It was a really hot day today. Haru felt so dry he didn't want to fish today. All he wanted to do was be wet. "Yuki are we going fishing today? It's really hot today." He said this in a rather childish manner right into the fan so he had a weird voice.

"I don't think so Natsuki and I were thinking maybe a movie, or the aquarium." He had to half yell to be heard over Haru who was enjoying squawking into the fan. "I guess you could come too if you want." He was kind of hopping to just go with Natsuki but since Haru asked it would be rude.

" I want to go! I want to go! Lets go right now!" He sprang up from his fan and went hoping around Yuki.

"I don't know I was thinking we could leave a little latter. We can always call Natsuki and see if he wants to go later." In all truth Yuki was ready to run out of his house. Haru was jumping and circle and that was making him dizzy.

"Yay yay lets call then go! Weeeee!" Yuki had already dialed he was just waiting for the answer.


"Hey did I wake you? Haru is really hyper and wants out want to go to the aquarium?"

"No I've been up for a while. Want me to meet you there at 11:30?" "Are you going out?" Yuki could hear Sakura talking to Natsuki over the phone.

"Yeah sure we will be there."

"Okay bye." Then he hang up.

"What did Natsuki say? When are we leaving?"

"We are going to meet him at the aquarium at 11:30." Yuki didn't realize the time if they were going to be on time they should be going now, it was almost 11 now. "Come on Haru lets go."

"Yay." And Haru went skipping out the door.

:They're going to the Aquarium:

When they arrived Yuki was already tired. "Yuki are you alright?" Natsuki asked Yuki after he tripped into him.

"Ah, um, yeah. Haru wanted a pig back ride the whole way here." Yuki responded blusing.

"Okay, um Sakura will be with us today. Is that alright? She is in the restroom right now."

"Yeah of course." Yuki didn't mind she might end up calming Haru down a bit.

"YAY! More fun! Haru said skipping around them. "I'm going to go get some water I'll be right back" He then ran over to the water fountain out of their sight.

After Natsuki quickly grabbed Yuki into a hug and whispered in his ear " I thought it was just going to be us today."

"Sorry Akira got busy." Yuki whispered returning the hug.

"Its fine Sakura asked to go to be with Haru, so they probably will go run off together." Natsuki released Yuki and gave a soft smile.

"Hey guys want me to take Haru to ice cream, and show him around the aquarium?" Sakura asked after showing up what seemed out of no where.

"Um sure, why?" Natsuki asked blushing a little.

"Do you want the truth or some great lie I have?" Sakura asked playfully smiling at the two blushing boys.

"Uhh both..." Yuki said.

"Okay so the lie is because I haven't played with Haru in awhile. The truth is because I came here to keep Haru out of your hair because, I thought you guys might be having a date." They both stared at her opened mouthed.

Natsuki was the first to clear up " oh why do you think we're dating?"

"Because you leave with only him sometimes then come back acting like a love sick girl. And also dad asked where you were one time and you said a date." Natsuki was blushing and stuttering.

"Okay I'm not a love sick girl. Also I will make you everything you want for a week if you keep it a secret! Where is Haru anyways?"

"Okay cool I was just gonna do it because I love you. He is right there." She said pointing at a dripping wet Haru dancing over to them.

"Hi! HI!" Haru came practically tackling Sakura.

"Hi Haru!" She said happily returning his hug. "We get to hang out today." She didn't mind that she got wet too since she was feeling too hot anyway.

"But I thought we were all going to hang out?" Haru looked sad and Yuki feels like giving up.

"Yeah but um Yuki and Natsuki have to do some boring stuff they forgot about and Natsuki is bored of ice cream, but he said as long as your with me I can go get some. Right Natsuki?"

"Yeah I almost forgot to give you some money." He gives her some money and she goes skipping away, Haru looks a bit confused but decides to fallow her.

Natsuki smiles at Yuki and heads in the opposite direction. "It's fine Haru will have a good time." Yuki looks up and nods.

Natsuki isn't too amused by the fish, he isn't really even paying attention to them. He has his eyes on a certain red head instead.

"We got out of there pretty fast. Want to go get some food? Remember we have to avoid ice cream because I'm bored of it." Natsuki cant seem to stop smiling today. "Lets take the secret rout."

"Okay." Yuki smiles too and starts walking. A bit later he decide to speak again "You know you must really trust this town."

"Why?" Natsuki stops walking in the middle of an ally.

"You trust nothings going to happen to Sakura." Yuki says turning around to face Natsuki.

"Well she seems to know everyone and if she doesn't I'm sure Haru does. Also if worse comes to worse Haru could just Squirt them and do a performance." That makes Yuki blush because he starts thinking about how he ended up dancing in front of the whole class. "Right?"

"Yeah I guess so." Natsuki smiles at Yuki and stares directly in his eyes, making Yuki look down.

"What?" Natsuki asks gently lifting Yukis face so he is looking at him, Natsuki gives a smile and decides to kiss him. The kiss was just barely not a peck, but he decided no one was near by so what's one more kiss. This kiss is much more passionate. They stay there for a bit exchanging warmth from their mouths. Then Natsuki hear some rumbling noises and pulls a way rather breathless. He gives a questioning look to Yuki.

"Ehe I guess that means I'm a bit hungry," he says blushing.

"I guess so," Natsuki smiles and takes Yukis hand in his. "Where are we going to eat anyways?"

