah, calm down Penelope." Beth sighed, even though she knew it wasn't humanly possible for their over eager tech analyst. "I'm just here to give you the heads up and ask for help."

"Of course I will help. It is my duty as you guys' sexy, personal hacker to spoil and make sure my team is happy." Garcia said forcefully. Ideas were already streaming through her mind.

"Never said it wasn't Penelope. If you want to help, talk to our blonde friend. Gina and Mick are in charge of things like that. I'm just here against my will." Beth groaned again, laughing herself on the inside.

"Hmmm of course they are doing things together. Two birds with one stone." Giggled Garcia happily, spinning around in her chair. "Alright Bethie. I gotta go find some serial killer in California and go hunt for party supplies."

"Yeah. Don't do anything dramatic." Beth rolled her eyes. Like that would happen.

"Hahaha sure." Garcia laughed. "Tell Gina and Mick they'd better keep me in the loop. Or I'll hunt them down and kill them before they can blink. Bye!"

"Um. Sure." Beth grinned. How typical of the techie. "Bye."

With that, Beth returned to her two teammates, sitting close together, peering over a laptop. Beth smiled in spite of herself. While she was still going to keep complaining just for the sake of it, she did honestly like their party planning idea. The team needed a couple of smiles after dealing with horrible serial killers.

"Ahem" Beth cleared her throat. Two heads snapped in her direction. They didn't even have to say a word to know that Garcia had agreed to help. They smirked at Beth's worn out expression. It was sort of a done deal type of thing. Everyone pretty much knew that.

"Alright guys, get off each other. Penelope's in and she wants to be kept in the loop." Beth smirked.

Mick and Gina quickly scooted away from each other. Grinning and blushing respectively.

"That's great!" Gina grinned nervously, looking to the side of Beth, trying to regain her normal skin color. "Then Prophet's party will be at this office in a couple of days."

"Now after Coop and Prophet get back with the grub, and we eat and everything, you tell Coop too Beth." Mick planned, pacing around the room. "We need him in on this too."

"Ugh. Me again? Am I the only one doing stuff so far?" Beth complained, rolling her eyes back. It wasn't like she cared about telling Sam, it was just fun messing with the Brit.

"Hey Mick and I will do everything else. Besides. Prophet know something's up if one of us steps into Coop's office to talk. He wouldn't think of anything if you stepped in." Gina rolled her eyes and grinned back, defending their plan, and then getting back to her computer.

"Fine whatever. I'll deal it. " Beth consented, while looking out the window. Prophet and Coop were back with bags of take out. "Come on, close all your websites and look like we are all doing work. Someone go get the plates and napkins or something. They are back."

The team spent the last week just preparing. Of course, Beth told Coop their plans, and as predicted, Coop chuckled and went along with it, while Garcia dove into the party planning with Mick and Gina. And to Beth's dismay, the whole team still spent office hours doing paperwork, and off hours working towards the whole party thing. It was strange because serial killers were taking a break or other teams volunteered to take the cases. Coop managed to switch shifts with other Red Cell teams for the last couple days before of Prophet's party, just in case though. Gina and Garcia got all the food and guests together. Garcia had stock piles of party decorations, food, and ingredients at her place. Mick immediately took charge of drinks, and Beth helped wherever she was needed. Lucky for the team, all of this was done within a few clicks and phone calls behind Prophet's back.

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