Summary: Lucy Heartfillia, a 17 years old Celestial Spirit mage who work at Fairy Tail the number guild of Fiore living a not-so-normal with her friend, one day a mysterious girl appeared into her life and changed everything.

Disclaimers: I do not own Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail belonged to Hiro Mashima.

Rating: T

Chapter II

"That job was so easy!" Natsu shouted with fire coming out of his throat, Happy was flying around agreeing with him, Gray sighed, I noticed he wore nothing but a pair of boxer, of course why am I not surprise..? Then there Erza who dragging her crazy giant cart full of luggages, what does she keep in there anyway? Why do I see part of a green dragon... Maybe she secretly hiding all of her favorite snack in there... No wonder why Virgo said she was heavy!

"But did you really have to destroyed the entire Hotel?" I asked annoyingly, I couldn't believes it, after we had finished our mission, the three of them HAVE to destroy the damn hotel, so we have to use all our money we received from the client to pay for the damages. Last time I'll ever went on a job with these guy!

"Yeah Flame shit do you have to destroy to the whole damn place?" Gray growled as he then started a fight with Natsu.

"Like you didn't!" Natsu growled back.

Suddenly Erza knocked them both on their heads and pulled grabbed their necks, "YOU TWO FIGHT ONE MORE TIME!" She said making the two boys shrunk and apologized to their 'Erza-sama'. I sweat dropped, wouldn't wanna makes Erza mad.

When we got back to the building, Natsu yelled 'We're back' to be greeted by Mirajane and the rest of the guild members.

I sighed and went over to the nearest table and sit down, resting. Suddenly Levy my best friend jumped in front of me and welcoming me back.

"Oh hi Levy-chan." I said, rubbing my eyes.

"Lu-chan could I read your story now?" She asked eagerly, ugh, I didn't finish writing it.

"Maybe later this week, I need to finishing up the chapter..." I told her tiredly, I can see she frowned, I'm glad that she love my story but still, it embarrassed...

Later that night, I was still as tired as ever so I left a little bit early, on my way home I really couldn't help but walk on the edge with Plue who I summoned up to walk home with so I wouldn't be alone.

"Lucy-san that's dangerous!" Said the boat man.

"I'm F-f-f-fiiiiiineeee..." I said into a scream as I stumbled and fell into the water, damn that boat man for making me fall.

Once I got home, I took a hot shower, still can't believe I fell in the cold freezing water, never gonna walk on that thing ever again! Suddenly I realized something. Natsu is not here! Thanks god!

After I finished written the letter to my mom, I realized that I was wrapped in my bath towel so i went straight into my closet and find my pajama, when I opened the closet I let out a shriek... So loud in fact I had waken up my neighbor who then yelled 'Go back to sleep!' I sweat dropped but then I realized I was trembling in fear my eyes widen when I saw the girl from the other was right there INSIDE my closet!

"Lucy Heartfillia," she said.

I gulped and slowly backed away as she slowly approaching me I fell onto my butt but still backing away, "W-who a-are y-you?" I stuttered...

She began to approach to me faster, so was I, until I hitted the wall... Crap! My keys pocket was on the table I couldn't reach it... What is she gonna do to me?

"Miss Heartfillia, I have always wanted to meet you!" She said, "My name is Winter."

My body was shaking in fears and my eyes were closed, I was to scares to do anything, "Please don't be affraid." She said.

I slowly opened my eyes to see her hand in front of my face, her expression want me to shake it so I reach out my hand and slowly shook it, "Why are you in here?" I asked, I can hear my own voice trembling...

"I have always wanted to meet you." She repeated... "Please don't be affraid!" I don't know why but the sound of her voice sound really depress, maybe I was being paranoid or maybe overreacting, this girl probably mean no harm.

So I spent the night talking to her... I thought it was probably nothing and this girl just wanted me to be her friend, I mean of course I must be famous now since I'm all over Weekly Sorceror, maybe she was like a fan who wanted to meet me but I was WRONG.