"Someplace quick." They enter onto a main road and then they release each others hands.

"Okay what about here?" Natsuki doesn't really wait for the reply he just walks into the restaurant.

"How about we make something instead?" Yuki ask feeling uncomfortable because it's really crowded in there.

"That's not exactly quick." Natsuki says smiling knowing Yuki doesn't like the crowd.

"Yeah but I want to do that instead," Yuki says going out of the door.

"Haha okay. Lets go to my house it's closer and I don't think any ones home right now." Yuki just nods and hurries behind him.

:They are Walking:

They get there and Natsuki is fast to the fridge. " We have some leftovers from last night you want that or should I make something else?" Natsuki asks pulling out some food storage boxes.

"Leftovers sound fine." Yuki decides to go check out the house. No one besides him and Natsuki was there so he went to Natsukis room. He grabs Natsukis mp3 and speakers and heads back to the kitchen, then plays it. It only takes a couple minutes for the food to get ready.

"Want to go watch some T.V while we eat?" Natsuki asks handing Yuki a plate.

"Sure," he goes and turns off the music and grabs the remote.

"What do you want to watch?" Natsuki takes the remote.

"Anything really," and begins devouring the food. As Natsuki turns on the T.V he turns it down a bit not really paying attention and begins to eat. It's not for a couple minutes that they actually pay any attention to the T.V. When Yuki finishes and decides to look up he jumps back for on the screen is a porno. " Wow Natsuki I didn't realize you were into stuff like this," Yuki says through giggles.

"Oh I'm not, imaging you is ten times better. This should have been blocked hmm." Natsuki cant help but start laughing at Yukis petrified face.

"Aaare you serious?" Yuki asks bug eyed.

"Maybe, maybe not." He smiles and takes Yukis lips in his. He turns of the T.V. "I'll tell you if you come to my room with me.

:With Haru and Sakura:

"Yum, Yum, Yum this was tasty." Haru says licking his faces.

Sakura cant help but laugh "See wasn't this fun?"

"Oh yes! But I still want to know what they are doing." Haru says tone dropping.

"Oh they are just being boring, want to go swimming?" She asks still laughing.

"Hmm I actually need to water the plants, but we could play with the water," Haru says cheerfully.

"Okay!" Sakura jumps up with Haru. They leave to go to his house.

Natsukis Dad decides he'll get home early and make dinner:

When he gets to the house he is surprised to find the door unlocked. He thinks about calling to see who is home. He thought they decided to go to the aquarium today. He notices that the music is out and so are two plates, and that there was rinsed food containers in the sink. He opens is mouth right as he hears noises. He knows not to go check them out instead he decides to leave. "He's growing up" He mumbles to himself unhappily before exiting.

:After Dinner At Yukis House:

"Yuki! Yuki! What did you and Natsuki do today. Did you guys go fishing without me?" Haru asks during a commercial.

"No we just walked around and stuff." Yuki responds already drifting off.

"Did you guys go swimming. You did came home and took a shower and you seem really tired." Haru asks 'cause he feels left out.

"No, we didn't," Yuki responds as images of the day start to go by.

"Oh well what did you do?" Haru ask inching closer to Yuki.

"Walk." Yuki responds deep in thought.

"But you had to do something else." Haru gets even closer so he's right next to Yuki.

"Well we also had lunch." Yuki responds starting to blush.

"That's not it you are hiding something." Haru now decides to climb onto Yuki.

"GRR FINE WE DID OTHER THINGS!" Yuki says trying to squirm free.

"WHAT!" Haru roughly lays on top Yuki prompt up on his elbows.

"OW! Things okay you wouldn't understand." Yuki says tears nagging at his eyes.

"You could explain." Haru starts to pout and sits up.

"No I cant now move." Yuki trys to lift Haru up but he'd drop him so he decides not to.

"Not until you tell me!" Haru bounces.

Yuki groans "Grr what does it matter." He gets mad enough to just get up not to care if Haru falls. He doesn't fall onto the floor just the couch. Haru storms into his room and locks the door. "I will apologize tomorrow but I'm not telling him." He whispers before falling asleep.

:Natsukis House After Dinner:

"Sakuras asleep I'm going to go to bed to." Natsuki says to his dad, when he comes into the kitchen for a drink.

"Come here I want to talk to you about something," Natsuki doesn't really want to go over but he is too tired to argue so he does.

"Yeah?" He asks sitting down in a chair across from his dad.

"You know you can talk to me about anything right. But this time I need to. I came home early today to make you and Sakura dinner. And…"

Natsuki cuts him off. "I made dinner tonight."

"Yeah that's because I left 'cause I heard your activities. You had a date last week how long have you guys been dating?"

"A while now. I'm going to bed." Natsuki gets up to leave.

"What's her name." Natsuki turns around.

"Stop talking to me and keep porn off the T.V your lucky it was me who ran into it not Sakura." He then storms off to his room. He doesn't go to sleep because he cant think of a way to avoid that question. He cant just say I don't have a girlfriend. But my boyfriends name is Yuki, you know the cute red head who lives with the alien and his grandma. Well maybe he could but he doesn't think it will go by to well. Actually his dad might laugh. What if the captain found out though. For now Sakura is the only one who is aloud to know.

Authors Note: Well thank you for reading I thought about having something different but my friend and I decided to go with this route. I hope you liked it. I'm sorry for combining it. It was just getting on my nerves with the first chapter having 300 something words.