"Neh Natsuki why do we have to go to the beach? I feel. I feel. Really uncomfortable." Yuki fused as Natsuki dragged him through the warm beach sand, to the tourist favorite beach. His partner straining to hear the last part.

Natsuki couldn't understand how Yuki could complain about his drop dead gorgeous body, with smooth skin. Honestly Yuki could be the definition of perfection. Well actually he doesn't have the best social skill. His face, ass, everything really is the definition of perfection. Hopefully not only in my eyes though.

"Uh Natsuki are you mad?" Yuki looked up to Natsuki, his gray orbs looking directly into Natsuki's warm caramel coffee ones. Natsuki snapped out of his personal rant to himself about Yuki's perfection.

"Oh" Natsuki broke out in a nervous, obviously fake, laugh. "Yeah, see I was just distracted. Yeah just distracted. Lets hurry, I want to teach you how to boogie board." Natsuki quickened his pass, slipping his hand too tightly around Yuki's thin wrist.

"Natsuki? Um why do you well, uh always become a warmer when we're out on dates? And well why won't you teach me how to surf?" Yuki was stuttering, face beet red.

"Yuki I really like you so I am trying to be warm so I don't scare you away, plus you naturally make me happy. If you surf you have to swim, and you can't swim. But with boogie boarding you don't really have to swim, and well I can just help you if needed." Natsuki had finally pulled Yuki to an opening in the sand that was were Natsuki wanted to set their stuff down.

"Hey! I can swim. Kind of." Yuki made a pouting face, pulling his arm away from Natsuki to position himself in an annoyed stature.

Natsuki burst out laughing 'til the point tears were streaming down his cheeks. "Yuki. You're. So. Cute!" Natsuki was on the floor, barely able to speak. After finally finishing his laughing fit and making their spot much more clear of people he stood up. "Yuki you're killing me. I think you should stand with your arms crossed, glaring, with your lip puffed out more often. The puffed out cheeks add more than you think as well."

"Shut up!" Yuki ripped off his shirt and started brutally slathering himself in sunscreen. He kept his kitten glare and puckered lips constant while scraping the cream into his legs.

"Yuki you know if you do that you're going to splatter it in your eye." Natsuki smiled as he leaned over to peck Yukis forehead, then went to gracefully applying the substance onto himself.

"I said shut up!" Right after he finished up a speck flew into his left eye. He grabbed his eye in shock and pain but only succeeded in putting more sunscreen into it. "Shit!" Yuki was running around in circles crying out in pain from the burning feeling in his eye.

"Told you so." Natsuki picked up a water bottle and sprinted after the Yuki who decided to go run to the ocean for help. Yuki was about to reach the very salty water when Natsuki caught up to him in a tackle. He straddled Yuki's hips pinning him down for when he began pouring water over his pained eye.

"Ow! Natsuki that's freezing!" Yuki squirmed trying to close his eyes.

"Yuki compared to saltwater dear, this water is a blessing to your poor eyes. Also it's not ice so therefore it's not freezing, it's just very cold." Natsuki gave Yuki a smirk before kissing both his eyelids, "See better now, right?"

Yuki wiped both of his eyes with his hands before looking up to face Natsuki. "Yeah. I 'm sorry I panicked." Yuki balanced his weight onto his knees to embrace Natsuki edging his head into his shoulder. "Mmn."

Natsuki squeezed Yuki tighter into his body. "You're cute. Want to go swimming now? I think we have wasted enough time burning our ass's in the sand, lets hit the water."

Before Natsuki got very far up Yuki grabbed his swim trunks lightly. "Uh, um I really can't swim. Well I just get so, well scared I just end up flailing." Natsuki turned around to look at Yuki's tear filled eyes.

"Well then we just have to have so much fun you won't get nervous, right?" Natsuki gave Yuki a reassuring smile before offering him a hand up. "It will be fun trust me."

"That's what Haru had said and I think he made it worse. We won't go too deep will we? I can do it. Yeah. Maybe." They laced their fingers together as they headed back to their little set up. There was a blue and green towel, a cooler, a dark blue ocean decorated boogie board and a sunscreen bottle on its side with the lotion spilling out. They also had their white and black crocs laid neatly side by side in front of the small tower of towels.

Natsuki's mood turned sour for a moment before he turned to face Yuki abruptly. "Haru is an idiot. And that's that. He probably thought everyone could just swim because apparently his alien species is the water type, or some shit. He is so dumb he'd grab onto your neck and almost force you to drowned. Gah just don't talk about him on one of our dates. He just makes things awkward and worse."

Yuki returned to his pout stature from before. "Why do you hate him! He is nice and if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have ever talked! Just because he did do that, doesn't mean he didn't have good intentions in his heart. You are the one who his dumb!" Yuki began hitting Natsuki in his chest. "You are! Why can't you ever be nice to anyone."

Yuki's desperate swings didn't hurt Natsuki in the least; what hurt Natsuki was the words coming from him. "Why do you have to defend him! I don't like you being around him so much. He doesn't understand boundaries, so how would he know not to kiss you or something. I am happy I got to meet you, sadly thanks to him."

"Haru is like a child! If he kisses me it would be on the cheek and meaningless. He is my first and best friend, why shouldn't I defend him?" Natsuki looked into Yuki's pained, straining face, of pure why. Natsuki knew he was just jealous of how close Haru got to be with Yuki.

"I am sorry. I was being an ass. Haru is amazing, and most of my happiness now leads back to him. I know it would be meaningless, and I have nothing to worry about." Natsuki grabbed Yuki's hands, giving a slight squeeze of comfort. "May I kiss you now? Proof of my apology." After receiving a small nod, Natsuki leaned in to Yuki, pressing their lips together. It wasn't too extreme or a small peck. It was just enough for their hearts to begin to race, cheeks flush. It held meaning not lust. So sweet one barely felt nervous to the unknown indian observing from a ice cream stand not too far away.

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